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Precious Metals Heart Shaped Anal Plug-Silver
A lot of people are still unaware of the pleasure and excitement that an anal play can give. Many people are hesitant to try it because of fear, stigma and lack of experience and knowledge. But if you’re curious, you can experiment on different anal plays like pegging and fingering. Another sex act that you can try is rimming. A rim job or rimming is a sex act where the mouth and tongue are used to kiss, lick, suck and stimulate......
on July 20, 2021
Adrien Lastic Mini Bonnie & Clyde Rabbit Rechargeable Vibrator
Ejaculation is an erotic experience that is usually associated with men for a long time. However, studies show that ejaculation can also happen to women. This female ejaculation is also described as squirting. For those who are not familiar with squirting, several questions may come into their mind. Is squirting really happens? How do women achieve it? Does squirting provide health benefits? As you go on reading this article, you will definitely get the answers to these questions.
on July 20, 2021
sex toy mistakes
Sex toys can be a great addition to whatever sexual activities you want to explore. It usually brings pleasure and fun to singles and couples out there! Nowadays, adult toys come in different types. You can even choose from their broad variety of styles, shapes, materials and designs. However, before using a sex toy, there are a few precautions to take. This is to keep you safe while using them. For novices, here are the 6 common mistakes you don’t want......
on July 16, 2021
valuable lessons from using sex toys
Sex toys can bring your sex routine to a whole new level. With its popularity, you can now find different sex toy shops online. It even becomes more mainstream nowadays. Although it becomes popular today, some people are still hesitant to try it. One of the main factors is that they don’t have enough knowledge about these products. In fact, it can be challenging for beginners to find the right one for them. Aside from the designs, features and sizes, there......
on July 16, 2021
a guide to foreplay
Foreplay has been traditionally defined as an erotic stimulation that occurs before sexual intercourse. This erotic activity can be a playful and satisfying part of a couple’s sexual life. Foreplay has endless possibilities for sexual stimulation. Although couples have different preferences, partners can enjoy this erotic act in many ways. To guide you, this blog post will provide essential information about foreplay. Read on.
on July 06, 2021
sexual fantasies
Every individual has their own sexual fantasies. No matter what fantasies you have in mind, it’s totally normal. Having erotic thoughts is just one way to safely explore one’s sexuality. Some people may just keep them in mind for solo pleasure. Others may share it with a partner. Couples sometimes act out these fantasies in real life. But before doing so, make sure to establish consent with your partner. If you want to try it out, it is important to......
on July 06, 2021
guide to safer sex during the pandemic
In this time of the pandemic, many people are staying at home to protect themselves against the COVID-19. This will be a great time to bond with the family, do hobbies or organise things at home. While some people are busy doing these activities, others may spend time exploring their sexual life. Generally, sex is one of the vital aspects of a couple’s life. Nevertheless, as the COVID-19 continues to spread, sex becomes more complicated. People nowadays are worried that......
on June 28, 2021
Vedo Quiver G-Spot Vibrator
If you’re not a fan of a vibrator before, for sure you will be amazed by this sex toy now! Generally, vibrators give a lot of benefits to one’s health. This sex toy helps improve one’s mood and makes people feel good. When it comes to sex toys, there’s no doubt that a vibrator is one of the most popular. This is because people find them helpful in improving their well-being. For more insights, here are the amazing benefits you......
on June 28, 2021
tips in cleaning and caring sex toys
The longevity of your adult toy basically depends on how you clean and take care of them. And for you to know how to do it properly, reading the instructions on the product manual is necessary. Actually, there are certain sex toys that can be clean by just using mild soap and water. However, before considering this procedure, you have to understand that not all pleasure toys can be clean in the same way. Not all sex toys are exactly......
on November 08, 2020
tips on how to make vibrator last
Vibrators are a fun and exciting addition to have a more healthy sex life. No matter if you use this toy for solo play or with a partner, it will definitely bring a lot of excitement and pleasure. Hence, buying your own vibrator is a must if you want to enjoy this pleasure toy to the fullest. Since many of the best vibrators nowadays are expensive, taking good care of them is extremely important. If you’re new in using this type of......
on October 22, 2020
using condom is important
With the continuous popularity of condom, it is now considered as one of the best protection against sexually transmitted infections especially if it is properly used. Apart from that, a condom can act as effective contraception for most couples. Being safe is crucial and must always be the top priority when it comes to sex. But how can you really be safe if you don’t even use any protection during your intimate scene? Since most people use condom, why don’t you give......
on October 19, 2020
Mega-Grip XL Power Pump (Smoke/Black)
Basically, a lot of sex toys today are mostly designed for women. In fact, owning a sex toy for women seems like a trend nowadays. But unfortunately, it has been a stigma for men to have or use adult toys. Male sex toys are also not as abundant as female toys in the market. After all, this doesn’t mean that men should not try them out. Using male sex toys can help you reach a higher pleasure level that having mutual masturbation.......
on October 16, 2020
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