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                During special occasions, it’s good to have a drink while bonding with family and friends. Be it on birthdays, anniversaries, weddings or bachelor and bachelorette’s parties, people usually enjoy drinking their favourite wines on shot glasses.

                If shot glasses are perfect for liquor drinkers, mugs, on the other hand, are ideal for coffee lovers. Nowadays, mugs come in different designs. Some of them have unique or funny designs. To learn more about these two drinking containers, read here.

                About shot glasses and mugs

                Shot glasses

                • It is a type of glass that is designed to hold or measure liquor or alcohol.
                • These glasses are usually decorated with a wide variety of advertisements, humorous pictures, decorations and words.
                • They are ideal as souvenirs and collectibles on different kinds of occasions.


                • It is a type of cup that is often used for hot drinks like hot chocolate, coffee or tea.
                • Compared to other cups, mugs can hold a larger amount of fluid. In fact, they can hold approximately 8-12 ounces of fluid.
                • It is a cup that is not used on formal occasions like parties.

                Five types of shot glasses

                1. Standard shot glass

                Standard shot glasses can be found anywhere. They are commonly used in nightclubs, bars, and even in home bars. This type of shot glass can hold around 1.25 to 1.5 ounces of fluid. Hence, they are convenient to use at parties.

                In addition, these shot glasses are generally made of glass or plastic materials. They often have thick bottom and sides to avoid unnecessary sloshing while holding them.

                2. Pony shot glass

                Pony shot glasses are generally shorter than standard shot glass. Since they can only hold one ounce or 30ml of fluid, they’re ideal to use when mixing drinks into a larger glass. In addition, this type of shot glass is the perfect option for first-time drinkers.

                3. Cheater’s shot glass

                Compared to other shot glasses, cheater shot glass has a thicker and heavier base. It holds less liquor just like a pony shot glass. They are usually made with sturdy and thick bottoms.

                4. Tall shot glass

                As its name suggests, this type of shot glass is tall and narrow. With their height, they seem to hold more alcohol. But actually, they can only hold the same amount of alcohol as other shot glasses.

                5. Fluted shot glasses

                Fluted shot glasses and standard shot glasses are almost the same except for the fluting at the base and flared mouth. In a way, they’re the fancier version of the standard shot glasses.

                Different types of materials used for mugs

                Mugs that are usually found in the kitchen cabinet are often made from ceramic or porcelain. These types of materials are common for mugs because they generally have a glazed finish. They even make mugs more eye-catching and vibrant.

                Aside from these two materials, there are also mugs that are made of acrylic, glass, plastic, metal, stone and polypropylene.

                Difference between porcelain and ceramic mugs


                • Ceramic – They are the popular material for mugs because they retain heat. Apart from that, they are more environmentally friendly than other materials used for mugs. They are also more accessible, less expensive and have a bigger capacity than porcelain mugs.
                • Porcelain – Mugs that are made from porcelain are more fragile and elegant than ceramic mugs. This makes them the ideal mug to use for dinner parties or holiday parties with the entire family. However, they are more expensive than ceramic mugs.

                Why are mugs a great gift for any occasion?

                Mugs can be an amazing gift for everyone on any occasion for several reasons. With its endless variety and unique designs, you’ll surely find the perfect one on any event. You can choose from their casual, simple and unique designs. If you’re looking for a perfect gift for special occasions, opt for a porcelain mug.

                Certain mugs can also be personalized with trendy designs. They usually come in different colours, shapes, sizes and styles. Whatever mug you choose to give, a good mug will definitely stay with your guests for years.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s shot glasses and mugs

                • Wide variety of options

                If you need shot glasses and mugs for your next event, this is the best place to shop. With a huge variety of choices in this collection, you will surely find the best one suited for your needs.

                • Budget-friendly

                The Sex Garden’s shot glasses and mugs come at a lower price range. They can provide the best gift or giveaways for all occasions at an affordable price.

                What’s next

                If you find it hard to decide what gift is perfect for your friend or special someone, it’s time to give them a unique gift. It can be either shot glasses or mugs. For sure they will be amazed when you purchase your gift from this collection. Hurry! Pick your choice now!

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