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Private Policy

The Sex Garden respects your privacy and you are well protected by the Privacy Act 1988 which covers the collection, use and disclosure, quality and security of your personal information.    

What kind of information we are collecting?    

Personal information    

In order to process your sex toys order online, we have to collect your personal information such as name, address, email address and credit card details. We will not disclose, rent or sell your personal and financial information mentioned above to any 3rd party as we are strictly following the law (Privacy Act 1988) in Australia. Your privacy are important to us and you can contact us on info[at] if you have any questions.    


Yes we use cookies (a small file being stored on your computer) to provide some hints for your behaviours on our website. By utilising cookies, we can suggest you which products are popular to other consumers, we can also present you the most popular article that are useful and unique to you, we can also improve our website and give you the best user experience.    

Please note that our cookies policy does not apply to any 3rd party website that we associate with such as advertising websites (we feature our products on their websites) or referral websites (they refer you to come our website by using some links or other format). Please go to those 3rd websites and look into their cookies policy.    

Email Opt-in Information    

Yes, we do email marketing and we need your name and email address to do that. However, we are not going to spam you with unwanted advertisement. We try to collect your name and email address on our website all the time and sometime we provide incentive such as discount or other form of promotion. We respect your privacy and will not provide your name and email address to any 3rd party as we follow the Privacy Act 1988.


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