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                Eros is a brand of lubricant that is based in Germany. This brand of lube ensures the highest quality standard innovation and purity of their products. With Eros sexual wellness products, you will feel the sensual and exciting experience in sex.

                Eros collection consists of high-quality sex lubes, massage gel, sprays and many more. These are all designed with the highest quality of raw materials. Aside from the quality materials, their products are also made to be oil and grease-free.

                Eros is now considered as one of the best lube manufacturers in the market. Hence, many people used their lubricant to spice up their romantic encounters.

                Do you want to enhance internal and external sexual pleasure with Eros lubricants? Before purchasing, it is better to read here to know more about lubes.

                Who can use lubricant?

                Everyone, most especially women have different needs when it comes to lubricant. There’s no such thing as “normal” amount of body lubrication. This is because some women experience vaginal dryness.

                When someone experiences this, lubrication can be difficult during sex. This may often lead to soreness or even yeast infection after sexual intercourse.

                There are some factors that can lead to vaginal dryness. These include stress, taking contraceptive pill, breastfeeding and certain medications. Moreover, this vaginal dryness may cause discomfort, irritation and can even affect one’s sex life.

                That is why, personal lubricants are vital in any sexual relationship. This is because it can assist in sexual functions. This can also help to ease the insertion of tampons, menstrual cups, and intimate toys.

                Benefits of using personal lubricant

                Like many other lubes, Eros lubricants provide extra moisture during sex. These are also designed to supplement the body’s natural lubrication process. Furthermore, lubes can be used in reducing and soothe chafing during physical exercise. It’s often used by some athletes and marathon runners to stop friction from sports clothing that rubbed against their bodies.

                In addition, personal lube can be used for intimate purposes. Before using it for your erotic scene, it is important to remember that it is not a spermicide. It is not designed to prevent sexually transmitted infections. Thus, it is better to check with your healthcare professional if you are not sure how to use it.

                Guides before purchasing lubricant

                Once you’ve decided to purchase lube, you will realize that there are plenty of options. Options are great, but it will be difficult if you don’t know what will be the best one for you. Read on here to guide you in purchasing lube.

                • Never choose a lubricant that contains any artificial flavours, colours, sugars essential oils, additives, or glycerine. Especially when you are new in using personal lubricants, some of those extra features may not be safe to use. Good thing, Eros lubes do not contain any of these materials. Eros products only used high-quality materials that are safe for their consumers.

                • Use glycerine-free lubricants. A lube that may contain a high concentration of glycerol can have a negative effect on the anal and vaginal tissues. This may cause damage and dehydration to these tissues. When this happens, it may increase the risk of STI’s (sexually transmitted infections).

                • When you choose water-based lube, make sure to pick the one that reflects the acidity of a healthy vagina. Around pH 3.8 to 4.5 is suggested to prevent the risk of bacterial vaginosis. On the other hand, if you want to use lube for anal play, the anus has more neutral acidity level (pH 5.5 – 7). Thus, try to pick the right lube that is appropriate for anal play.

                • Before purchasing, check the ingredients list and read product reviews. You can also go to a sex toy shop and ask some experts to guide you.

                Why should you choose Eros lubricant?

                Excellent product quality

                Eros products only used high-quality materials. Their lubricants and other products are made without animal testing and are free of oil and grease. They also offer no preservatives on their products. Their lubricants have no chemicals that may be harsh to your body.

                Safe to use

                Eros lubricants are all safe to use. It is free of any harmful ingredients. Besides, their products are tasteless, odourless and extremely safe for all skin types.

                Furthermore, their lubricants are free from glycerine and paraben. Aside from that, Eros lubes are also suitable for use with latex condoms.

                What’s next?

                Eros lubes can give you maximum excitement during sex. It provides additional lubrication during sexual intercourse and anal play. Their lube doesn’t dry out easily, leaving the skin feeling smooth.

                If you want to boost your self-confidence with Eros, browse here for their lubricant collection!

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