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                There’s no doubt that one of the most popular sex toys nowadays are vibrators. This pleasure toy is often used to stimulate the clitoris, vulva and vagina. Aside from that, it is ideal for stimulating the penis and anus. When these erogenous zones are stimulated, sexual pleasure and orgasm will definitely follow.

                Nowadays, many vibrators are available in online adult shops. Hence, you have to be careful when purchasing a new one. To save you from picking up a wrong choice, read on here.

                Types of vibrators

                Vibrators come in different types. Below are just a few of them.

                • Classic Vibrator – It is a non-intimidating toy that is ideal for beginners. They are usually simple, smooth, long and perfectly straight. They often contain a hard plastic exterior. Moreover, they are cheaper than other vibrators.
                • Bullet vibrator – Basically, this type of vibrator is smaller than other vibes. In fact, their size ranges from 3-5 inches only. That’s why bullet vibes are often called “mini vibrators”. Their size makes them more portable and discreet compared to other adult toys.
                • Wand vibrator – It is generally the most popular type of vibrator. They are ideal for stimulating the clitoris. This vibrator consists of a rod with a soft and semi-flexible head. In addition, wand vibrators can transmit powerful vibrations.
                • Rabbit Vibrator – It is specifically designed to stimulate two pleasure spots at the same time. These are the vagina and clitoris. The short end of a rabbit vibe perfectly hit the clitoris. While the long end can be inserted into the vagina to experience internal stimulation.

                Health benefits of using a vibrator

                It can help you sleep soundly

                After having an orgasm, you can enjoy better and restful sleep. This is because the sleep-inducing hormone is produced during a climax. This particular hormone is known as prolactin.

                It can help you reduce stress

                Aside from prolactin, oxytocin and serotonin are also released when someone achieved orgasm. These hormones aim to improve happiness and mental health. That’s why they are also known as “feel-good hormones”.

                Generally, it is possible to achieve an orgasm when you use a vibrator. Aside from that, oxytocin and serotonin will be boosted. These particular hormones can help in reducing stress.

                Using a vibrator is good for the heart

                Research shows that women who had two orgasms in a week have less possibilities of having heart disease. Having an orgasm can also neutralise your stress hormones.

                You’ll have a more satisfying sex life

                Using a vibrator makes your sexual activity more fun and exciting. They can also provide pleasurable experience that usually leads to more satisfying sex.

                Features that you should look for in a vibrator

                Vibrators are packed with different features. These characteristics generally affect your overall experience with this toy.

                To guide you, below are just a few features that you should look for.

                • Body-safe materials

                Certain adult toy materials such as jelly contain chemicals called phthalates. Phthalates can keep your toy soft. However, they have negative effects on people. So it’s better to opt for a vibrator that is made from safe materials such as silicone. Another body-safe material is ABS plastic.

                • Rechargeability

                Most vibrators nowadays are rechargeable. This means that this sex toy can be charged like a smartphone using a USB cord. This feature is actually not essential. But it’s worth investing in a rechargeable vibe since you don’t have to spend more money to buy batteries.

                • Waterproofing

                Another good feature that you have to consider is waterproofing. This feature is valuable particularly if you want to use your vibrator in the shower. Moreover, a waterproof vibe is usually easy to clean.

                • Rumbling vibrations

                There are vibrators that vibrate in a buzzy way. This type of vibration might be unpleasant and a bit itchy down there. On the other hand, a vibrator with a rumbling vibration provides deeper, throbbing and powerful stimulation that usually leads to orgasm.

                Care and cleaning

                Like other adult toys, vibrators must be cleaned especially when they touched the anus. It’s also crucial to sanitise your vibe after sharing it with your partner. This is because the bacteria that were left on the toy can cause urinary tract infections or UTI.

                You can also sanitise a vibrator using anti-bacterial soap and warm water. In addition, using an anti-bacterial spray can clean them thoroughly.

                Furthermore, certain vibrators can be submerged in water. But before doing this, make sure you read the instructional manual included. This is to find out if your vibe is waterproof or not.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s vibrator

                • Many products available

                With The Sex Garden’s collection of vibrators, you have a lot of products to choose from. Their wide variety of options can help customers find the best toy that suits their preferences.

                • Quality products

                When it comes to quality products, The Sex Garden is the store you can trust. All products here are made from quality materials. This is to ensure customer satisfaction.

                What’s next

                Looking for a new vibrator? This complete list of quality vibes can give you the best options. Grab yours now! Check out this collection and try them today!

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