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beginner's guide to sex swings
Traditionally, using sex swings is considered to be one of the most hardcore activities in bed. But today, they are becoming more mainstream. So there’s no need to hide it away in the secret place of your bedroom. Moreover, they are now more accessible even for beginners. This is because sex toy manufacturers produce sex swings that are easy to use and install. Some couples want to try it out of curiosity. If you are one of them, it is a......
on June 22, 2022
guide to improving your sexual health
Nowadays, many people are struggling with their sexual health. Some of the common sexual health issues in men and women include sexual dysfunction, low libido and lack of sexual interest. If these issues are overlooked, it can lower a person's quality of life as a whole. Fortunately, there are a lot of things that they can do to get their sex life back on track. Whether the problem is small or big, it is essential to understand yourself as a sexual......
on June 08, 2022
guide to anal douching
If you’re new to the world of anal sex, then you may be wondering how to clean the rectum before doing this erotic activity. Actually, there are many ways to clean up and feel confident before engaging in anal play. One of the most effective and simplest methods is anal douching. Although anal douching is not required for anal sex, some people prefer to do this to ensure that there will be no poop residue. However, many people are still......
on May 11, 2022
guide to grooming pubic hair
Grooming pubic hair is now a common routine for men and women. There are also a lot of reasons why people groom their pubes. It can be because of comfort, hygiene, personal preferences, sex appeal and many more. Actually, there is no correct or wrong way to deal with your pubic hair. You can definitely leave it grow long, shave it in various shapes, trim it or wax it off completely. It will only depend on your personal choice. For first timers,......
on May 04, 2022
guide to condoms and dams
Men and women should not be afraid to take control of their sexual health and safety. Thus, being prepared when having sex is a good and wise decision. To practice safer sex, one must use an effective form of protection. With that, condoms and dams are known to be the only method of birth control that gives a reliable protection against pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Unfortunately, some people never heard of them before, especially the dams. To give......
on April 29, 2022
things to know about tongue vibrator
Aside from penetration, many women also enjoy receiving oral sex. But oral stimulation is one of the least known practices when it comes to sex. A lot of people also don’t want to try it or don’t have any idea about it. This may be because of the lack of knowledge about this sex practice. Good thing, there are sex toys that can provide stimulation comparable to oral sex. These are tongue vibrators. To know more about this sex toy, here......
on April 27, 2022
guide to penis pump
A penis pump is a sex toy that helps men get and maintain penis erection. It also makes the penis firm enough for intimate scene. Moreover, it is considered a non-invasive device used to aid men with erectile dysfunction (ED). While men with ED benefit from using a penis pump, others just use this toy for fun. They actually enjoy watching their penis go larger inside the penis pump. Whatever reasons you have for using this vacuum pump, it is vital to......
on April 23, 2022
guide to sex toy cloning kits
Cloning kits have been around the market for over a decade. For many years, it has brought silicone penis replicas to different bedrooms around the world. However, there are still a lot of people who are unaware of these sex toy kits. Many people thought that the idea of having a penis replica is funny and weird. But there are plenty of reasons why couples choose to do this. Primarily, the idea of casting a penis is useful for couples......
on April 20, 2022
guide to G-spot stimulation
Achieving an orgasm is one of the best experiences a woman can get from having sex. Unfortunately, not all women find satisfaction through penetrative sex alone. In fact, studies show that about 18% of women don’t experience climax through penetration. That is the reason why many men are looking for ways to help their lovers achieve climax. Basically, men can try G-spot stimulation to provide their partner with more pleasure. This can also be an effective way to give their......
on April 16, 2022
guide to clitoral vibrators
According to studies, around 83% of women believed that they need clitoral stimulation to experience arousal. This only means that most women considered the clitoris as the key area in achieving sexual pleasure. To do clitoral stimulation, you need to have the right sex toy. Clitoral vibrators are the perfect device to directly stimulate the clitoris. Using a clit vibe can lead to more intensified orgasms. If you are a beginner and want to try out a clitoral vibrator, here......
on April 13, 2022
guide to nipple play
The nipple plays a vital role in sexual arousal. In fact, this pleasure spot can be stimulated during nipple play. Nipple play is a sexual practice that is often performed during foreplay. This is also a crucial part of sex. Most women find more pleasure during nipple stimulation compared to men. Actually, it is possible for a woman to achieve an orgasm through nipple stimulation alone. So it is vital to give the nipple special attention during intimate play. For novices who......
on April 09, 2022
guide to restraints
Many people nowadays become interested to explore the kinky side of sex. This is because they are finding ways to satisfy their innermost desires. While others are looking for sexual satisfaction, some are just curious and want to try something new in the bedroom. One of the kinky activities to try in bed is bondage play. But before trying this sexual act, make sure to have a restraint on hand. Using a beginner-friendly restraint is a good way to start bondage......
on April 06, 2022
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