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                For those who want to penetrate their partners, a harness is a must-try product for you. Whatever your gender is, harnesses can be used to satisfy your erotic cravings!

                To begin, check out this collection of amazing harnesses from The Sex Garden. Aside from that, below is a guide about harnesses. Reading this can be a great start if you want to try this product for the first time. Read more here!

                What is a harness?

                A harness is a device that is used to attach a sex toy to one’s body. Usually, people who wear a harness can attach strap-on dildos or butt plugs so that they can penetrate their partners. This can be used either vaginally or anally. Moreover, both men and women can wear harnesses.

                Reasons why people use a harness

                Nowadays, people have different reasons why they choose to wear harnesses. For instance, many lesbians and bisexual women enjoy wearing harnesses to penetrate their female partners. On the other hand, other women use harnesses to anally penetrate their male partners.

                A harness can also help men with erectile dysfunction achieve an enjoyable sex life. This is because they can rely on the strap-on to penetrate their female lovers. Apart from that, they can wear a harness to prolong sex. This can be done by penetrating their partners first with a strap-on. Then they will use their penises afterwards.

                Harness styles

                Here are some of the common harness styles that are available in the market today. Read on below!

                Thong harness

                This harness is also called T-strap. This style has one strap between the legs like a G-string. Most people use this type of harness to enjoy the pressure against the external genitalia and anus.

                Jock-strap harness

                Jock-strap harness is also called a two-strap harness. This style has straps that wrap around each thigh and attach to the belt. This leaves the between-the-legs region open. Most people prefer to use this type of harness because of its sturdiness and accessibility.

                You can use this harness throughout an entire sex session since your genitals are not blocked. This harness also has a more masculine look. If you are planning to use a heavy dildo, then this harness can hold it best.

                Underwear harness

                This harness looks like regular underwear with brief and boy-short styles. It even has waist measurements like men’s underwear. Compared to other harness styles, it has an O-ring that is sewn into the harness. This means that it cannot be switched out. Hence, it is vital to use a dildo that will perfectly fit in this harness.

                Some people prefer this style since it is extremely comfortable to wear. Aside from that, the lack of straps makes it aesthetically pleasing.

                Buying tips

                • Make sure to get an adjustable harness that is made of comfortable materials such as leather and nylon. Some harnesses have adjustable straps to help you get the perfect fit.
                • Check your waist and hip measurements. Apart from that, choose your preferred dildo or plug size before purchasing a harness.
                • Choose a harness that is pretty snug. This is to ensure that you will have maximum control over the dildo.
                • It is vital to understand which style of harness you really want. There are some harnesses that can be used with various dildo sizes. While other harnesses can only be used with certain dildo sizes.
                • Pick a harness with a bullet vibrator if you want clitoral stimulation. Since you can’t feel any physical stimulation from using a dildo, then a vibrator can be used as a good addition.
                • Always look for products that are non-toxic and phthalate-free. This is to minimise the risk of health problems.

                Getting used with your harness

                When it comes to harnesses, it is important to take some time to play with it on your own. You need to wear it and figure out where the dildo should sit. You also have to practice how to take control of it. Furthermore, build confidence with how your body moves while wearing the harness.

                To make the most of your experience, you have to reach a certain level of confidence before using it with a partner.

                Why should you choose harnesses

                • Made from quality materials

                The Sex Garden’s harnesses are made from high-quality materials. It is also sturdy and durable. It provides comfort and complete control to the wearer.

                • Easy to clean

                Most of their products are machine washable. Thus, it is easy to clean. Additionally, some of their items from this collection have unique wicking elements to effectively vaporise any moisture from the body while wearing it.

                What to do next

                If you want to shop for harnesses, then this is the right place for you! The Sex Garden can provide wonderful harnesses for men and women. Just browse here to see more products. You can also click each item to learn more!

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