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Things to know about double-ended dildos: An ultimate guide

Double-ended dildo comes with many names. They are often called double-headed, double sided or double dildos. But whichever term you like to call them, this sex toy is probably one of the most remarkable types of dildos in the market today. This is because it has a long shaft with sturdy rubber head that is used for dual penetration.

The good thing about double-ended dildos is that you can use them whatever your sexual orientation is. It is also a versatile toy that can be used for vaginal or anal sex. For more details about double-ended dildos, read this quick guide below.

Things to consider when purchasing a double-ended dildo


Size is one of the important factors to consider when purchasing a double-ended dildo. Make sure to choose the one that you can handle. For starters, it is recommended to choose the smaller ones. Then you can move your way up to a bigger dildo afterwards.


Double-ended dildos come in a variety of designs. It depends on your preferences if you want a simple one or those that have a fancy design. For instance, you can pick a double-ended dildo with a fist design on both ends. While others have a more realistic design on them. Just remember that your choice will play a considerable part especially in foreplay and arousal. Thus, you must choose wisely.


It is vital to use a double-ended dildo that is made from body-safe material like pure silicone. This type of material is non-porous and non-toxic. On the other hand, toys that contain jelly rubber, phthalates, vinyl and PVC should be avoided. This is because these types of materials are toxic and can be dangerous to your health.


As much as you like to get the best and most expensive double-ended dildo for your erotic play, your choice will always depend on your budget. Pick a dildo that is within your budget. buy too cheap toys since they can break easily and can be a threat to your health. Choose the one that is in the medium price range. In that way, you can still own a good quality adult toy without spending too much.

Tips in using double-ended dildos

  • Find the best double-ended dildo that works best for you

Nowadays, there is a wide range of double-ended dildos to choose from. They come in countless sizes, shapes and designs. Make sure to pick the right dildo that will suit your erotic needs.

  • Set the mood

When using the double-ended dildo, it is important to set the mood first. You can light some scented candles, listen to romantic music , watch erotic films, give your partner a sensual massage or anything that will make both of you feel aroused.

  • Use a generous amount of lubricant

To make penetration comfortable, it is vital to apply an ample amount of lubricant to both ends of the dildo. It is recommended to use water-based lube. This is because it is compatible with almost all types of sex toy materials.

  • Insert the dildo slowly

For novices, it might be hard to insert this toy into the vagina and anus. Thus, you have to take things slow. It is also helpful to bend and twist the dildo to make it firm before the insertion. You can also use a dildo that is slim on one end for easy penetration.

  • Try different positions

For first-timers, you have to explore and try different sex styles when using a double-ended dildo. This is to find out the perfect and comfortable position for both partners.

Why should you try The Sex Garden Double-ended dildo collection?

  • Good quality sex toys

If you are looking for good quality double-ended dildos, then The Sex Garden is the best place for you. they can supply products that are safe to use for beginners and even expert sex toy users.

  • Affordable

Why spend too much on dildos when you can purchase them at a very reasonable price? Double-ended dildos from The Sex Garden are not only good in quality, but they are also affordable.

What to do next

If you want to be more adventurous during your erotic play, double-ended dildos are a must-try for you! This is an incredible sex toy since it has two insertable ends. This means that you can have more fun in bed!

You can get your own double-ended dildo by browsing through The Sex Garden’s collection of sex toy! Feel free to check them out now!


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