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Comprehensive guide to sensation play
Sensation play is an act where the senses are involved in different ways to increase sexual pleasure. Incorporating this erotic act into your sexual routine can impart an arousing sensation to you and your partner. It can also open up a new horizon of intimacy and pleasure. For beginners who want to try it, read this comprehensive guide to further understand sensation play, its forms, and its benefits. It also includes a few tips to consider before getting started.
on January 16, 2024
difference between sex and intimacy
Sex and intimacy are two of the most common aspects of every romantic relationship. Some couples interchange these terms and use them synonymously. But actually, these are two distinct words with different meanings. Understanding the differences between these two ideas is important for couples. These may improve, fix, and maintain their relationship. For more information, read this blog post about sex and intimacy.
on November 17, 2023
mutual masturbation
Masturbation doesn’t always have to be a sexual activity that you do alone. It can be more fun and exciting if you do it together with a partner. This type of sexual pleasure is also known as mutual masturbation. In this intimate activity, genital-to-genital contact is not necessary. That is why mutual masturbation is a safe erotic act that can reduce the risk of getting STIs and unwanted pregnancies. For those couples who are curious and want to try mutual......
on October 16, 2023
things you need to know about sexual fantasies
Sexual fantasies are a normal part of human sexuality. They can be a private and personal way to explore and enhance sexual pleasure and intimacy. However, these fantasies can also be a source of confusion, guilt, and shame for some people. This can be a reason why others don’t even want to indulge in these erotic daydreaming and don’t have the courage to try them out. In order for people to understand sexual fantasies better, here is a blog post......
on September 15, 2023
Tips in negotiating a BDSM Scene
Trying out BDSM play for the first time can be a little bit tricky. It might also give you worst experience if both partners are not careful when performing this sexual act. But if you do it right, it can provide an exciting and satisfying experience for couples. To make your BDSM play more consensual, negotiation is important. It is essential particularly for new BDSM players or for those who never tried BDSM before. It will serve as an information......
on August 15, 2023
why you should add sex toys into your relationship
Using sex toys have become more popular over the past decade. Because of its immense popularity, the number of individuals who believe that using this toy is a taboo is also decreasing. Most of these people are now open for the idea of using pleasure toys. And the majority of them incorporate these toys into their relationship. While some couples are now enjoying the benefits of using sex toys, others are still intimidated to introduce it into their relationship. Maybe......
on July 14, 2023
Female orgasm
Female orgasm is a complex phenomenon that can be achieved through variety of ways and sex positions. There is no doubt that this sexual experience is immensely pleasurable. However, its exact nature is still a topic of debate among researchers. For those women who want to experience orgasm, this informative guide can help you get started. This blog post will also discuss the different types of orgasm, effective ways to achieve it and the best sex positions to try out.
on June 14, 2023
vital things to understand about safer sex
Nowadays, a lot of people engage in various sexual risk behaviours. As a result, they experienced several unintended health issues. To avoid this to happen, couples should practice safer sex. Having safer sex can make your sexual experience more relaxed and satisfying. This is because you are less worried about getting sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). Apart from that, practising safer sex can help you explore and add variety to your sex life. To understand this better, here are the 3......
on May 12, 2023
Understanding Anal Play
Anal play has become less taboo among sex couples nowadays. Nevertheless, some people are still hesitant to try it. Maybe because they find this sexual act uncomfortable. Some women also think of it as a controversial sex act. Moreover, people with lack of information about anal sex considered it “non-traditional”. While some people are still doubtful to try anal play, others considered it as their most preferred sexual activity. This is because they find it more pleasurable than vaginal penetration.......
on April 14, 2023
Guide to fingering and fisting
Fingering and fisting can be a bit scary for some people. In fact, some of them are doubtful knowing that a whole hand is inserted inside the vagina or anus. This is one of the reasons why others are not trying it in the first place. But with proper knowledge, practice and a little bit of experimenting, fingering and fisting can surely give a whole new level of euphoric pleasure. Along with that, these sexual acts can be performed by......
on March 14, 2023
5 Things you need to know about condoms
A condom is a thin sheath made of latex, polyurethane, or polyisoprene. They are usually worn over the penis and acts as a barrier during intercourse. It generally helps prevent the transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). When used correctly, they are also highly effective in preventing pregnancy. It's important to note that condoms should be used consistently and appropriately every time you have sexual contact with your partner. This is to maximize their effectiveness. To know more about this......
on March 03, 2023
Sex during pregnancy: Is it really safe?
Most pregnant women and their partners are often curious if it’s safe to have sex while pregnant. Aside from their curiosity, there are also a lot of questions that most of them ask. Will it cause harm to the unborn baby and the mother? Will it lead to a miscarriage? Are there sex positions to avoid? In this blog post, you will discover the safety issues and risks of having sex during pregnancy. It will also discuss when you should......
on February 17, 2023
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