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                Underwear is a clothing item that is usually worn beneath the clothes. It served as a functional part of every individual’s dress or clothing. They are primarily worn to lessen the friction of the clothes against the skin, to give body shape, and to conceal or support some parts of the body.

                Underwear comes in different styles. The traditional underwear worn by most women includes bras and panties while men often wear classic briefs and boxer briefs or shorts. But now there are novelty undies that are specifically made to make you feel sexy and naughty. To have a better understanding of underwear and novelty undies, keep on reading here.


                It is a type of short, form-fitting undies and swimwear. Brief comes in various styles. The most common style is those with a waistband attached to the fabric.

                Styles of brief

                • Boxer shorts

                It is a type of underwear that is usually worn by men. Boxer shorts offer maximum comfort, coverage and breathability for the wearer. They also come in a variety of designs and styles.

                Basically, modern boxer shorts work well for people with slimmer legs. They are also more flattering than the other styles of brief. Thus, it can complement well in different body shapes.

                • Trunks

                Trunk is like a boxer brief, but they often have a shorter fit. This underwear is suited for guys with a shorter build.

                Moreover, trunks sit perfectly on the hips. It can also fit under a variety of shorts and pants. Hence, if you’re looking for undies that can provide confidence and comfort, trunks are ideal for you.

                • Boxer brief

                These undies are a combination of the usual boxer shorts and trunks. Boxer briefs are a bit longer in the leg and they usually sit on the waist. Most men with fuller buttocks go for this style since they’re more versatile and flattering than other undies.

                Men’s novelty undies

                Aside from those styles mentioned above, there are certain undies for men that are designed to entertain and make you feel sexier. These are men’s novelty undies. Novelty underwear for men is not like the traditional briefs and boxers briefs that can be worn every day.

                Men’s novelty undies are typically worn just to add some spice to sex life. These may include see-through mesh trunks, camouflaged jock or pair of denim briefs, leather thong and many more.

                Styles for women’s underwear

                Picking up the right undies for women is not easy. They come in different styles, fit, fabric, designs and colours. But the trick in choosing is to figure out which style will work for you. To narrow down your options, below are some styles of women’s underwear.

                • Bikini

                Bikini is a classic style of women’s undies. They have less coverage than the traditional ones. They often have high-cut leg holes. And they tend to sit a few inches below the waist.

                Moreover, these undies are nice and versatile. In fact, you can wear them with your favourite skinny jeans and dress.

                • Briefs

                Some women preferred to use undies with more coverage. If you’re one of them, a women’s brief is perfect for you. These undies usually has more front and back coverage. This is to provide extra comfort for the wearer.

                • Hipster

                A hipster has low-cut leg holes. Additionally, this underwear often sits a few inches below the waist. Basically, this underwear can be paired with low-rise jeans and pants.

                • Boyleg

                It is inspired by men’s briefs and with a little similarity to hipster. This undergarment is defined by its low-rise waist and longer leg openings.

                • G-string

                G-string is a great option for people who want to use underwear with less coverage. Generally, it is T-shaped like a thong. It also features a thinner string for more cheek exposure. Aside from that, it avoids visible underwear lines. Hence, they are perfect to wear with your form-fitting skirts and dresses.

                Custom print underwear designs

                Even though the designs of underwear are not for open display, it doesn’t necessarily mean that there is no space for creative panties in the market. In fact, custom-print underwear is a booming industry nowadays. Here are a few best-selling designs for novelty undies.

                1. Names and phrases

                When thinking of underwear designs, text and captions are eye-catching for most men and women. Naughty phrases with bold prints are usually the most common designs in the market today.

                2. Unique and funky designs

                The most boring colour for underwear is white. But you can make it more unique and funky if you put on animal prints and tie-die in it. Just be creative in making designs to make it more alluring.

                3. Underwear for couples

                Couples sometimes buy matching underwear. They purchase these types of underwear to show their true love to one another. They also wear it for fun.

                Certain couple undies are printed with the couple’s names and faces. It can be an ideal novelty gift for weddings.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s novelty undies?

                • Comfortable to wear

                When it comes to underwear, choosing something that is comfortable to wear is vital. Good thing, The Sex Garden’s collection of novelty undies provides comfort for the wearer.

                • Affordable

                Aside from being comfortable to wear, undies in this collection come in a lower range of prices. You can get your novelty undies here without compromising your budget.

                What’s next?

                Looking for a great gift idea for your special someone? Definitely, you’re in the right place. This collection of novelty undies can provide various styles of underwear that can spice up your sexual life.

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