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                Loving Joy is a brand of sex toys that was created and developed in UK in 2009. They provide great quality products in the market. This is why they are considered as one of the best-selling brands of sex toys today. Most of their products are sex toys that are designed for men and women. These consist of male masturbators, cock rings, vibrators and many more.

                Loving Joy brand has a wide range of products that includes numerous sub-brands. These are the Jessica Rabbits, Real Feel, Bound to Please and Precious Metals. These ranges continue to grow until they are widely recognised as a high quality brand of adult sex toys.

                Loving Joy specialises in manufacturing vibrators. If you want to know more about these sex toys, read here.

                What is vibrator?

                Vibrator is a vibrating sex toy that can be used by both men and women for masturbation, foreplay and during sex. This adult toy can be used to stimulate the clitoris, G-spot, penis and anus. Vibrators are available in many different options depending on your preference.

                Vibrators for women

                Vibrators can be a new tool to help restore the sex lives of menopausal and post–menopausal women. As women get older, sometimes they experience a decrease in the production of hormones. This may cause vaginal tissue to get thinner and drier. When this happened, this may lead to painful sex. Fortunately, vibrators can be used to solve this problem.

                Types of Vibrators

                Before purchasing, it is better to know what type of vibrator will suit your sexual needs. Listed here are some of its types.

                • Bullet vibrator

                As probably guessed by its name, bullet vibrator is a bullet-shaped vibe. This comes in small and medium sizes. This type of vibrator is a good pick for people who want a portable toy to bring anywhere.

                Clitoral vibrators are designed for external use. It has a curved shape to surround the clitoris for pleasure. This type of vibrator is designed to be ergonomic and comfortable to hold for long periods of time. There are also some clitoral vibrators that work perfectly for hands-free use.

                • Rabbit Vibrator

                Most vibrators are designed to either stimulate your clitoris or provide pleasurable penetration. Not only that, rabbit vibrators can also be used for dual stimulation. It has a vibrating or rotating dildo shape that can be inserted in the vagina. Thus, providing the user with more pleasurable experience once you give it a try.

                • G-spot Vibrator

                This type of vibrator is designed specifically to hit your G-spot. It has a bulb or curve-shaped design to provide targeted pleasure. Aside from using it for G-spot stimulation, you can experiment on it and add clitoral stimulation. This can probably make your experience even more fun.

                • Wand vibrator

                Wand vibrators are designed to directly stimulate the clit. This type of vibrator brings fast and intense orgasm. Wand vibrators usually have a cord that can be used to recharge the product. It can be a great pick for someone who wants a high-powered pleasure experience.

                • Anal Vibrators

                As its name implies, anal vibrating toys are designed to provide anal pleasure. This vibrator usually has a handle or flared base to prevent the toy from being sucked into the rectum. It also has a slim body that is gentle for the sensitive tissues in the anus.

                • Realistic vibrators

                This type of vibrator is designed to look and feel like a real penis. Most couples used it during sex. Below are some of the cases where you can use this type of vibrator.


                1. If you are in a committed relationship and you want to see and experience what a different penis size and shape feels like.
                2. If you live far away from your lover and want to have masturbation experience that feels like genuine sex.
                3. Others may choose realistic vibrator because they want their solo play to feel like real sex.

                Why Choose Loving Joy vibrator?

                Below are some of the reasons why you should choose this brand.

                • Perfect for beginners

                Loving Joy vibrators are perfect for beginners. This is because it has an ergonomic design which makes it easier to use for first-timer. They love using Loving Joy vibrator when they want to try something new in their sex life.

                • Good quality

                Loving Joy brand is known for its good quality sex toys. To ensure customer’s satisfaction, they only use high quality materials for their products.

                • Affordable

                Aside from the quality products, Loving Joy brand also guarantees that the customers will have a value for money when purchasing their adult toys. They provide affordable and good products for their customers.

                What’s next?

                If you are still confused about which sex toy is best for you, then take a look at Loving Joy collection of sex toys here. They are specifically created for beginners and even for advanced sex toy users.

                Loving Joy sex toys are perfect for lovemaking! Purchase the best vibrator that will spice up your sex life here. Pick yours in their collection of products below.

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