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                Sex dolls are artificial humans that have been used by men and women for a long time. With its gorgeous and realistic look, you will surely amaze with it. These dolls can provide pleasure just like your partner in bed. That’s the reason why some people get attached to their sex dolls.

                For those couples who are in a long-distance relationship, this doll can be a substitute for their partner. With all the benefits that this toy brings, it becomes more popular nowadays. To understand more about the benefits of using this pleasure toy, few of them are mentioned here. Also, discussed below are some of its types and several reasons why men prefer sex dolls over women.

                Types of sex dolls

                Silicone sex doll

                Since silicone is soft and smooth in nature, they tend to look and feel more realistic. Aside from being water-resistant, silicone dolls are also non-degradable and durable. Moreover, they can fulfil all your sexual fantasies in bed.

                TPE sex doll

                This type of doll is made of thermoplastic rubber. This type of material is known to be very elastic and flexible.

                Just like silicone sex dolls, it is also soft to touch. It even feels like real skin. In addition, TPE sex dolls are more cost-effective than the silicone type.

                Cloth and stuffed sex doll

                These dolls look like animated dolls rather than a realistic one. This doll is also known for being soft and easy to carry. It is often equipped with a slit. Its slit will help you not to damage the material once the genital is inserted in it.

                Blow-up sex doll

                This doll is often made from the combination of high-quality materials. These include rubber, high-quality vinyl and TPR. With the combination of these materials, it makes this doll more flexible. Just like the TPE sex dolls, they are also cost-effective and durable.

                Benefits of having your own sex doll

                Like other pleasure toys, sex dolls can give you a lot of benefits. With these benefits listed below, you will surely love these dolls.

                • Aside from being a companion, using it can also be a means of sexual release if your partner is not around.
                • Some people find it helpful for their fashion, modelling and even in photography.
                • It is used by couples to spice up their relationship.
                • They are great to hang out with. If you’re alone and need someone to talk to, this toy will always listen to you.
                • They can also help to turn your fantasies into reality.
                • Sex dolls can reduce stress.
                • Sex dolls are helpful to avoid cheating especially if you’re in a long distance relationship.

                Why men choose sex dolls rather than real women?

                Whether you want to invest in a sex doll or not, it all depends on your personal choice. And whatever reasons you have in mind, it is completely unique. The reasons below are based on the experiences of certain sex dolls owners across the globe. Read on here.

                Sex dolls will never give STDs

                STDs or sexually transmitted diseases are one of the serious illnesses nowadays. It can be transmitted during an intimate scene with a partner.

                If you’re the owner of the sex doll, for sure, you are the only one who had sex with this toy. Hence, you don’t have to be worry that this toy will bring any infections and viruses. As long as you disinfect your doll, the chance of getting STDs is pretty low.

                Sex dolls will never have a mood swing

                Basically, mood swings are described as rapid changes in a person’s mood, without any reason. As you may know, several women have experienced mood swings. They even have some dramas and craziness that must be handled by their partner.

                With sex dolls, there is nothing to worry about mood swings. As expected, sex dolls are always calm and will never create any dramas that might bother you.

                Sex dolls never betray your trust

                Once you bring them home, sex dolls will be yours forever. Infidelity is impossible with this toy. You’ll always be sure of their loyalty. But if you’re in a relationship, sometimes you’ll be insecure and think of being cheated on by your partner. As a result, you’ll never have the peace of mind you deserve.

                Sex dolls will never steal your time with your friends

                Having their own space to enjoy life alone or with friends is quite important for most men and women. However, if you’re in a relationship, there is a tendency that your focus will always be on your partner rather than going out with friends.

                While with sex dolls, they will let you enjoy your alone time or going out with friends. Only you will have all the control of your time.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s collection of doll

                • High-quality products

                Whether you’re looking for silicone, TPE, mini dolls or realistic dolls, The Sex Garden’s doll is the best choice. They guaranteed the best customer experience. Also, they will ensure that their sex dolls are only made from quality materials.

                • Affordable

                The Sex Garden offers the best selection of affordable yet quality products. In this collection, you will get the best price that will suit your budget.

                What’s next?

                Sex dolls can be your great companion especially if you’re in a long distance relationship. It can also be enjoyed by single people out there. If you’re interested, choose your sex doll here! Grab your doll in this collection and enjoy your experience with these products.

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