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guide to kinks and sexual fetishes
Nowadays, many couples try various ways to make their sex life less boring. One of the things they can do is explore multiple kinks and fetishes. Although kinks and fetishes are taboo sex subjects and fall outside the boundaries of “traditional sex”, many people are still interested in these sex acts. For beginners who are still hesitant to try different kinks and fetishes, here is a blog post to help you get started. Read on here to learn more about kinks......
on January 14, 2022
tips on how to perform cunnilingus
According to studies, only 1 out of 4 women can have orgasms during sex. This may be because they are not easily satisfied through penetrative sex alone. That is why many couples are now engaging in oral sex. This is known to be one of the most consistent ways to make a woman orgasm. Cunnilingus is a sexual act to describe someone who uses their mouth to stimulate a woman’s clitoris or vagina. This act is sometimes overlooked because most......
on December 31, 2021
beginner's guide to nipple clamps
According to studies, stimulating the nipples can arouse the sensory cortex in the brain. This action can also lead to arousal in the genitals. Thus, it is possible to achieve orgasms through nipple stimulation alone. Moreover, nipple stimulation can be more satisfying if you have the right tool at hand. Nipple clamps are popular sex toys to use in stimulating the nipple. Here’s a beginner’s guide for you to know more about this pleasure toy.
on December 24, 2021
crucial things you need to know about pegging
Pegging is a pleasurable erotic act for many couples. This sexual activity involves a woman who performs anal sex to their man. They generally used a strap-on dildo to penetrate their partner from behind. This can provide prostate or P-spot stimulation in men. In the same way, women can also achieve climax since they can experience clitoral stimulation. For those who want to try pegging, having some research is vital. Doing a lot of preparation is also needed. This is to......
on December 17, 2021
tips to increase intimacy in a relationship
Intimacy is an important aspect of every romantic relationship. It is about mutual acceptance, vulnerability and openness. Likewise, intimacy may mean that couples are comfortable sharing their thoughts and emotions with each other. Intimacy doesn’t just happen in any relationship. Couples should take time and effort to build one. Both partners should also work hard to develop and maintain it. To make your relationship a rewarding one, it is important to discover intimacy with the one that you love. To......
on November 05, 2021
ultimate guide to sex machines
Sex machines can definitely add a new dimension to your sex life whether you are alone or with a partner. They are known to add incredible levels of enjoyment. They also allow you to turn your fantasies into reality. In fact, many people use it to enjoy hands-free masturbation or experience double penetration. One of the reasons why most people refuse to buy this sex toy is its price tag. As you all know, this device is a bit costly. Thus,......
on November 02, 2021
Double Pleasure (Black)
One of the most well-known sex toys for women is rabbit vibrator or dual stimulator. This vibrating sex toy generally aims to stimulate both the vagina and clitoris. A rabbit vibrator is often used to provide intense pleasure which leads to blended orgasm. They are also helpful to make women squirt quickly. To learn more about this toy, this blog post will give you insights into the 3 vital things you need to know about a rabbit vibrator. Read here.
on October 21, 2021
guide to clitoral stimulation
Some women believe that the only key to vulva orgasm is through penis penetration. For sure, penis can provide great erotic pleasure. But did you know that there are many ways to make a woman orgasm aside from vaginal intercourse? A lot of women can agree that in order to reach climax, adding clitoral stimulation to the scene can help. The clitoris is filled with a lot of nerve endings. It is even double the number found in a penis. With......
on October 14, 2021
masturbating tips for women
Masturbation or self-pleasuring is the safest way to explore your body and discover the things that turn you on. In this sexual activity, some body parts are being rubbed and touched for pleasure. For instance, during female masturbation, the clitoris, breast, vulva, anus and other erogenous zones are usually given attention. Masturbation is a healthy sexual activity especially for women. Basically, it reduces stress, creates a sense of well-being, increases an orgasm, increases self-esteem, improves sleep and many more. For......
on October 07, 2021
Naked Pure Pink 144's
Nowadays, most people already know the importance of using condoms for couples. They are used to stop unwanted pregnancy and protect you from STIs and HIV. Using condoms is also an effective method of birth control. However, condoms can also cause harm to some people. As you all know, a person’s private parts are among the most delicate areas of the body. Aside from that, the skin, particularly in the genitals, is highly absorbent. Thus, chemicals from condoms that get up......
on September 30, 2021
guide to premature ejaculation sprays
Isn’t it amazing to know that a simple spray product can help men last in bed for up to 3-4 minutes longer than usual? This product is called premature ejaculation (PE) spray. It is also known as sex spray, climax spray, delay spray or penis spray. PE sprays have desensitizing components that is used to lessen the sensitivity in the delicate areas of a man’s penile to delay his ejaculation. To understand how this climax spray works, why it is......
on September 23, 2021
adult games to try in the bedroom
Playing adult games can be a fun activity in bed. This can also be a great bonding activity to enhance the intimacy level of couples. Likewise, it can be a perfect gateway for sex. You can definitely try various adult games in the bedroom to spice up your erotic play with your partner. If you need ideas, here are the 6 fun adult games that you should try in the bedroom.
on September 16, 2021
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