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                Stroker is a brand of sex toy for men. They specifically produce high-quality strokers or male masturbators. Their products are mainly designed for intense pleasure! Their strokers are simple yet effective tools to add excitement and satisfaction to your bedtime routine!

                Strokers or masturbators are usually used during solo play sessions. Using this sex toy can help develop your erotic performance. It can also take you to a sexual peak. Aside from that, masturbators are used to extend your erotic playtime by increasing your sexual stamina.

                Learn more about Strokers and their products by reading below.

                Quick guide to strokers

                When it comes to stroker, there are endless options that are available in the market today. Most of it covers different sizes, textures, qualities and prices.

                Strokers usually have a series of ridges or realistic nubs. This is to experience realistic and exciting sensations. Other variants may also have vibration options.

                Strokers are designed to be tight-fitting. Some men often find their climax relatively fast when they use stroker for the first time. As you get used with its sensation, your self-pleasure sessions will even get longer.

                For others, strokers are used as a good training tool if you are struggling with premature ejaculation. Once you practice more with strokers, you can improve your sexual endurance and turn it into a skill.

                For the design of the stroker, it has a quite small opening. But, it will expand when you insert your penis to accommodate it perfectly. The best way to insert it is to add enough amount of lube. This will make the insertion easy and less painful. Apart from that, it will also make your experience more pleasurable and satisfying.

                Stroker materials


                • Metal – this material is often used to introduce new sensation into your erotic play. For instance, you may want to try temperature play. Metal strokers can be heated or cooled to explore new feeling.
                • Silicone – this material ideally mimics or imitates the skin to provide realistic sensation.
                • Glass – like metal, glass stroker can also be used during temperature play. Moreover, glass strokers are virtually indestructible since it is designed specifically to provide pleasure when things go hard.

                Things you need to know about masturbating using strokers

                Here are some things that first-time users must know about strokers. Read more below!

                1. It makes masturbation great

                Men may be experts when it comes to masturbation. But that doesn’t mean that they know everything especially if they want solo play.

                The truth is, masturbating using stroker is known to be the best-kept secret in the world of sex toys. It is designed to do better than using hands for masturbation. Moreover, it provides pleasurable benefits for men!

                2. It is beneficial to your health

                It has been proven by experts that masturbation using strokers can have positive benefits for men’s health. It relieves tension and stress, fights depression, benefits the immune system and enhances concentration.

                Aside from these, masturbating brings many sexual benefits. These may include aiding the control of premature ejaculation. Furthermore, masturbation hardens the penis for longer period of time.

                3. Sex toys assist masturbation

                Sex toys are used as great masturbation tool. They add various sensations to make your erotic experience more pleasurable.

                Sex toys such as strokers or male masturbators can give real-like sensual sensations to men. It is textured on the inside to tease and stimulate the nerve-endings in the penis. It is even better than masturbating manually.

                Why should you choose Stroker masturbators?

                If you are still hesitant about using strokers, then here are some reasons why you should use Stroker masturbators. Read on below.

                • It has stimulating grooves and dots inside

                All products from Stroker have stimulating grooves and dots inside it to enjoy exhilarating sensations. You can surely achieve orgasms faster like never before!

                • Made from high-quality materials

                Stroker products are all made from very soft and flexible silicone material. Their products are also phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH. Rest assured that their strokers are safe to use for men with sensitive skin.

                • It is designed for easy handling

                Their strokers have ergonomic design for easy handling. You will definitely have the best masturbation experience because their strokers have easy-grip handle.

                What to do next?

                Using strokers can be an ultimate feature for your foreplay. It escalates your pleasure before sex. Aside from that, if your lover gets tired of giving you a hand job, then strokers are there to the rescue! It will definitely help you reach sexual gratification! What are you waiting for? Get one now!

                Below is a collection of products from Stroker brand! Feel free to browse now and have your best pick!

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