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                Novels are long fictional works that are primarily written to entertain and captivate readers. It comes in various genres or categories. These genres may include fantasy, science fiction, crime, teen drama, romance and many more. In addition, a novel is usually published as a book.

                Nowadays, many people seek fictional fantasy books to read and enjoy while staying at home. Some of them become interested in romantic books with erotic stories. According to experts, these books help couples to explore sex and increase their intimacy and pleasure.

                To provide valuable information about romantic novels, read this quick overview of them.

                About romantic novel

                Romantic novels are one of the most popular and best-selling books in the market today. These novels focus on stories about love, passion and relationship between two individuals.

                Many stories in romantic novels are about couples who encountered problems in their relationship. Despite their problems, couples usually find solutions. And their stories often have a happy ending.

                Sub-genres of romance novels

                Subgenres of romance novels can be identified by the story’s timeframe, location and plot elements. A few of them are listed below.

                • Historical romance. The plot of these novels usually takes place prior to 1945 or before World War II. Reading this book will definitely bring you into the historical era.
                • Contemporary romance. Sometimes it is called as modern romance. These are romantic novels that happened after 1945. They are the most popular among the other genres of romance novels. Their stories often reflect the social mores after World War II.
                • Romantic Suspense. In these novels, relationships are blended with certain element of suspense or mystery. Most couples in these novels have certain problems to solve.
                • Inspirational romance. Spiritual or religious belief plays an important role in the love story of inspirational romance novels. There’s no violence involved in their stories.
                • Fantasy romance. The story in this type of novel usually takes place in an alternate world. Most of their stories are a combination of reality and fantasy.
                • Erotic romance. Their stories often characterized by sexual content. This means that it contains sexual scenes and bold languages. Generally, stories in erotic romance focus on sexual acts. It makes them the ideal novel for couples because it can provide them a lot of benefits.

                Benefits of reading erotic romance

                Experts believe that reading erotic novels have good benefits for the readers. One of these benefits is to improve sexual life. Additionally, other benefits of reading these novels are provided here.

                1. For entertainment and escape

                When people get bored with their daily routines, they usually go to theatre, listen to music and read books. They do these activities to be entertained and leave their usual routines.

                Erotic novel is something that you should read if you want to have a brain vacation. Yes, it’s like a brain vacation. This is because it can help you temporarily escape from your busy work schedule. Furthermore, erotic stories are filled with vivid descriptions, sex scenes and steamy dialogues. Hence, it can be easy for you to absorb their story.

                2. It can turn you on

                Reading erotic novels can make you feel hot and think about sex. It can even turn you on and feel aroused. Once you get aroused, it increases your sex drive. This means that you’ll also crave for more intimate scenes with your lover.

                3. Most likely leads to orgasms

                If you already feel the arousal after reading novels, you’ll surely end up having orgasms during sex. This can be a fantastic feeling. Aside from that, orgasm can also provide the following health benefits.

                • lowers blood pressure
                • increase oxytocin or love hormone
                • relieves stress
                • provides better sleep
                • reduces pains associated with migraines and arthritis

                4. Teaches couples to be more creative in bed

                Novels are a work of fiction that can give certain ideas on how to be more creative in bed. Sometimes, couples consider trying what they’ve read. This is to add some creativity to your bedtime routine. In addition, reading various erotic books can cause couples to try and explore new sexual adventures.

                5. Helps you get vocal

                If you’re a couple that is usually quiet in bed, reading erotic books can help to overcome your shyness. Try reading certain erotic stories together. For sure, you’ll become interested to try those erotic acts in their stories.

                Why should you choose novels from The Sex Garden’s collection

                • Best-selling erotic novels

                The Sex Garden gathered in this collection the best-selling products for you to enjoy. You will surely love all the erotic novels here.

                • Budget-friendly

                Aside from the fun and exciting stories, novels from The Sex Garden’s collection are affordable. You can collect all these erotic novels without breaking the bank.

                • Written by well-known novelist

                To make sure if the novel is worth reading, it must be written by a well-known novelist. Good thing, you can find here the fictional works of one of the best novelists, Blakely St. James.

                What’s next?

                Reading an erotic novel is generally fun and entertaining for singles and couples out there. It is also good for sexual life. Are you interested? Get one from this collection and read them together with your partner tonight. Hurry! Grab it here now!

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