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                Classic vibrators are sex toys that are like the longer versions of a bullet vibe. It is long enough to provide internal stimulation and vaginal penetration. Classic vibrators can also be used for nipple or clitoral play. Furthermore, this sex toy has multiple speeds. Thus, you can use it in various ways.

                If you want to try this sex toy, then here is a collection of classic vibrators from The Sex Garden. Below is also a short guide about this product. Read on here now!

                What is a classic vibrator?

                A classic vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that can significantly enhance your erotic moments. It is called “classic” because it is the traditional and most popular type of vibrator. This sex toy generally has a simple design. Basically, it consists of a phallic-shaped shaft with vibration controls at the base.

                Most shafts of a classic vibrator are smooth and sleek. But many varieties have ribs, grooves, textures and curved tips. Furthermore, a classic vibrator comes with a multitude of vibration settings, functions, colours and sizes.

                For beginners, a classic vibrator is a good choice. This is because its appearance is less intimidating compared to other types of sex toys. Aside from that, a classic vibrator is also a perfect option for those who want to introduce vibration play into their bedroom scene.

                What size is perfect to use?

                Classic vibrators come in various sizes that range from 3 inches to 12 inches. Choosing which size will work for you can be challenging. For first-timers, it is recommended to start with something small. Then when you are comfortable, you can work your way up to a bigger size.

                As you all know, different vibrator sizes can unleash various sensations. Thus, once you know what your body likes the most, the sensations will be even more satisfying.

                What are classic vibrators made from?

                Classic vibrators are made from different materials. These materials include silicone, plastic and jelly. Each of this material type can give a different look and feel to the user.

                1. Silicone – this material has a more realistic appearance. It is a sturdy and durable vibrator that can ensure longevity. It is a soft and luxurious material that can significantly increase your pleasure. You can also warm it to body temperature to experience realistic sensation.
                2. Jelly – it is generally soft and squishy. Jelly is a cheaper alternative to silicone vibrators. If you want to experience a more realistic sensation, then you can opt for a more expensive jelly vibe.
                3. Plastic – this material is quite hard. It is often used in smooth classic vibrators. It often has powerful vibrations compared to silicone and jelly. A plastic vibe is easy to clean. Apart from that, it is also inexpensive compared to other vibrator materials.

                Although the most common materials used for classic vibrators are mentioned above, they are not limited to just these 3 types. Today, the classic vibrator market is growing. A lot of different materials such as rubber, glass and metal are now being used. You can experiment and discover which material will work best for you.

                Tips on how to use a classic vibrator

                When it comes to classic vibrators, there is definitely no right or wrong way. How you want to get aroused using this toy is entirely up to you. Nonetheless, here are some tips on how to use your classic vibe.

                • Classic vibes are designed to be inserted into the vagina. Their phallic-shaped shaft is perfect for vaginal penetration. When inserting, make sure to always start slow.
                • The vibration controls are usually found at the base of the device. If the vibe has a multi-speed option, you can familiarise each speed setting. This can help you know which one you prefer.
                • Always start with the lowest speed to tease and tantalise your body. Then you can gradually move to a faster speed when you feel that your climax is approaching.
                • Before inserting the vibrator, it is recommended to apply an ample amount of compatible lubricant to enhance your experience. You should spread it over the tip and shaft of the toy.
                • Classic vibrators are not only for solo play. It can also be used to intensify sexual activities with a partner. To do this, you can simply lie down and let your partner explore your body.

                Why should you choose classic vibrators

                • Body-safe

                These products are easy-to-use vibrators that are made from body-safe materials. You can definitely enjoy the silky smooth shaft that is perfect for those who are just getting started with vibes.

                • Whisper-quiet motors

                The Sex Garden’s classic vibrators are packed with quality whisper-quiet motors. It is designed to perfectly satisfy your erotic pleasures.

                What to do next

                A classic vibrator is a must-have device for those who want to create new and exciting erotic scenes! If you are interested in this product, just take some time to browse The Sex Garden’s collection page! Discover some new products and try them for yourself! Click each product to learn more.

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