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                BeauMents is a brand of sex toy that can give couples a new dimension of erotic fun. They aim to provide sex toys that can be enjoyed together with your partner.

                They develop innovative products for him and her. Moreover, their products have outstanding quality, easy usability and appealing designs.

                BeauMents’ most popular products are vibrators. They produce innovative vibrators to give couples a special thrill in their erotic routines.

                If you are scared of buying your first ever vibrator, then do not be afraid. BeauMents might be the perfect brand for you! Here are some things that you need to know before purchasing vibrators.

                • Learn about the “anatomy of pleasure”

                Before anything else, both partners should know their bodies well. In school, students usually learn about the anatomy of the reproductive system. But they do not teach the “anatomy of pleasure”.

                Obviously, most people know exactly where the testicles and ovaries are. However, they may not know how to have an orgasm.

                Most people need external (clitoris or penis) stimulation first to have an orgasm. Many people believed that you should be able to orgasm from vaginal or anal penetration. But the truth is, external stimulation is also needed to achieve orgasm easily.

                For internal stimulation (vaginal, anal, G-spot or prostate), it is vital to get a sex toy that is slightly curved. Furthermore, your body will respond well to firm and rhythmic pressure that a vibrator gives.

                • Evaluate yourself

                To evaluate yourself, here is a short checklist. It is not required to answer all of these questions. These are just guidelines to help you feel less overwhelmed when you start to look for options.

                1. What do you already know about your body?
                2. Do you prefer internal stimulation (vaginal, anal, G-spot or prostate)? Or external stimulation clitoris, vulva, penis)?
                3. Do prefer a lot of pressure or more pin-pointed sensation?
                4. Do you want a sex toy that is long lasting?
                5. Do you want a quiet and discreet toy?
                • Shop smart

                You can always read reviews online to get a sense of which toys are good. You can also ask for some recommendations from friends or relatives. It doesn’t have to be too expensive. The important thing is it matches your preferences when it comes to sex toys, specifically vibrators.

                • Shop safe

                Like any other products, the FDA doesn’t strictly regulate sex toys. Thus, it is very important to be a savvy consumer. Check the materials of the sex toys that you buy.

                Silicone and ABS plastic are good options. Just stay away from sil-a-gel or silicone lookalikes. Likewise, do not buy jelly rubber toys. These toys are more translucent and usually have a rubbery smell.

                If you are unsure about the material, just stick a condom to make sure that there are no unwanted chemicals to get in touch with your body.

                • Set your budget

                The price of some vibrators can sometimes be scary especially for beginners. There are a lot of high-end vibrators that can range from $100 to $350.

                If you are a first-timer, do not rush yourself to buy expensive vibrators immediately. You can experiment first on some cheaper ones. Just make sure to inspect the materials on the toy wisely before purchasing. It might be cheaper because they use toxic materials on the product. Thus, you have to be careful.

                • Get some lube

                Lubricants are used to make sure that there is no unwanted friction from body parts or toys during any sex routine. There are just a few reminders to make sure that the lube that you are using is body-safe.

                1. Stay away from lubricants with common irritants such as glycerine or parabens.
                2. Use only water-based lube with a silicone sex toy.
                3. Do not use too much oil-based lubes inside your body.
                • Not all vibrators feel the same

                When it comes to vibrators, the maximum enjoyment doesn’t always depend on how strong the vibration is. Rather, it is always about which type of vibration is used.

                Buzzy vibrations usually sit on the surface of your skin. They may give you intense sensation. But, they may also feel a bit itchy or temporarily numbing.

                On the other hand, rumbly vibration usually has a lower pitch that can be compared to an earthquake. These vibrations can penetrate through more layers of skin. It can also hit more into your nerves.

                Why should you choose BeauMents vibrators?

                • Innovative products

                As you all know, BeauMents is continuously enhancing their products to provide innovation to their customers. Presently, they consist of 9 different items.

                • Quality controlled

                At BeauMents, all their vibrators undergo meticulous testing before it is launched in the market. This is to make sure that all products that you purchase are the highest quality.

                • Products are extremely appealing

                BeauMents produced sex toys that are extremely appealing to their customers. That is why, more couples have remained curious with their vibrators. They constantly try to develop products that will give pleasure to couples.

                What’s next?

                If you are new to the world of sex toys, then vibrators are the perfect toy to start. Before purchasing, just make sure that you already learned about the important things about vibrators.

                Always choose a brand that is highly recognised when it comes to vibrators. BeauMents is one of these brands. They are dedicated to develop products to stimulate the most sensitive parts of your body! Check out their products here!

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