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                Bound is an adult toy brand that offers a wide selection of BDSM accessories. They provide high quality BDSM tools specifically for impact play. Apart from that, they also provide products such as nipple clamps, bondage rope, handcuffs, riding crop, spanking paddle and many more.

                Since Bound specialises in BDSM tools for impact play, it is a good idea to know more about it. To understand more about impact play and spanking, read on below.

                Reasons why you should try spanking

                When it comes to BDSM, spanking can bring a little bit of slap and tickle to your submissive partner. Here are some reasons why couples should try spanking or impact play.

                1. To experience euphoric “natural high” (endorphin release) – during your spanking scene, waves of endorphins are released to counteract the pain signals that are being sent to the brain. This results in an intense but natural “high”.
                2. It will get on your nerves (nerve stimulation) – spanking can stimulate the pudendal nerve. Thus, blood flow increases causing the genitals to become enlarged. The brain processes this and confuses pain for pleasure. Thereby, intensifying your spanking experience.
                3. To turn your bottoms into a work of art – the marks in your bottoms will remind you of your fun experience. It will also leave a lasting impression.
                4. Increased blood flow to heighten senses – due to the increased blood flow, the spanked area will be more sensitive. Thus, every touch, lick and kiss will give a more explosive physical reaction.
                5. Psychological stimulation – with impact play, you will develop a deeper level of trust with your partner. Thus, it will strengthen your relationship and connect you to a new emotional level.

                Safety measures on impact play

                Before any impact play, there are certain safety issues that need to be addressed. Here are some of them.

                • Acquiring bruises – bruises are common result of this type of play. In order to reduce pain and limit swelling, treat the area with an ice pack. This should be done for 20-30 minutes immediately after your impact play. Do this 2-3 times daily as long as required. To speed up the healing process, you can use aloe vera gel. If the bruises will not be healed after 4 weeks, then you must see your doctor.
                • Take precautionary measures for long-range tools – when using canes and long-range tools, there is a slight risk of the skin breaking. Thus, it is important to take precautionary measures to avoid any blood borne diseases. If you are trying to use it with multiple partners, always sanitise it between each play.
                • Always prepare a first aid kit nearby – during impact play, there should be a first aid kit nearby. If deep cuts occur, please stop your impact play immediately.

                Tools/instruments that can be used

                Here are some of the popular choices of tools or equipment that can certainly make a pleasurable impact.

                • Hand – this is the most commonly used for impact play. However, hands are less painful compared to other tools. It is also unlikely to leave lasting damages such as bruises or welts
                • Cane – a lightweight and easy to control tool that delivers a sharp, intense and stingy pain. This tool is likely to leave marks and bruising on the skin.
                • Flogger – this tool consists of a whip-like handle with a bunch of thick tails. It may leave various markings on the skin due to the diversity of its movement.
                • Paddle – this tool has a handle and a wide surface area for covering all its bases. Using paddles may leave some nasty bruises on the skin.
                • Whip – it is a long and thin tool with a real sting in its tail. It can be used as a directional tool for erotic roleplaying.
                • Riding crop – this is a stick-like instrument for spanking. It delivers an aggressive bruise even with the slightest arm movement.

                Why should you choose Bound spanking tools

                • Products are well-made to meet expectations

                Bound products are made with the highest quality possible. Aside from that, its products can be used by both beginners and experienced in impact play. You can definitely indulge in the sensation with their spanking tools.

                • Provides a wide range of spanking tools and BDSM equipment

                Bound has a wide selection of spanking tools to choose from. Aside from that, they also provide other BDSM tools to bring exquisite pleasure and pain at the same time.

                • Affordable products with excellent performance

                With Bound products, you will surely get what you paid for! Their products are not only high quality but also affordable for everyone. They also make sure that their products have reasonable price without reducing its performance.

                What’s next

                If you are looking for some good quality spanking tools and BDSM equipment, Bound is the perfect brand for you! Their products provide comfort and pleasure for couples who want to try BDSM. Go ahead and check out their list of products here. Meta description Are you searching for quality spanking tools for your BDSM scene? Look no further! Bound has a wide selection of BDSM tools. Check them out here!

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