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Bachelorette party favors

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Bachelorette party or also known as hen night is a get-together event that is organized for a soon-to-be-bride lady. This event is usually attended by only women. Furthermore, it is hosted months or weeks before a wedding. It is typically a more friend-focused occasion rather than a family event.

Since this is a memorable event for a woman, party favors and decorations are important. With that, there are specialised party favors for bachelorette parties. For you to have an idea of where to start your shopping, make sure to check out this collection. There is also a quick overview below to guide you.

Importance of bachelorette party

Here are some of the reasons why every bride-to-be deserves to celebrate and have fun before marriage. Learn more below.

  • Honouring the old chapter of a woman’s life

Celebrating your life before entering into marriage is something worth remembering for women. That is one of the reasons why bachelorette parties are celebrated. It will be a great experience to have the chance to have a proper goodbye to your “old” life before you start a new one. Some people often define it as having a “closure” and honouring your single life.

  • Take a break from wedding preparation stress

Another reason why most women throw a bachelorette party is to get away from the entire wedding preparation stress. Every bride-to-be deserves to take a break and relax before her wedding day. Taking some time off and enjoying your company with your girlfriends before getting married is important. For sure, you will be more refreshed and happier when your big day comes.

  • It must cater the bride

Many people think that bachelorette parties are about bars, alcohols and even male strippers. But you must understand that this event should be about the bride and her preferences. It doesn’t have to be wild and crazy as many people perceive. If you prefer to just have a pizza party with your friends, then it is totally fine. As long as you make it special and you’re having a wonderful time, then go ahead!

Things to remember when buying bachelorette party favors

Most people believe that bachelorette parties have to be penis-themed. For sure, your guests will get a laugh for your naughty decorations such as penis-shaped balloons, phallic plates and many more. Consider these things below if you plan to buy party favors.

  • Have your theme

How you decorate for your bachelorette party will always depend on your theme. It is vital that you have a specifically chosen theme for your party. It could be mermaid, fiesta, beach trip and even naughty, erotic or “bitch” themes.

For those who don’t have any theme in mind, then you can decide on the tone or motif of your decorations. Gold foils, tiaras, big rings and laces are among the popular decorations that you can add.

  • Know your guests

Before buying your party favors, it is crucial to know your guests. Although bachelorette party decorations should be entertaining for the bride-to-be and her guests, you also don’t want anyone to feel offended. This is true when your decorations are a bit naughty or “bitchy”. Some people may not be comfortable with this kind of theme or decorations.

  • Anticipate how wild your party is going to be

Everyone only wants to have fun at your party. However, it is vital to anticipate how wild or crazy it will be. There are some party favors that are very vulgar and straight to the point. One example is the penis-themed party. This party theme is clearly naughty. But surprisingly, it is one of the popular decorations for this event. If you decide to choose this theme, make sure that the bride and her guest are good with it. This is for them to not feel awkward or uncomfortable throughout the event.

  • Set your budget

There are a lot of party favors nowadays that are not very expensive. Tissue paper flowers and paper lanterns are some of the low-cost decoration ideas. There are also some decoration kits from the market that you may want to try out.

Why should you choose TSG’s bachelorette party favors collection?

  • A lot of choices for you

Whether you are planning to have a classic-themed party or a more naughty and kinky one, TSG can provide you with a wide range of choices. Just browse to their collection and pick your preferred party favor.

  • Reasonable price range

TSG is known to provide affordable products for your bachelorette parties. They will make sure that your bachelorette party will be well-decorated without breaking the bank. Aside from that, it will boost the party atmosphere of your anticipated event.

What to do next

If you are in need of some high-quality bachelorette party favors, then feel free to check TSG’s collection! They provide fantastic party favors that are ideal for your once in a lifetime event.

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