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                Massaging is one of the oldest ways of healing during the ancient years. It is the practice of pressing, kneading and manipulating one’s skin, muscles and tissues to improve health and well-being.

                Nothing compares with how much you care about your partner when you give them an intimate massage. And if you want an expert to do the job, a wand massager is a perfect pleasure device to use. Before diving into using any massager, provided here are the benefits of massage to your body. Moreover, some information about wand massager and how it can be used in kinky ways can be learned here.

                Benefits of massage to the body

                Endorphins are the chemicals that release in the body when an individual undergoes a massage session. When endorphins released, they relieve pain and stress. Hence, massage can help a person to feel calm, reduce stress and experience deep relaxation. Aside from that, here are other benefits of massage to the body.

                • It reduces muscle soreness, pain and tension.
                • It improves blood circulation.
                • It lowers blood pressure and heart rate.
                • It improves immune function.
                • It reduces anxiety and depression.

                About wand massager

                It is a specific type of vibrator that is usually non-phallic in shape. Typically, their shape is like a microphone. Moreover, they have larger size than the usual vibrators. Unlike the traditional vibes that are cord-free and fully rechargeable, a wand massager can be plugged into an electrical outlet. This makes them the most powerful vibrator in the market today.

                Furthermore, wand massager is designed to be a massage tool rather than a vibrator. That’s why this adult toy tends to be more discreet than the others.

                Kinky ways to use a wand massager

                1. Warm-up first

                Just like other sexual acts, using a wand massager also requires warm up and foreplay. The best warm-up to try before using a massager is by touching yourself. Through this, you’ll experience sexual arousal. After arousing yourself, it’s time to use the wand massager to add vibration. With this warming up activity, stronger orgasm will definitely follow.

                2. Wand and bondage rope

                One of the kinky ways to use a wand massager is by incorporating bondage rope. To do this, you have to tie the wand into a rope harness. However, if you don’t know how to tie the wand properly, a bondage tie can be used as an alternative. This way of using this pleasure toy can most likely deliver effective stimulation even when they slip out of place.

                3. Use wand vibe for orgasm control

                With the intense and powerful effect of wand vibrator, orgasms can be achieved faster than other adult toys. This makes them an ideal toy if you want to play orgasm control with your partner. The most well-known orgasmic control game is the consensual forced orgasm. This erotic game is done by controlling your partner to achieve orgasm.

                4. Scissoring and wand vibrator

                Scissoring is a sexual activity wherein both partners rub their genitals together while their legs are intertwined. Usually, it is done by couples with vulvas. The large wand is typically placed between the couple’s bodies and they grind on the toy simultaneously. This is undeniably an amazing and fun experience for couples.

                5. Wand vibe on doggy style

                Sometimes it can be a little tricky to use a wand during an intimate scene. But for others, it is a perfect toy for certain sex positions like doggy style. You can just simply hold the wand against your genitals while penetrating from behind. The powerful vibration of this adult toy can also be felt by your partner.

                6. Use it to vibrate other toys

                Wand works best if you want to make other toys vibrate. In fact, it is typically used together with butt plugs and dildos. All you need to do is to hold the head of the wand against its end while it is inside you. The powerful vibrations will carry throughout the adult toy that is attached to it.

                Aside from using it with other sex toys, it can also be a perfect toy to stimulate your partner while performing oral sex. You can do this by placing the adult toy in your partner’s neck while having oral sex.

                Why should you used The Sex Garden’s massager

                • Made from quality materials

                When choosing a massager, it is important to know if the material used is high-quality. Good thing, The Sex Garden gathered those massagers that are made from quality and durable materials. With their durable product, users can definitely enjoy them for a long time.

                • Budget-friendly

                If you’re on a tight budget, The Sex Garden’s products can provide the best massager for an affordable price. Aside from its price, their items can perfectly meet your needs and desire.

                • Perfect for beginners and expert users

                If you’re new to using a massager, worry no more! Massagers from The Sex Garden’s collection are all easy to use. Beginners and expert sex toy users can enjoy this toy.

                What’s next?

                Are you ready to purchase a quality and affordable massager that can bring a new and exciting experience in bed? Get ready to buy your first-ever massager here. In this collection, you can find the best seller and most popular brands of massager. Feel free to browse them here today!

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