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                Masturbation is a sexual act that is usually enjoyed by both men and women. This erotic activity can be more pleasurable and exciting if you use an adult toy. For women, sex toys such as vibrators, dildos and clitoral stimulators are ideal to use. Even though men can use their own hands to masturbate, they can also use male masturbators and strokers to intensify their experience.

                Nowadays, male masturbators and strokers become immensely popular. That’s why sex toy manufacturers continuously produce innovative and high-quality designs. Basically, one of the most popular designs is the signature series strokers and masturbators. To have proper knowledge and understanding about these toys, read on below.

                Definition of terms

                • Signature series toys – Basically, these are a collection of premium male adult toys. These toys are often made to replicate the body parts of award-winning porn stars. They usually imitate the breast, vagina, and ass. Moreover, they are made from high-quality material. This makes a signature series toy long-lasting.
                • Male masturbators – These male sex toys are also known as cock sleeves or pocket pussies. They often have a soft and pliable sleeve. This is to allow men to insert their penis easily. Basically, this pleasure toy helps men to experience satisfaction and pleasure during masturbation.
                • Strokers - These are handheld masturbation toys. They are designed to enhance men’s masturbation experience. They come in different styles. These include ass replicas and simple to life-sized pussies.

                Why men use masturbators and strokers

                Most men use masturbators and strokers to optimize their masturbation experience. Furthermore, they are used by single men to pleasure themselves even though they’re alone.

                Certain porn fans also use a signature series toy to make their fantasy become a reality. They can use signature series toys and imagine that they are having sex with their idols.

                Additionally, it can be used during couple’s play. It can be a great alternative to spice up any kind of mouth and hand action during an intimate scene.

                How to get the most out of your stroker

                Whether you’re in a relationship or not, using a stroker during masturbation can bring you to a more satisfying climax. As your guide, these few considerations below can help you get the most out of this toy.

                Choose the right stroker for you

                When compared to other male masturbators, strokers are more discreet. Aside from that, they are non-intimidating and appealing.

                When choosing a stroker, it’s a good idea to look for the inside and outside features of this toy. The inside part of the stroker with a textured canal can give you intense pleasure. Their texture can also help stimulate the penis. On the other hand, the outside part of the stroker with ridges provides a good grip to the user.

                If you want something that looks and feels like a real thing, a realistic stroker can be a great option. They generally have fantastic detailing and internal textures. This is to provide a realistic experience to the users.

                Use a lube

                To intensify your experience with a stroker, applying personal lube can help. A lubricated stroker will allow you to slide the penis easily. Moreover, you can’t feel any uncomfortable friction if you used an ample amount of lube.

                Use it with a partner

                Strokers are also perfect to use during foreplay. In fact, it intensifies pleasure before having an intimate scene with your partner. In addition, strokers and masturbators are helpful toys when your partner gets tired of doing a hand job.

                Safety tips in using masturbators and strokers

                Incorporating masturbators and strokers during masturbation is a great way to release sexual tension especially if you’re in a long-distance relationship. However, you still need to understand some extra precautions before using them.

                1. The most popular materials used for masturbators and strokers are cyberskin. This is because they provide a real-like feel. But this type of material tends to pick up dust. Hence, storing your toy in a dust-free area is necessary.
                2. A cyberskin is a type of material that generally contains silicone. So it’s a good idea to use a water-based lube to prevent your toy from deformation.
                3. Never share your masturbator that is made from cyberskin. This type of material is spongy and can store up germs. So sharing this toy might lead to passing the infections.
                4. Use a condom to ensure your safety while using masturbators and strokers.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s signature series

                • Made from premium materials

                The best thing about The Sex Garden’s signature series toys is that they are usually made from high-quality materials. This makes their products safe to use and last longer.

                • Affordable

                Apart from providing quality products, The Sex Garden also offers a wide variety of toys at a lower price. You can enjoy The Sex Garden’s products without compromising your budget.

                What’s next

                Do you need strokers and masturbators with a longer lifespan? Signature series toys from this collection are the best option for you. They will definitely spice up your bedroom experience. And will provide you ultimate pleasure!

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