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                If you are interested in exploring the world of harness dildos, whether it is for anal or vaginal sex, then this collection is for you.

                Basically, harness dildos are special types of dildos that can be attached to a harness. These are usually used in a strap-on. Many people are confused between harness dildos and a typical dildo. If you are one of them, then this guide can help you.

                For more details about this sex toy, check out this quick overview below. After that, you can browse their collection of harness dildos. Read more now!

                What are harness dildos

                Harness dildos and dildos are not exactly the same thing. As you may know, the term “dildos” encompasses all kinds of penetrative sex toys. These include anal probes, vibrating dildos, vaginal penetrators and many more. On the other hand, the term “harness dildo” specifically describes as dildos that can be fastened into a strap-on or pair of briefs.

                A strap-on often comes with O-rings. These are flexible rubber circles where you can insert a dildo to hold it in place. According to sex toy experts, any dildo that can be held in place by an O-ring is strap-on compatible.

                This is the reason why most sex toy shops have a dedicated section for harness dildos. In that way, it will be easier to find harness-compatible dildos. If this particular section is not available in the sex toy shop, a good tip is to choose a dildo with flared bases or balls.

                Another reminder is that O-rings are not one-size-fits-all. There are some O-rings with larger openings to accommodate girth dildos. While the smaller O-rings are used for slim ones.

                How to choose a perfect harness dildo for yourself

                Figure out what shape and size will work for you

                Different dildos are used for different kinds of play. For instance, beginner anal toys are slimmer than beginner vaginal toys. Moreover, the more advanced the user, the larger and girthier the toys they used.

                It is important to buy a harness dildo that fits like a shoe. For new dildo users, experts suggest to always start small. Once the user gets used with the sensation, then they can try bigger sizes. When it comes to shapes, you can start with simpler and smoother styles.

                Pay attention to the material

                The harness dildo’s shape and size are not the only elements you have to consider. The dildo’s material will also affect both the wearer’s and receiver’s experiences. Thus, the material is worth minding.

                For starters, use a silicone harness dildo. These are usually flexible and comfortable to wear. Furthermore, find a silicone harness dildo that is firm enough to penetrate. But it also has to be not so hard.

                Take some time to use the product alone

                It is vital to take some time to familiarize yourself with the toy before trying it out on your partner. If you are planning on being a receiver, you can try using the dildo on your own first. In that way, you will know what feels good. Then you can tell your partner about your experience afterwards.

                On the other hand, if you want to be a wearer, you also need to try it alone first. Then you have to get used on how it feels on your body.

                Keep your harness dildo always in good shape

                It is important to clean your toy after every single use. Most toys can be washed with warm water and soap. It can be a little tedious to do some extra cleaning after your bedtime play. But always remember that this can make your toy as hygienic as possible. It will also help your harness dildo last longer.

                Apart from this, using a compatible lubricant is always a good idea. If you are using the harness dildo for anal penetration, you will definitely need to use lube. Nevertheless, all kinds of play can benefit from adding an ample amount of lubricant. Just avoid using silicone-based lubes on silicone dildos.

                Why should you choose harness dildos

                • Strong suction system

                The Sex Garden’s harness dildos are equipped with a strong and high-quality suction system. This suction system can hold well on smooth surfaces and even on strap-on O-rings. You can totally experience hands-free penetration.

                • Made from high quality materials

                The products from this collection are all made from high-quality materials. These are velvety soft yet sturdy dildos for couples to enjoy.

                • Affordable items

                Are you on a tight budget? Then this collection is for you! Find the perfect toy that will match your budget here!

                What to do next?

                When it comes to using a harness dildo, sexual experimentation can be a wonderful start off. With The Sex Garden’s collection of harness dildo, you can surely find your perfect match. Just look through their products here and experience undeniably intense sex.

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