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                If you’ve been to an adult shop, you’ve probably seen novelty products such as edible lingerie or underwear. This is actually a candy product that can be formed into edible underwear. Men and women wear these undies mostly during a bachelorette party or any special occasions. This stuff is worth to try since these are fun to use.

                Edible underwear is just one example of how the lingerie industries accelerate to amuse couples. To learn more, below is the quick overview of this product.

                Brief history

                The first-ever edible underwear was invented way back in 1975. It is called “Candypants”. It is made of liquorice. This edible underwear was introduced by two entrepreneurs from Chicago. They are Lee Brady and David Sanderson.

                They started the project as a sexual parody and conceptual art. They never expected that their weird invention will instantly gain fame. In fact, in 1976 they earned almost $150,000 in profit per month.

                Until these days, “Candypants” are being sold in certain novelty stores and adult shops. They are now available in various flavours which include watermelon and strawberry.

                Edible lingerie styles

                If you’re bored of using underwear that is made from fabric, probably the idea of wearing an edible one will spice up your bedroom play. Below are a few edible lingerie styles that are fun to use.

                Candy bra and thong

                The edible bra and thongs are usually available in different varieties. Among the most popular variants are those that look sturdy. Many people also preferred those thongs and bra that has rainbow colours. Basically, they are similar to underwear that is made from colourful pearls.

                Knitted edible underwear

                If you’re looking for DIY naughty lingerie, edible knitted underwear is perfect for you. The materials needed for this underwear are a pair of knitting needles and liquorice lace. These materials can be easily found in most candy shops.

                To make this type of underwear, you have to knit the candy laces the same way as to how you knit the yarn. Combine them together. Then make a braid that will serve as a belt. And finally, knit the laces into a thong panty style.

                Fruit crotchless panty

                This edible underwear for women is often made from watermelon extract and other passion fruits. It is typically coated with sugar granules to make it taste good. The passion fruit flavour of this panty can make your date night unforgettable.

                Female chocolate lingerie

                This lingerie looks yummy! As its name suggests, this underwear is made from chocolate. It comes in different shapes, colours, sizes and styles. One of the most popular variants is the heart-shaped thong that is made of milk chocolate. If you’re craving for sweets, you can try the naughty bra that often has tempting designs.

                Underwear bra and panty set

                Unlike the typical bra type, this product cannot fully support the weight of your boobs. It is quite delicate to use. Hence, you should be careful when adjusting the strap of this bra.

                It has translucent material that often smells like a cherry. They are also sticky and its colour can probably cause stains.

                Why other people don’t want to bring food in bed

                • They don’t want to be sticky in bed

                Incorporating food during bedtime play can be exciting and sticky at the same time. For others, it’s a great idea when they wear flavoured undies. However, once your partner eats the candy off from your body, the candy will start to melt. As a result, your body will become sticky.

                • Cleaning up is awful

                Cleaning up after food play can be an awful task. You have to change your mattress cover to make your bed clean again. So if you want to consider using edible product to spice your erotic play, be ready with your towel or wipes for cleaning up.

                • Bugs will get into your bed

                If you bring food in bed, then probably bugs will come in it. However, if food play is something that you really want to try, cleaning your bed after your intimate play is vital to prevent bugs from coming into the bedroom.

                • To avoid getting yeast infection

                One of the most commonly used materials for edible underwear is candy. Candies are known to be sweet and have sugar content. Hence, you have to be very careful in wearing edible undies to avoid yeast infection.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s edibles?

                • Affordable

                All edible items in this collection are worth to purchase. You can enjoy your kinky night with your lover without spending more money.

                • Available in a variety of flavours

                Edible products in this collection taste good. You can also choose from its wide variety of flavours.

                • Perfect gift

                If you want to surprise your adventurous lover with a unique gift, The Sex Garden’s edibles are the perfect choice for you. It can be the sweetest accessory that anyone can own.

                What’s next?

                Treat yourself and your partner with one of the seductive edible lingerie available in this collection. It can be a perfect and sexy bedroom treat for couples. What are you waiting for? Browse in this collection of edibles now and experience a hassle-free shopping!

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