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                Masturbation is a simple act of self-love! People of all ages and orientations can enjoy masturbation. To make your experience more pleasurable, you can use a specific toy designed for this purpose. For men, a male masturbator can be used.

                Before using any toy for masturbation, it is important to learn more about masturbation and its benefits. Some information about male masturbators and frequently asked questions are provided here to keep you guided in your initial purchase.

                About of masturbation

                Masturbation is defined as self-pleasuring, touching and rubbing one’s body parts for sexual pleasure. Body parts such as penis, clitoris, scrotum, vulva, anus and breast are stimulated to achieve orgasm easily.

                Masturbation is actually normal. However, it becomes a problem if an individual masturbates often. And they do it as a replacement for other aspects of their life such as work, school, and social activities.

                Common health benefits of masturbation

                Masturbation is an activity that offers a lot of health benefits for people. It can reduce stress levels, improve sleep and release sexual tension. According to experts, regular self-loving also brings other benefits, such as:

                • Help to boost the immune system.
                • Help to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles.
                • To experience better-partnered sex.
                • To improved sexual stamina.
                • Lower the risk of STI.
                • Help to reduce insomnia.
                • Lower risk of prostate cancer.

                Male masturbator

                Male masturbators are sex toys that are commonly known as cock sleeves or pocket pussy. This adult toy consists of a soft and flexible sleeve wherein a man can insert their penis.

                There are a huge variety of male masturbators available in the market today. There are simple and complex male masturbators. Some have two open sleeves, while others have ridges or nubs inside.

                Certain variants of male masturbators are moulded to simulate oral, anal and vaginal sex. On top of that, there are complex male masturbators that include realistic body parts. It might be in the form of hips, hair or buttocks.

                Strokers and masturbation sleeves

                Most men who become interested in adult toys opt for a male masturbator. They typically choose a masturbator sleeve or a penis stroker.

                A stroker is an adult toy that is typically made from soft rubber. This pleasure toy often comes with a moulded hole to imitate the look and feel of a woman’s vagina. Generally, strokers are more discreet, universally appealing and non-intimidating than other male masturbators.

                On the other hand, a masturbation sleeve is a pliable tube used to enhance sensation during a solo session. It can either have one or two openings. Other variants are more textured to increase sensation. Furthermore, this adult toy varies from what they are made of. They can be made of silicone, thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), plastic or rubber materials.

                For novices, strokers and sleeves can open up a new world of pleasure especially when they use them during masturbation.

                Frequently asked questions about masturbators

                1. Is masturbation sleeve only for straight guys?

                Definitely no! Like other adult toys, masturbation sleeves are made not just for straight men. Gays and even bisexuals can enjoy this toy. You can stick your shaft in this adult toy either for blow jobs, anal, oral and vaginal sex. If you love to stick your dick in a wet and tight hole, a masturbation sleeve is the best toy for you.

                2. Do all male masturbators vibrate?

                Actually, no! But there are masturbation strokers and sleeves that have vibrating options. Certain types include a removable bullet vibrator. Other strokers also have built-in vibrators. With that, you can increase the intensity of pleasure and orgasm.

                In addition, if you want a hands-free experience, opt for a vibrating masturbator with remote control. This can give you more ways to enjoy this particular toy.

                3. Is it necessary to use a lube for a masturbation sleeve?

                To make the most out of your masturbation sleeve experience, using lube is important. However, there are certain masturbation sleeves that are already lubed-up. They are masturbation sleeves that are for one-time use only.

                Adding a water-based lube can increase sensation and pleasure. It can also reduce friction during masturbation. Moreover, most masturbation sleeves are made from a soft type of materials like TPR, silicone and TPE. But it’s worth noting that you have to avoid the silicone lube for a silicone toy because it can ruin your toy in the long run.

                4. Is it important to clean the male masturbator?

                Like other sex toys, proper cleaning of your male masturbator is vital. You can use mild soap and warm water to clean them. You can also use a sex toy cleaner or antibacterial sex toy spray for cleaning this toy. After cleaning your masturbator, allow them to dry completely before storing them.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s masturbator?

                • Made from the best quality materials

                To have an amazing experience, The Sex Garden gathered here the best products that are only made from quality materials. This is to provide their customers with product satisfaction.

                • Easy to clean

                For your convenience, The Sex Garden also provides easy-to-clean products. Cleaning your toy every after use is important to keep them in shape and last longer.

                What’s next?

                If you haven’t tried masturbation before, why don’t you give it a try now? It can be more pleasurable and exciting if you use sex toys specifically made for masturbation. If you’re interested, browse this collection of masturbators and choose the best product to try. Grab your choice now!

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