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                Inflatable dolls or sometimes called blow-up dolls are adult toys that have an appearance and size of a real person. Although this kind of sex toy is usually seen as a funny accessory at a bachelor party or adult party, a few people actually attempted to use these dolls for sex. In fact, other people considered inflatable dolls as their first venture into the world of sex toys.

                To have a basic knowledge of inflatable dolls, here is a short guide for you. Read on here for more.

                Reasons to try inflatable dolls

                • Affordable

                Inflatable dolls are relatively cheaper than silicone dolls. They cost around $15-$300 compared to silicone dolls that can cost around $1000-$4000. If you don’t have enough money to buy an expensive toy, this type of doll is for you.

                • Easy storage

                Since it is inflatable, you can easily deflate and store it away unlike other sex dolls. Moreover, it doesn’t take up a lot of space in your closet.

                • Lightweight

                The doll itself is very lightweight because it is only made from light materials. Additionally, it is easier to manage or control during sex.

                • Wide range of choices

                Inflatable dolls are easy to manufacture, you can see a lot of varieties from this product. You can even purchase dolls that resemble famous celebrities and superstars.

                Kinds of inflatable dolls

                Entry-level inflatable doll

                This inflatable doll is usually very cheap. Aside from being cheap, they don’t look particularly real. They are shaped roughly like a human. In fact, their hands and feet don’t normally have toes or fingers. And some of the details on its body are usually printed or painted on.

                When the doll is inflated, there are frequently some visible seams around the edges. These can lessen your erotic experience. Moreover, their genitalia doesn’t look realistic. This sex doll also doesn’t have too many details.

                Although it is inexpensive, it is quite a simple doll for beginners. Usually, you can find one of these dolls for only $20 or less.

                Mid-range inflatable doll

                Mid-range inflatable doll seems to be better than the previous type. Apart from that, they are a little more realistic compared to the entry-level type. They usually have fully formed hands and feet with a few details on the toes and fingers. Furthermore, these dolls have complete genitals with all the usual parts such as labia or head of a penis.

                However, some details on the doll are still printed on its face. Nonetheless, they can still be a great starter doll for novices.

                High-end inflatable doll

                From the name itself, these dolls are more high-end and come with many additional features. Its price is basically high which ranges from $150 or higher. These dolls are usually made of latex. This makes the product more realistic.

                Most high-end dolls are not entirely inflatable. They generally have a pre-made non-inflatable head. Apart from that, they have better hair attached to it. This can add a more realistic look to this doll.

                Another exciting feature for high-end inflatable dolls is their sexual organs. This type of doll has softer nipples to experience real-like sensations. Aside from that, the vagina, penis and anus are also more detailed.

                Types of inflatable dolls according to its material

                • Vinyl

                This is a cheap yet relatively strong choice for an inflatable doll. This is because vinyl is a durable type of plastic material. Moreover, it is resistant to humidity and moisture. You can purchase it in a huge array of colours.

                • Latex

                Latex inflatable sex dolls are available in natural or synthetic. It is the type of material that is often used on specialised fetish garments. Aside from that, it is used to make medical gloves and balloons. This makes it appropriate for inflatable dolls.

                Your choice of sex doll material will always depend on your personal preferences. Go for vinyl material if you want a sturdy doll. However, this can have creases on its sides even when it is inflated. If you want a doll with no crease, then opt for latex material. Nevertheless, this material can damage and tear easily.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden inflatable collection

                • Easy to use

                Inflatable dolls are known to be simple and easy to use. Fortunately, this collection of products is a great choice especially for beginners. They usually have simple structures for novices.

                • Affordable

                The Sex Garden provides inflatable dolls that are inexpensive for beginners. If you want to try these items, then feel free to browse this collection now!

                What to do next

                Inflatable dolls are ideal for those who want to experiment with sex. These can also be used as a naughty gift for parties and get-together events. If you are interested in inflatable sex dolls, check out this collection from The Sex Garden. Feel free to browse here and grab their items now!

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