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                A mask is an object that is usually worn on the face for disguise, protection or entertainment. For some people, they considered it as a fetish toy that brings arousal during erotic scene. These individuals are known as mask fetishists.

                For certain mask fetishists, a few types of masks can heighten their sexual arousal. These may include gas masks, masquerade masks, rubber masks, bondage masks and many more. To learn more, below is a quick overview of the different types of masks.

                Common types of masks

                Bondage masks

                Among the types of masks, the most commonly used during sexual activity is the bondage or gimp mask. They are typically not scary. In fact, most bondage masks are as simple as an eye mask. Moreover, they are often made from rubber, silicone, leather, neoprene and more.

                This type of mask can add more variety to your BDSM closet. When it is used during BDSM play, it can slightly change the wearer’s look. As a result, it brings sex appeal and sexual arousal during an intimate scene.

                Why people wear bondage masks

                • Sensory deprivation

                Sensory deprivation, also known as sensory play is usually the main reason why people use masks during BDSM play. It involves taking away one of the senses to focus on the other.

                Just like blindfolds, masks also aim to deprive the sense of sight. Once it is deprived, other senses become heightened. For instance, the skin becomes more sensitive to touch once you take away the sense of sight. When this happens, it actually brings sexual arousal. Aside from that, it provides pleasurable experience for the wearer.

                • Role play

                During BDSM play, the submissive partner usually wears a mask while the dominant perform their role. However, some dominant partners prefer to wear a mask during role-playing. This is because they find it easy to dominate their submissive partner when they cannot see them.

                Bondage mask safety

                Like other BDSM toys, there is also some possible risk when wearing a mask during BDSM play. A bondage hood, in particular, can restrict the airways, breathing and access to safe words. Thus, you can use body movements instead of safe words when wearing this type of bondage mask.

                Masquerade masks

                Basically, a masquerade mask is worn for the purpose of entertainment, disguise or performance. Before, it has been used by some primitive people for their important ceremonies. But today, it is often used as a costume when portraying mythical characters in certain performances. On top of that, it is worn by adults and children at various parties.

                A masquerade mask is also a great addition to your costume during masquerade ball. Masquerade ball is a fun evening event with humorous games and entertainment. Typically, participants in this event wear masquerade masks and costumes for disguise.

                Nowadays, masquerade masks differ in their materials and shapes. Learn them from here.


                Modern masks are mostly made from different types of materials. They are made either from papier mache, plastic PVC, plastic resin, plaster and paper. Most masquerade masks in the market today are decorated with beads, glitter, rhinestone, flowers, feathers and lace.

                Furthermore, they come in different colours. The most preferred are the rainbow colours. This is because the rainbow colours can match any outfit colours.


                When it comes to masquerade mask, various shapes are available. These are half face masks and full face masks.

                • Half face masks – This face mask only covers the forehead, eyes, certain parts of the cheeks and nose. It is the most popular since it allows the wearer to breathe, speak and have various expressions.
                • Full face masks – This face mask covers the entire face. Their primary purpose is to hide the wearer’s complete identity. Since it covers the face, it only gives one expression to the wearer. Aside from that, this mask doesn’t allow the wearer to speak.

                Gas mask

                This type of mask is also known as air-purifying respirators. They are used as protection from inhaling certain toxic gases and airborne pollutants. It covers the mouth and nose to filter gases. They can also filter possible pollutants in the air.

                Nowadays, gas masks are usually made from elastic polymer. They also come in various sizes. Apart from that, a fitted adjustable strap is attached to secure a good fit for the wearer. This strap can be directly connected to the filter near the mouth or through a flexible hose.

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                • Huge options

                Various styles are available so that you can select the best one suited for your preferences. Furthermore, latest mask designs are available here.

                What’s next?

                Do you have an event to attend that requires wearing a mask? Look no further! The Sex Garden’s collection of masks can provide a wide range of products to choose from. Feel free to browse and grab the most stylish masks on the market today!

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