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                Rabbit vibrators have remained one of the most popular vibrators nowadays. In fact, they are the best-selling vibrators in the market today. These adult toys are available in a variety of options. Aside from that, they also come with innovative designs.

                For those who are not familiar with rabbit vibrators, these are vibrators with a shaft and extension that is shaped like a pair of rabbit ears. Basically, these sex toys aim to stimulate two pleasure areas of the body. These are the G-spot and the clitoris.

                For more insights about rabbit vibrators, read on below.

                Parts of a rabbit vibrator

                • Shaft – This part of the rabbit vibrator often comes in various sizes. In addition, certain shafts have a bulbous tip for added G-spot stimulation.
                • External nub – This nub is typically rabbit-shaped. Its bunny ears usually flutter to stimulate the clit. Moreover, sex toy manufacturers have improved external nub designs. They added a stronger motor to provide different sensations.
                • Vibration – To provide users with options, some rabbit vibes have vibrating motors.
                • However, like the shaft and external nub, vibrations of rabbit vibes are not created equal. Their vibration depends on the type of motor included in the toy.

                Why rabbit vibrator is a must-have sex toy for women

                For women who haven’t tried rabbit vibrators before, for sure you’ll find one soon. Here are the reasons why a rabbit vibrator is a must-have sex toy for women.

                • You’ll experience a quick orgasm with a rabbit vibrator

                According to a survey, women ages 40 and beyond masturbate to combat their stress. They also find masturbation as a helpful activity to have better sleep. This means that climax can provide them good health and well-being. Fortunately, a rabbit vibrator can be a great addition to achieve their orgasm quickly during this sexual act.

                • Rabbit vibrators are a versatile toy

                Rabbit vibes come in a wide range of sizes, features and colours. Some styles have independent vibration control for internal and external stimulation.

                Additionally, there are rabbit vibrators that are waterproof. This feature makes them ideal for bathroom or shower use. With the versatility of this toy, endless possibilities of enjoyment can be experienced.

                • You’ll experience a blended orgasm

                Though rabbit vibrators come in a wide variety of options, they generally have something in common. This is to stimulate both the G-spot and clit to achieve a blended orgasm. This type of orgasm is defined as the result of having a vaginal and clitoral orgasm at the same time.

                • It can be used either for solo or partnered play

                Just like other sex toys, rabbit vibrators can be used either solo or with a partner. For single people and couples who are in a long-distance relationship, a rabbit vibe is an ideal toy to use during masturbation.

                Rabbit vibrator can also be a great addition during couple’s play. You can insert this toy in your vagina while your lover is busy pleasuring other parts of your body. Furthermore, it can provide pleasure for your man if you run this toy along their penis and hold it against their balls.

                Tips in using rabbit vibrators

                Double stimulation seems to be a challenging task for most people. But by using a rabbit vibrator, it becomes a simple and enjoyable act. Check out these few tips in using a rabbit vibrator.

                • Apply lube

                When using a rabbit vibrator, it is suggested to apply an ample amount of lube. Just coat its shaft and ears with your favourite water-based lube. And you will definitely experience intense pleasure.

                • Foreplay

                Having foreplay or warming up can help to get an arousal. To do this, you can caress your chest and hips. And run the rabbit vibe up and down your thighs for a more exciting experience.

                • Insert the shaft

                After warming up, it’s time to insert the shaft in a slow manner. Once the shaft is inside, turn on the vibration. And let the rabbit vibe stimulate your erogenous zones. You can experiment with this toy by trying different vibration speeds and patterns. Until you find the one that suits your preferences.

                • Keep your rabbit vibrator clean

                Like other adult toys, keeping your rabbit vibrator clean before and after use is crucial. If you used a waterproof vibe, then you can wash them with soap and warm water. And then rinse off the soap. Cleaning this toy is easy by spritzing them with an antibacterial toy cleaner.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s rabbit vibrators?

                • Variety of options

                To cater to the needs of their customers, The Sex Garden gathered the best rabbit vibrators in this collection. With their wide range of options, you’ll get the right one suited for your needs and desires.

                • Low price range

                Aside from many options, rabbit vibrators in this collection are affordable. They come in a low range of prices so that their customer can enjoy this toy without breaking the bank.

                What’s next?

                Are you ready to try this versatile toy in your next intimate scene? Choose from this collection of rabbit vibrators and try it tonight! These toys will surely give you the best experience ever. Hurry! Browse here and tap your best pick today.

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