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                Restraints are pieces of BDSM equipment that can be used to discover a new level of pleasure. Using this device can also be a great way to explore the world of bondage play. That’s why a lot of couples enjoy using restraints. While others find this toy pleasurable, some are still hesitant to try because they don’t know where to start.

                When you use restraints in a safe way, it can bring a lot of enjoyment during intimate play. And to provide you insights about this BDSM toy, read this quick overview about restraints.

                About restraint

                Sex restraints are often used during sexual activities like bondage play and BDSM scenes. They’re specifically designed to restrict the movement of a submissive partner and prevent them to escape. It also allows a dominant partner to have full control of their sexual activity.

                There are different types of sex restraints. These include rope, handcuffs, collars, wrist cuffs, body harnesses, bondage mitts, under-the-bed restraint systems and many more. Generally, they are used to restrain the arms, hands, feet and legs of the submissive partner.

                Types of restraints

                Soft handcuffs

                Soft handcuffs are often padded to make them extremely comfortable for the wearer. The majority of soft handcuffs come with a little clasp. This special feature will allow you to hook this handcuff to other restraint systems and to other cuffs.

                Another good thing about this particular restraint is that they’re non-intimidating. Hence, they are the ideal option especially for first-time users.


                One of the most versatile restraints is the bondage rope. They are often used during BDSM play to restrict the movements of a submissive partner. Sometimes, couples used this rope to wrap their submissive lover in an artistic way.

                To help you choose which rope suits you, here are the different kinds of ropes according to what they are made of.

                1. Synthetic bondage rope


                For novices, using a synthetic rope is a great way to start bondage play. Most synthetic ropes are cheap and widely available in hardware stores. Under this kind of rope are nylon and polyester. Below are their specific characteristics.
                • Nylon – They are flexible, soft to touch and have low friction. Aside from that, they’re strong and durable. On top of that, it provides good support in suspension bondage.
                • Polyester – These ropes are cheap, durable and strong. Moreover, they’re moderately flexible and have a rough texture.

                2. Natural bondage rope


                If synthetic bondage rope is the most preferred rope for beginners, the natural bondage rope is typically used by expert users. Under this kind of rope are the following sub-types.
                • Jute – They’re flexible, but they have a rough texture. This rope also provides low stretch and high friction for the user. Apart from that, they’re not as durable as other ropes. So replacing them frequently is necessary.
                • Hemp – It is a bit heavier and has a noticeable smell. However, hemps are strong enough to manage suspension work.
                • Linen – They are lighter and softer than jute.
                • Cotton – They’re cheap, flexible and easily available. Moreover, they are the best option for beginners.
                • Silk and bamboo – They’re quite expensive, but they usually provide amazing results. They’re flexible and durable. They also have good friction and strength. Additionally, a bamboo rope is shiny like nylon.

                Pleasure tape

                Bondage tape is totally different from traditional tapes. Unlike other adhesive tapes, this pleasure tape doesn’t stick to anything but only to itself. Hence, they’re safe and comfortable to use during bondage play. This is because they will not rip your skin or hair once you remove them.

                Furthermore, pleasure tape typically leaves less mark than other restraints. Aside from being a helpful device to restrain a partner, it can also be used to blindfold and gag them.

                Under-bed restraint system

                These restraint systems are also known as under-mattress restraints. They are specifically designed for sexual roleplaying. With the use of this device, the dominant partner can tie their submissive lover in bed. This will allow them to dominate their lover sexually during roleplaying.

                Spreader bar

                The spreader bar is perfect to use if you want to experience more advanced bondage play. It is a type of restraint that is designed to hold and spread the person’s arms and knees apart.

                Basically, a spreader bar consists of metal, wood, or plastic bars. Certain styles come with built-in cuffs. These cuffs are usually attached at the end of this device.

                Safety issues associated with restraint play

                To make your bondage play experience more pleasurable and safe, understanding safety issues that are associated with this activity is crucial. Below are some of them.

                Provide supervision

                If you’re playing with restraints, never leave someone restricted alone. Although it seems that a restraint system is safe, there are times that your partner still needs your assistance. Thus, you should always stay in the room with your submissive partner. This is to prevent any accident or emergency to happen.

                Prevent nerve injuries

                Another safety issue during bondage or restraint play is nerve injury. This issue is common especially when a rope is used to restrain someone.

                If a rope is tied too tight, it may cause severe nerve damage. When nerve damage occurs, it might lead to numbness, pain, and lack of grip strength. That’s why it’s vital to have knowledge when tying up someone using a rope.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden's restraints

                • Safe to use

                When choosing a restraint, it’s crucial to opt for those products that are safe to use. With The Sex Garden’s restraints, you’ll be sure of your safety.

                • Affordable

                If you’re on a tight budget, you can purchase an affordable restraint in this collection. The Sex Garden’s restraints come at a lower price range to give you a chance to try and enjoy their products without breaking the bank.

                What’s next?

                Do you want to try bondage play on your next erotic scene? This can be more enjoyable by using quality restraints from this collection. Hurry! Take this chance to own one. Grab your choice now and try them tonight with your lover.

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