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                Different brand owners around the world are aiming to create and produce products that have exceptional performance. They are also dedicated to deliver exciting and new benefits for the consumer to enjoy.

                With that, The Sex Garden gathers the most innovative products today particularly for personal care. These products include accessory packs, wet poly sponges, feminine wash, shaving creams, depilatory lotion, sleeping mists, anti-ageing moisturisers and many more.

                If you want to know more about personal care products, here is a quick guide for you. After that, you can also check out the products from this collection!

                Personal care products

                These are products that are intended to be rubbed, sprayed in, poured, sprinkled, applied or introduced into the human body. It can be either for cleansing, beautifying, promoting attractiveness or altering someone’s appearance.

                The personal care products industry is dedicated to help people to look and feel better about themselves. Manufacturers also want to create, provide and sell products for beauty and personal hygiene. These products can be sold in retail stores, by mail order or online.

                Here are some examples of personal care products:

                • Cosmetics
                • Fluoride-containing toothpaste
                • Razors and shaving creams
                • Soaps and other products for bathing
                • Antidandruff shampoo
                • Antiperspirant deodorants
                • Moisturizers and sunscreens
                • Other hair care products and some hair removal devices
                • Vitamins and minerals
                • Manicure sets (nail and cuticle care products)
                • And many other items

                Main sectors of personal care products industry

                There are three main sectors of personal care products industry. These include the following:


                1. Manufacturing – they are the ones who design and produce the products
                2. Marketing – these are those who create marketing campaigns. This is to develop customer’s interest and demand for the products.
                3. Retail sales – these are made up of the stores and individuals who sell these commodities to the consumers.

                What products can irritate sensitive skin?

                When it comes to skin care and personal care products, one of the main reasons to irritate the skin is artificial fragrance. For adults, synthetically scented perfumes, lotions and cleaning products can bring discomfort.

                Nowadays, many personal care products are scented with only organic extracts and natural ingredients. However, some experts would recommend using products with little to no fragrance. This is to reduce any chances of irritation on the skin.

                Why personal care products use preservative

                Any personal care products, specifically cosmetics that contain water such as gels, creams and lotions have the potential for yeast, bacteria and moulds to grow. As a result, the product will be spoiled. It will also be unsafe to use.

                Cosmetic products should not contain levels of bacteria, yeast or mould. This is because it can reduce the shelf life of the product.

                Aside from that, if the product is contaminated with a pathogen, it can cause harmful effects on the user. Moreover, bacteria can break down the product’s ingredients. Thus, the product can be less stable and effective.

                That is why, preservatives are needed. A valuable level of preservative will be able to restrict the growth of microbial contamination.

                During the manufacturing process, preservatives should be added according to its product instructions. These are usually based on the outlined preservative data sheets. This is also in consideration from the SDS (Safety Data Sheets) or the Australian and/or International regulatory guidelines.

                Safety and quality of personal care products

                Safety and quality are crucial when manufacturing personal products such as cosmetics, skin and hair care products and toiletries. Nowadays, consumers are even demanding for proof of quality and efficacy from raw materials.

                Today, major marketplaces have also improved their regulations. This is because some personal care products are scientifically complex. Aside from that, it has a higher potential risk to consumer’s health.

                Why should you choose Personal Care products

                Here are some reasons why you should choose personal care products from this collection. Read more here!

                • Made from high quality materials

                These personal care products are made from high quality materials. The manufacturers make sure that you only use the best products for your body.

                • Good for sensitive skin

                Most products from this collection are safe for people with sensitive skin. These products are also gentle for your skin.

                • Affordable items

                Aside from having good performance, these products also have reasonable prices. They are made to be budget-friendly so that everyone can purchase it.

                What to do next

                If you are still struggling to find some good quality personal care products, why not check this collection out! It has everything you need from feminine wash to shaving creams and more! Just browse further here to see their other items. Shop the best personal care products from this collection today!

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