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                Gags are typically used in BDSM play specifically during the bondage and fantasy roleplay scenarios. It restricts the wearer to open their mouth and unable to speak. This sex toy can be purchased in many different varieties.

                Using gags can increase the feeling of helplessness during an erotic scene. Some couples even fetishize the sound that the wearers make when using this toy. If you want to experience the pleasure that this adult toy can give, check out this quick guide about gags.

                Types of gags

                The type of gag that you can use will always depend on various factors. These include your personal preference, the type of roleplay that you want to try, or if there are any safety measures that you need to be taken into consideration.

                Here are the most commonly found bondage gags today. Each are explained below for you to have better understanding.

                1. Ball gag

                A basic ball gag is spherical in shape. It is usually placed in the mouth behind your teeth. Then it is secured or strapped into place behind the head. The ball is typically made from rubber or silicone. Moreover, the size of the ball can vary according to your desires. This type of gag will make the wearer unable to speak and may cause a bit of drooling.

                2. Breathable gag

                This type of gag is perfect for beginners. They are usually lightweight and hollow. They also come with a lot of holes that allow easy breathing for the wearer. You can find a lot of breathable gags that are made of either silicone, plastic or rubber materials.

                3. Bit gag

                It is a cylindrical-shaped gag that is made from rubber, plastic or leather. It is designed after the mouth bits that are found in horse bridles. This type of gag is placed between the submissive’s teeth and secured using adjustable straps or head harness.

                4. Ring gag

                This type of gag is basically identical to a ball gag but with a hollow ring. This hollow ring allows full access to the mouth, decreases the risk of choking and increases airflow. Furthermore, it is perfect to use during oral sex.

                5. Detective and bandit gag (Over the mouth gag)

                The style of this gag doesn’t effectively silence the wearer. But it is usually used to play up the “humiliation” part of a roleplay. For this gag, you can use scarves, muzzles, bandanas, bondage tape, panel gags or any piece of material. It should also be positioned on the mouth and fastened at the back of the head.

                6. Funnel gag

                From its name, it is a type of gag with a funnel and tube. This usually directs into the wearer’s mouth during erotic play. It is used to force a wearer to drink fluids. You just have to be careful when using this type of gag. This is because the wearer might be at risk of choking while sipping.

                7. Fornophillic or dildo gag

                This gag is used to humiliate or objectify a submissive partner. It typically holds a device or tool so that the wearer can control it with their mouth. The most popular device attached for this gag is a dildo. The dildo that is attached can be either facing inward, outward or both.

                Why couples use gags?

                There are a lot of reasons why gags are used during BDSM play. Get to know some of them here!

                • Humiliation

                For some couples especially those submissive partner, using a gag is a form of humiliation. And many people find it arousing particularly during love-making. With that, there are now gags with humiliating words on them such as cumslut, slave and whore.

                • Sexual tension

                The main purpose of using a gag is to prevent oral release and limits the freedom to express their feelings verbally. This can cause sexual tension specifically in the sensitive parts of the body. As a result, it can heighten arousal during erotic play.

                • Power play

                In a BDSM scene, using gags is usually associated with submissive/dominant power play scenes. Aside from that, using gags also represents a dominant partner’s authority by just doing basic bodily actions.

                • BDSM aesthetic

                Some people can be easily aroused by just looking at their gaged partner. On top of that, the aesthetic of bondage scenes and gags can play a huge part during BDSM scene. In fact, it can change one’s mood in an instant.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden Gag collection?

                • Wide array of choices

                The Sex Garden offers a huge range of gag choices for your BDSM scene. Whatever gag style you are looking for, The Sex Garden can provide it for you!

                • Budget-friendly

                Out of budget today? Worry no more! Gag products in this collection are made to be budget-friendly for couples! Try it out now!

                What’s next?

                If you want to level up your BDSM play, then grab some gags from this collection now! You can find here numerous gags according to your desires! Check them out here!

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