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                Many people believe that the only way for a woman to achieve orgasm is by stimulating their vagina. But actually it’s not true. Achieving orgasm is also possible even without touching the woman’s genital. In fact, orgasm can also be achieved when you stimulate other erogenous zones, including the nipple.

                Basically, nipple stimulation can provide pleasure throughout the body. And it can be more exciting by adding an adult toy like nipple stimulators. These pleasure toys are designed to stimulate the nipple.

                To provide you insights about nipple stimulation, nipple stimulators and how to achieve orgasm through nipple play, keep on reading here.

                What is nipple stimulation?

                Nipple stimulation is an arousal technique that can be performed during foreplay or erotic scene. Aside from that, it is a great way to start your intimate scene with your partner. This is because stimulating the nipple can trigger the release of love hormone or oxytocin. This particular hormone is responsible for encouraging the feeling of closeness and bonding. Oxytocin also helps to reduce depression.

                Typically, nipple play can be performed using the fingers. Your fingers can be used to rub and touch the nipple to stimulate them. Others enjoyed it orally through kissing, biting, and licking the nipple. As mentioned above, this sexual act can also be enjoyed by using an object or adult toy.

                Generally, during this erotic play, women experience more pleasure than men. As a matter of fact, nipple stimulation alone can help women to achieve orgasm.

                Types of nipple stimulators

                Several adult toys are specifically made for stimulating the nipple. These include the following:

                • Nipple pump

                It is a pleasure toy that increases the blood flow in the nipple by applying suction to it. It is used before or after sex to enhance sensitivity to the nipple. On top of that, other women used this pump regularly to enlarge their nipples.

                A nipple pump is almost the same as the penis pump. But unlike the penis pump which has a cylinder-shaped piece, this pump used a cone-shaped piece. This coned-shaped piece makes it easy for the user to go over their nipples.

                The way of pumping this toy depends on the type of nipple pump used. Some variants can be pumped either manually or mechanically.

                • Nipple suction cup

                A nipple suction cup is a small device that acts like a mouth to pull the nipples and make them fully erect. Like nipple pumps, these pleasure toys are designed to increase the blood flow in the nipple by applying strong suction to it. Providing strong suction to the nipple usually makes them more sensitive to touch during erotic play.

                Suction cup for the nipple is easy to use. Provided here are steps in using this sex toy.

                1. The initial step is to squeeze the bulb.
                2. Afterwards, place the bulb over the nipples.
                3. Allow the nipple suction cup to apply suction to the nipple.
                4. Then, take off the toy from the nipple and start the fun.
                • Nipple clamps

                Nipple clamps are adult toys that can restrict blood flow by squeezing the erect nipple. It can be used by men and women to boost sexual arousal.

                This particular toy is usually available in a variety of options. You can find some nipple clamps with vibrating and adjustable features, remote controls, connecting chains, feather decorations and many more. Whatever you desire, you will be able to find the best set suited for your preferences.

                How to achieve nipple orgasm?

                Practice is generally the best way to achieve orgasm during nipple play. Typically, people try it during masturbation to determine which sensation will work best for them. In that way, they will be able to listen to their body, experiment with various sex toys and learn how to focus on their pleasure.

                To start nipple play, experimenting with various touches is also necessary. For instance, you can use the finger to go around your nipple. You can also try massaging the breast before twisting, pinching or squeezing the nipple. Pulling the nipple before stimulating them can also help.

                Furthermore, if you find it hard to achieve orgasm through nipple play alone, you can simultaneously add vaginal stimulation into it. Both vaginal and nipple stimulation can provide great pleasure. Hence, doing these two arousal techniques during foreplay will definitely give you a more satisfying experience.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s nipple stimulators?

                • Safe to use

                One of the most important considerations when purchasing a nipple stimulator is to look for something that is safe to use. Fortunately, The Sex Garden gathered the best quality nipple stimulators to ensure customer’s safety.

                • Affordable

                Aside from quality products, The Sex Garden’s nipple stimulators come at an affordable price. You can get here the best products without compromising your budget.

                What’s next?

                Do you want to elevate your sexual life? Why don’t you try nipple play today? Whether you want to do it solo or with a partner, it can be more fun and pleasurable by adding nipple stimulators. Interested? Hurry! Get the best and affordable nipple stimulators in this collection now!

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