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                Your anus is one of the most exhilarating parts to stimulate during sex. And in order to stimulate it effectively, you will need appropriate sex toys. Anal toys are specific adult toys that are designed to stimulate and give pleasure to the anus. It can be used by anyone no matter what gender or sexuality. You can also use this product for solo play or partnered sex.

                For your convenience, listed below is a collection of anal toys for you to try out. On top of that, here is a quick overview and guide for beginners. Feel free to read it first.

                What are the various types of anal sex toys?

                Anal beads

                This type of anal toy is one of the most versatile toys in the market today. Anal beads are usually small to medium in size. It is made up of a series of silicone beads that are held together by silicone strings. It often has an accessible loop at the very end so that they can be easily removed or ejected from your anus.

                Butt plugs

                Generally, a butt plug is a T-shaped sex toy that is inserted in the anus. It is great for solo play and even for couples play. Today, there are 3 common types of butt plugs. These are vibrating, non-vibrating and weighted butt plugs.

                Prostate-specific anal toys

                Prostate-specific anal toys are sex toys specifically used by men. This adult toy is used to make butt sex even better. When the prostate is stimulated, orgasms can be more satisfying and explosive.

                This toy is usually in C-shaped so that it will reach toward your penis through the pelvis. Some of these toys have vibration features to level up your sensations.

                Inflatable anal toys

                This anal toy works just like a balloon. Just insert it into your anus in their original size. Then gently pump it up with air to stretch the sphincters muscles in your anus. This anal toy is great for people who want to experience the feeling of anal stretching.

                Things to remember when using anal toys

                • Have your research first

                To some people, the thought of using anal toys can be intimidating. With all the taboos, misinformation and myths about anal toys, using these products can definitely confuse a lot of people. It can even cause fear especially to first-timer anal toy users.

                Having your research beforehand will empower you and make your experience more pleasurable. Moreover, it will allow you to know what to expect. In this way, you will become less anxious or nervous about what will happen next.

                • Don’t be afraid to experiment alone

                When it comes to anal play, the key to understand your body and your desires is to experiment alone with your toy. Solo anal play is one of the easiest methods to get started with anal exploration.

                Aside from that, solo anal play allows you to have a room for experimentation. It also helps you to try various pleasure options.

                • Sanitise your toys regularly

                Since you are dealing with the “backdoor mess”, it is important to take your cleaning practices into the next level. For a quick option, use alcohol-free wipes to clean your anal area and adult toy. You can also empty your bowels and wash your anal area with warm water and regular soap.

                • Use lube

                Any type of anal play requires you to use a lubricant because your anus is not self-lubricating. Most people like to play with their butt plugs and anal beads for long periods of time. Thus, it is necessary to apply a generous amount of compatible lube to your sex toy and your butt.

                Ways to enjoy anal toys 

                Anal sex toys are not just used during foreplay. It can also be utilised as the main course for your anal intercourse. If you feel a little naughty and adventurous, you can use them on public dates. Moreover, each partner can wear them during the entire erotic routine.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden Anal collection?

                • Made from high-quality materials

                When it comes to sex toys, the quality of the materials may sometimes be overlooked. But it is imperative that the materials that you are using for your anal toys are high-quality. The Sex Garden only provide their customers with excellent quality products.

                • A wide selection of anal toys are available

                When starting with anal play, it is important to have a wide selection of anal toys. This is to make sure that you are getting the most out of your erotic experience. Fortunately, The Sex Garden can offer a wide array of anal toys in this collection.

                What to do next

                Anal toys are a must-have for couples who want to spend their intimate times in a more exciting way. Regardless of your age and sexual orientation, you will definitely enjoy these sex toys. If you want to try them, hurry and check this collection now!

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