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                Sometimes, sex is not as glamorous as you’ve seen in some romantic movies. In real life, this sexual activity can be messy because it involves saliva, sweat and bodily fluids. So you must practice proper sexual hygiene before and after your intimate scene. Having sexual hygiene routine can help to protect you and your lover from health problems in the future.

                Furthermore, sexually transmitted infections (STIs) can be avoided as long as you have proper knowledge of your sexual health and hygiene. For further information about sexual health and hygiene, read here.

                About sexual health

                Generally, sexual health plays an important role in a person’s overall wellness. It means having a pleasurable experience while having safe sex. To be sexually healthy, it requires a positive approach to sexual relationship and sexuality.

                A person with good sexual health is typically well-informed and careful in having sexual contact with their partner. On top of that, they enjoy their intimate moment with their lover in a more comfortable way.

                Tips to improve sexual health

                To become sexually healthy, consider these few tips below:

                • Educate yourself

                Most people learned about their sexual health in school or through their parents at an early age. The school usually provides basic knowledge about the risks of unwanted pregnancy, unprotected sex, sexual abuse and how to prevent sexually transmitted infections.

                Knowing about your sexuality is vital. This will help you to become informed and well prepared to make good choices especially when it comes to your reproductive health.

                • Be sexually safe

                Being sexually safe might include preventing STIs and pregnancy. It also means you’re safe from sexual abuse, rape, assault or sexual exploitation.

                When talking about pregnancy, many birth control methods such as pill, implant, shot, patch and many more are incredibly effective. Nevertheless, these methods can’t provide better protection from STIs. Thus, using extra protection like condoms is necessary.

                • Communicate with your partner and health professionals

                When it comes to sexual health, communication between you and your healthcare provider is vital. They can give you information about sexual health risks and how to prevent them. Aside from that, they can answer your questions about certain sexual health-related concerns.

                Furthermore, communication between couples is also important. This will allow them to discuss their expectations, needs and boundaries. When both partners are aware of each other’s needs and preferences, it can lead to a more enhance pleasure and enjoyment.

                Hygiene practices to consider after sex

                After a sexual encounter, couples usually think of going to the shower right away to clean up themselves. But according to some sex educators, there are no medical reasons to do some hygiene routine after sex.

                While there’s no apparent reason for that, it’s still good to consider a post-sex hygiene routine to keep you and your partner safe. As your guide, certain hygiene practices are discussed below for you to consider:

                • Clean your genitals

                Many women believed that cleaning their genital after sex can protect them from infections such as STIs and urinary tract infections. But according to experts, the vagina is capable of cleaning itself in a natural way. Rinsing the vulva after your erotic scene is enough to make you clean.

                You don’t need to douche the inside part of the vagina after your intimate scene. This will just disturb the natural balance of bacteria. If the balance of bacteria becomes upset, it might lead to possible infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

                • Empty your bladder after your intimate scene

                Bacteria can enter into the urethra during your bedtime play with your partner. And once the bacteria get into this part of a woman’s body, it increases the chance of getting infections. Thus, most women immediately pee after their sexual act. This is to flush out those bacteria out of their body.

                • Washing your hands before and after having sex

                Hand washing is one of the most essential clean-up routines before and after sex. This is the best way to get rid of the bacteria you might get from touching the genitals. It is also a good practice to stop the spread of infections.

                • Clean your sex toy

                If you used a sex toy during your intimate scene, the bacteria and viruses might get into it. Therefore, cleaning your adult toy every after use is imperative. For extra protection, cover your toy with a condom especially if you want to share it with your partner.

                Condoms and safe sex

                Safe sex means that both couples protect themselves against STIs while having sexual contact. As mentioned above, condom can be used as extra protection during your intimate scene or while using a sex toy.

                A condom will act as a barrier to prevent the exchange of vaginal fluids, semen and blood between partners. When it is used correctly, it will offer you the best protection to have safer sex.

                Why should you try The Sex Garden’s health and hygiene products?

                • Affordable

                If you’re looking for budget-friendly products, The Sex Garden’s health and hygiene collection can provide it for you. This collection offers the best products that suit your needs and preferences.

                • Easy to use

                Products in this collection come with a user manual to properly guide you. Having a manual will allow you to use their products easily. Aside from that, they are perfect for beginners who want to enjoy safe sex.

                What’s next?

                If you want to try certain products that can help you and your lover stay safe and healthy, feel free to reach out to The Sex Garden today. Their collection of health and hygiene will offer you the best yet affordable products to use on your next sexual encounter. Give these quality items a try now!

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