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                Rabbit vibrators are designed to provide double pleasure to the user. This means that it can stimulate both externally and internally simultaneously. Rabbit vibrators can provide the same fun and excitement of a classic vibrator with an extra tickler for the clitoris.

                To learn more about this product, just read this short guide below. TSG also provides a collection of rabbit vibrators so that it will be easier for you to choose.

                Different types of rabbit vibrators

                Standard dual-action

                This is the general type of rabbit vibrator. The shaft is approximately 11-13cm long with a diameter of 4cm. The standard dual-action type has 2 motors. The first one is located inside the main shaft. While the second one is in the thicker part of the clitoral stimulator. These motors are usually controlled independently. This is to get the right vibration setting for each region.

                Mini/Small rabbit vibe

                This is a smaller version of the standard dual-action rabbit vibrator which are available in various designs and colours. Most mini rabbit vibrators have an insertable length of 8-10cm and about 3cm in width. This type of rabbit vibrator is ideal for women with a smaller vagina. This is also perfect for those who are not comfortable with a large-sized vibrator.


                A thruster is a type of rabbit vibrator that has the ability to extend or thrust the main shaft in an outward/inward direction. It is controlled through an additional mode/setting. Over the years, thrusters have an enhanced pulse and rotation movement.

                Triple stimulators

                This rabbit vibrator is designed to stimulate the 3 top female erogenous zones simultaneously. This means that it is used for vaginal, clitoral and anal stimulation.

                It is basically a standard-sized dual-action vibrator with an added string of graduated beads on the opposite side, main shaft and rabbit ears. Its beaded strand is designed for anal stimulation. As the main shaft vibrates, this beaded strand also vibrates like a flow-on effect.

                Rabbit vibrators with various designs

                This type is just a simple rabbit vibrator. But the only difference is the style and mould of the clitoral stimulator. If you think that the style and appearance of the rabbit vibrator matter, then you must consider these options.

                • Rabbit – this has bunny ears that sit in a “V” shape at the top of the stimulator. This is also found on the side of the main shaft of the vibrator. This is the most common type of dual stimulation vibrator.
                • Dolphin – instead of rabbit ears, this has a dolphin design with nose shape at the top of the clitoral stimulator.
                • Beaver – this is similar to the rabbit and dolphin vibrator. But this one has a beaver snout design on the clitoral stimulator.
                • Others – some vibrators have uniquely-shaped toys such as a tiny cup or a side-to-side design to cup or cover the clitoris.

                Things to consider when choosing rabbit vibrators

                Sizes and shapes

                Before choosing, you must be aware of what sizes and shape you really want. You can refer to your past experiences to know which size will fit you. If you are still unsure, then it is recommended to try a standard size first. It is important to remember that whatever size you pick, it can still be used as a clitoral stimulator.

                Unfortunately, every woman has a different vagina size. Thus, you have to try a few vibrators to find which one will suit you. If you have a small vagina, you should not buy larger toys. Similarly, if you have a large vagina, you should not use a slimmer vibe.


                When selecting your rabbit vibe, you must consider its motor. Rabbit vibrators usually come with a standard 2-motors.

                Some rabbit vibrators especially the smaller ones might only have one motor. There is also a more advanced and expensive rabbit vibe that has three motors.

                Generally, more motors also mean more power and versatility on the rabbit vibrator. Furthermore, you will most likely to experience fine and precise stimulation.

                Speed and vibration rhythms

                Most vibrators have two forms of vibration settings. These are the speed and pattern.

                • Speed or Power – this describes how strong and fast the vibration is. Some rabbit vibrators have several settings for its speed. This can range from a light tickle sensation to a more intense buzzing. Manufacturers provide various options for speed because women have a different level of vibration requirement.
                • Patterns of vibration – this will give you the pulse, thrust and rotation of the beads. There are various vibration patterns that rabbit vibrators can provide.

                Why should you choose rabbit vibrators

                • Powerful functions

                These rabbit vibrators are packed with powerful functions to enjoy dual stimulation. You will surely enjoy these vibrators as it can satisfy your sexual cravings.

                • High-quality

                Are you looking for high-quality rabbit vibrator? Then you are in the right place! TSG’s collection of vibes is made of high-quality materials.

                What to do next

                Unleash your sexual imagination with these amazing rabbit vibrators! Check out this collection of products now and choose which one can fulfill your erotic needs!

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