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                Nowadays, bullet and egg vibrators are among the most useful and versatile adult toys that you can find in the market. They are also known as the most discreet and compact sex toys since you can carry them almost anywhere. On top of that, they are considered as a great entry-level sex toy for those people who are on a tight budget.

                Add more vibration to your bedtime scene! Here is a guide about bullets and eggs. You can also check out a collection of gorgeous bullets and eggs below.

                What are bullets and eggs?

                Bullet vibrator

                Bullet vibrators are one of the smallest and simplest forms of vibes. It usually features a sleek bullet-like shape that measures around 2 inches long and 0.75 inches wide.

                Bullets are used primarily for intense external stimulation since they are not big enough for internal use. Its vibrations are more focused on a single spot such as the clitoris or scrotum.

                This vibrator is inserted or attached to other sex toys for additional stimulation. For example, penis rings have a removable bullet vibe for additional clitoral stimulation.

                Bullet vibe uses watch batteries to operate. It can either have an adjustable button or push button controller to change its vibrations.

                Egg vibrators

                This sex toy is typically an egg-shaped vibe. It is attached to a cord which makes it easier to use. There are also some variants that have remote control features. Egg vibrators generally measure about 2.5 inches long and 1.25 inches wide.

                Egg vibes are designed to target a single erogenous zone at a time. They are commonly used for external stimulation. However, there are also some egg vibes that come with retrieval cords so that you can use them internally.

                This sex toy is often used with larger toys like realistic masturbators and large dildos. This is because they feature more vibration modes and more power than bullet vibes.

                Ways to enhance your bullet and egg experience

                • Use it in public places

                Because of their small size, bullet and egg vibes are great toys for women to carry around. You can even use it while having a date in a restaurant. Just pop it inside your underwear and no one will ever notice what is happening inside. This can be a naughty way to bond with your partner and make your date more fun.

                • For dual pleasure

                Bullets and eggs are great for dual pleasure. This means that these toys can be used at the same time during your erotic routine. You can use different bullet and egg vibes on your clit, nipples, vagina or anus simultaneously.

                • Couple’s play at any distance

                For couples who are in a long-distance relationship, there are remotely controllable bullet and egg vibes that are designed for you. Both you and your lover can control the vibrations through an app. Just place the vibe on your clit then let your partner do the magic.

                • Hands-free penetration

                To enjoy hands-free penetration and lazy orgasm, just lie comfortably on your bed then gently slip the bullet or egg vibe into your underwear. While it is inside you, you can control its vibration levels according to your desires.

                • Use them as a massager

                These toys can be used as a massager for your sore muscles. Aside from it is compact, it is an effective massager especially for the neck and shoulder. Simply put it on the affected body area then gently press it on your muscles. This will allow the vibration to release all the muscle aches.

                • Pair it with other sex toys

                You can definitely use your bullet and egg vibe as it is. But for a more pleasing experience, you can use third-party attachments that are specifically designed for bullets and/or eggs.

                • Use them during penetrative sex

                For extra sensation, use your bullet and egg vibe during penetrative sex. This will give women unexpected surprises since their vaginal muscles will be more relaxed with the vibrations. For men, the vibration on their shaft can give them a new level of thrill.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden Balls and Eggs collection?

                • Affordable products

                All products from this collection are reasonably priced. You can now enjoy optimum erotic fun without breaking the bank.

                • Wide range of options

                Whether you are looking for simple bullets and eggs or even those with intricate designs and features, all of them are available here. Just feel free to browse their product list to find your perfect toy.

                What to do next

                Bullet and egg vibes might be small in size but definitely not in power and performance. If you are searching for good quality bullets and eggs, go ahead and choose The Sex Garden. They can offer you the best products that you need for your next erotic exploration!

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