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Beginner's guide to improving your sexual health

on June 08, 2022

Nowadays, many people are struggling with their sexual health. Some of the common sexual health issues in men and women include sexual dysfunction, low libido and lack of sexual interest. If these issues are overlooked, it can lower a person's quality of life as a whole.

Fortunately, there are a lot of things that they can do to get their sex life back on track. Whether the problem is small or big, it is essential to understand yourself as a sexual being. To help you even more, here is a beginner's guide to improving your sexual health.

Communicate with your partner

Many couples find it difficult to talk and share their thoughts about sex with their partner. Occasionally, shame, guilt, sexual problems and resentment are the main reasons they can't open up with their lover.

But couples must understand that good communication is the foundation of a healthy relationship. And establishing a dialogue is the first step to a better sex life and intimate emotional bond.

To give you some insights, below are some reliable tips on dealing with this sensitive topic.

Find the right time to talk

Sexual conversations have two types. The first type is the one you have in the bedroom and the other one is when you are somewhere else.

Most of the time, it's best to talk with your lover about what feels good in the middle of your lovemaking. However, it is also perfectly fine to discuss this subject when you're in a more neutral setting or when you are not having sex. In this way, you can give better insights into larger issues such as orgasm troubles or mismatched sexual desire.

Avoid criticising

Make sure to give praise and positive suggestions to your partner. On top of that, if there is a sexual issue, you must approach it as a problem to be solved rather than blaming each other.

Share with your partner about the changes in your body

A woman who struggle with vaginal dryness due to menopause must let their partner know about it. Likewise, a man who finds it hard to get an erection should ask help from their partner when stimulating their penis to achieve orgasm. In other words, both partners should know what is really going on instead of guessing or speculating.

Be honest

Some people may tend to fake their orgasms just to make their partner feel good. Doing this will just give a bad impression to their lover. Not being honest can also ruin your mood during your intimate play.

Use self-help strategies

Before seeking help from professionals, try treating your sexual problems through some self-help strategies. Below are some things that you can try.

  • Educate yourself

Nowadays, various forms of self-help resources are available for every type of sexual issue. You can browse the Internet for some reliable blog posts and articles. You can also visit your local bookstore to pick out few resources.

  • Give time to yourself

Your sexual response slows down as you age. It is because of the physical changes that occur in your body. With these, you and your partner can do something about it. Both of you should give yourself more time to get aroused. Finding a comfortable and quiet place for sex is also a good idea.

  • Use lubrication

As you grow old, your libido and sexual responses may encounter some problems. As a result, you may experience painful sex. To help you with this, it is recommended to use lubrication during sex. Lubricating liquids and gels are useful especially during anal sex or when one has vaginal dryness.

  • Use sex toys

According to studies, sex toys like vibrators are proven to provide health benefits to men and women. Using these adult toys will not just help you achieve orgasms but can also help you sleep better. Utilising vibrators is also known to beat stress and can aid heart health.

Maintain good health

To have a better sex life, you must also have healthy mental, emotional and physical health. These tips below can help you keep your sexual well-being in good shape.

  • Be physically active

To improve your sexual functioning, you must be physically active. When you engage in physical activities, your body will have good blood flow which will greatly impact your physical arousal. In addition, exercising can give tons of health benefits like strengthening your heart, improving your mood, giving you a better night's sleep and many more.

  • Do Kegel exercises

Men and women can improve their sexual health by exercising their pelvic floor muscles. To do this, tighten the muscles you would use if you were trying to stop your urine in midstream. Hold the contraction for at least 3 seconds, then release it. You can repeat this exercise for 5 sets a day with 10 times per set.


Sex plays a significant role in making couples closer to each other. Thus, having a healthy sex life is essential in any romantic relationship. For beginners, this guide can give you the best tips and strategies to help you boost and maintain your sexual health.

For couples, you can try out various sex toys to experience a satisfying sex life. With that, a reliable online sex toy shop can help you. They provide a wide range of sex toys for your specific sexual needs and desires.


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