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Sliquid Sea Personal Lubricant
Personal lubricants or lubes are specialized gel/oil used during any sexual acts. It can be used during foreplay, masturbation or sexual intercourse. It can also be used for solo play, couple’s play or group play. When it comes to personal lubricants, choosing the one for you is a matter of personal preference. It comes in different shapes, sizes, flavours, textures and other varieties. Unfortunately, some people don’t understand the idea of using personal lubricants. Some of them even think that......
on November 26, 2019
YT2 Intimate Shower Douche
Douching is an act of cleansing the anal cavity to prepare for anal sex. The goal of douching is to minimise the chance of any poop residue and/or bad smell from ruining any anal play session. Anal douching may not be familiar to others. When having anal sex, some couples wouldn’t even douche at all. But in reality, anyone doesn’t want to be bothered by poop residue during anal sex. To prepare you for anal play, here is a blog......
on November 21, 2019
Furry Fantasy White Bunny Tail Butt Plug
Getting your first sex toy can be a little intimidating. Choosing the one that will work for you can be challenging. Likewise, you might be overwhelmed with the variety of options available. If you are thinking of spicing up your sexual routine using sex toy for the first time, there are a number of things you need to learn first...
on May 07, 2019
VeDo Yumi Foxy Pink
During pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through several physical and emotional changes such as anxiety, mood swings, etc. Apart from these, they also have to say goodbye to alcohol, caffeine and other foods that can harm the baby. Does this mean that your sex life has to change as well? Can you use Sex Toys such as Vibrators during prenancy? Here is a blog post that can help.
on May 06, 2019
Loving Joy Real Feel Blow Job Stroker
With so many types of sex toys that are available today, it may be challenging to choose which one will suit your preferences. If it is your first time to purchase or use a sex toy, you may be overwhelmed with the different types of materials that are used in a sex toy. To better understand this, here is a guide to different sex toy materials
on May 06, 2019
Bad Kitty Purple Box Bondage Set
Sex must be a dynamic and exciting activity for couples. However, there may be times that both of you may feel a bit bored and want to experience a new dimension for your sexual routine. If you want to take your sex life to another level and try something new, you can start it off by trying bondage play. Unfortunately, not everyone is familiar with bondage. Thus, here is a beginner’s guide to bondage play that can help you.
on May 05, 2019
Joymatic Rabbit Pearl Vibe
Nowadays, many people know what a vibrator is and have already used this adult toy. However, if you belong to the group of interested fellows who have never used nor held any vibrator before, don’t fret. You are not alone. You can get a personal vibrator to help you achieve orgasm or to add more adventures to your personal and shared sex life. Whatever the reason is, knowing how to use one will be the most basic foundation of unlocking the magic of this bedroom......
on May 05, 2019
Realistixxx Stallion Dildo
Dildos or dongs are “do-it-yourself” sex toys that are usually phallic in appearance. Compared to a vibrator, dildo cannot move on its own. One has to use it manually with human being's hands. It is all up to the creativity of the user on how to enjoy the sex toy. These toys come in many shapes and sizes so you have a wide range of options to choose from. Unluckily, there are no instructions on how to use these sex toys. This is......
on May 03, 2019
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