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Balls and Eggs

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One of the most fascinating things when it comes to exploring your sexual pleasure is that you never know what might be erotically satisfying until you try it. That is why many people have been experimenting with different shapes and sizes of sex toys to achieve sexual satisfaction.

Today, sex toys such as balls and eggs are used to achieve sexual enjoyment and amazing orgasmic results both internally and externally. These toys might be small but they have so much to offer for singles and couples!

To learn more about balls and eggs, here is a quick overview. Moreover, below is a collection of fantastic eggs and balls for you!

What are balls and eggs

Most people perceive that when it comes to sex toys, the bigger, the better. This means that people should use a bigger penis, bigger breasts and bigger sex toys to be satisfied. However, this concept is not always true to all. For sure, bigger toys can give you an amazing experience. But small sex toys can definitely give you sheer delight.

You don’t need to use huge toys to achieve orgasms. There are a lot of amazing ways to achieve climaxes using small and discreet toys.

Some examples of small toys that provide big thrills are eggs and balls. Based on their names, they have a pretty simple design. Eggs are egg-shaped sex toys while balls are sexy spherical toys. Although they have simple shapes, these toys can deliver diverse pleasure.

Balls and eggs are designed to help you locate your pelvic floor muscles. These are used to give your internal muscles a good work out. Aside from that, these are also known to increase sexual sensitivity and intensify orgasms.

Types of balls and eggs

Orgasm and Ben Wa balls – these are small, marble-sized balls that are usually hollow. It contains a small weight for sexual stimulation.

Kegel balls and exercisers – if you want to strengthen, tighten or tone your vaginal muscles, then this type can be a perfect option. Having strong pelvic muscles can lead to powerful sensations during arousal.

Vibrating eggs – this is a small and discreet vibrator. This toy offers many benefits with just a push of a button.

Wireless eggs – this can provide amazing and spontaneous pleasure when used by yourself or with a partner.

How to use balls and eggs

There are many ways to enjoy eggs and balls. You can either use it by yourself or with a partner. Here are some steps to use this sex toy.

  • Make sure to apply an ample amount of water-based lubricant to the toy. Then gently insert the first ball by pressing it against the vaginal opening. Do this until it slides in.
  • If you don’t feel any pain or discomfort, you can now proceed and insert the second ball.
  • Once the balls are already inside, slowly push them further until you feel that they are secure.
  • Make sure that the removal loop remains outside your body. You don’t have to worry about the balls to fall out because your body is automatically trained to hold it inside you.
  • If you want to remove the balls, simply pull it using the removal loop.

What can you do once the balls are inside you

To get the maximum effect of love balls, you will need to walk and move around. This means that the more you move, the more they stimulate. So if you want to use these toys, make sure to pop them in when you are most active.

You can also use balls and eggs when dancing, travelling or while doing your yoga class. Do not be afraid to wear them in public.

Using balls and eggs during sex

For those who don’t know, love balls and eggs have serious arousing effects. You can insert them for an hour or so before you have sex. While wearing it, allow its gentle movements to slowly get you into the mood.

When it comes to anal play, a pair of vaginal balls can also give you added sensation. Apart from that, the firmness of the balls will enhance the sensation of anal penetration.

Why should you choose balls and eggs

  • Powerful yet discreet

These products are packed with powerful yet discreet motors. You can definitely enjoy these toys everywhere without anyone knowing!

  • Handy

Because these items are handy, you can surely bring them whenever you want! Moreover, their products come with easy to use removal loop.

  • Hypoallergenic

You will never go wrong with TSG’s balls and eggs! These products are hypoallergenic. This goes well to people who have sensitive skin.

What to do next

Stimulate and tone your vaginal muscles with balls and eggs! TSG has a collection of amazing products to make your sex life more pleasurable and satisfying. Check out their items here!

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