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ultimate guide to whips and paddles

Some people loved to be spanked by their partner during their erotic play. To make the most out of your erotic experience, you must choose the right toy that fits your desires. Whips and paddles are some of the adult toys that are used for this sexual activity.

Before using whips and paddles, it is important to have a thorough understanding of this toy in order to be safe. This guide will give you some of the necessary information when it comes to whips and paddles. Read on here.

Things to know about whips and paddles

Whips and paddles are BDSM sex toys that are used for impact play. A whip is a toy that hits the body for erotic satisfaction. It usually has a thin and long leather tail. It is used in sexual relationships as a symbol of control, power and heightened sensation.

Paddles are also BDSM adult toys. They have a handle with two flat sides. They are typically made of wood or leather. It is designed to inflict either a light or heavy spank to your partner.

Defining impact play

Impact play is an element of BDSM that involves a person receiving impact from another person for sexual gratification. The dominant partner can punch, spank, whip or flog their submissive partner.

The sensations that you feel during impact play can be categorised into thuddy and stingy. If the area that is being struck is wider or bigger, then it can create a thuddier impact. It is usually described as a dull, deep and firm sensation. Stingy is a complete opposite of thuddy. Instead of having a punch-like impact, stingy is more of a sharp and intense sensation.

Few tips for using whips and paddles

  • Before engaging to impact play using whips and paddles, make sure that your partner is someone you truly trust. Apart from that, you should discuss each other’s boundaries, likes and dislikes.
  • Don’t take your experience with impact play too serious. Know your limits and don’t strike beyond what is bearable. Just try it out again if anything messes up.
  • Always check the sex toys for any sharp edges or tears before spanking your partner. Damaged whips and paddles can cause unnecessary cuts and bruises on your partner’s body.
  • Always take things slow. Don’t rush into hitting your partner without having clear, open and honest conversations about using whips and paddles.
  • Always communicate with your partner before, during and after your impact play.
  • Don’t forget to assign a safe word before your play. You can also create a “non-verbal safe word/signal” like snapping your fingers or tapping out your partner. Use it whenever it is needed.
  • If you are the dominant partner, slowly build up the experience for your partner. Do not start spanking using your full force.
  • For beginners, you can practice first on a pillow, teddy bears, plush toys or couch cushion using your hand.
  • It is important to understand that some parts of the body can only sustain light hit.
  • You can only hit moderately on areas where there is a lot of muscle and fat reside. These may include the lower area of the shoulders, buttocks and thighs. Stay away from hitting major organs of the body. Aside from that, avoid striking the spine, lower back, tummy, ears, head, calves and feet.
  • It can be helpful if you have your research before trying impact play. You can read articles or watch instructional videos online with your partner.
  • It is best to have a first aid kit near you. You can use it when emergency happens.
  • Make sure that your whips and paddles are made from high-quality materials.

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What to do next

Whips and paddles can provide a great and satisfying erotic experience if they are used safely. A lot of people used these sex toys because they provide a different level of sexual gratification.

If you are interested in trying these sex toys on your next intimate play, check out The Sex Garden’s collection of whips and paddles now! They also provide various adult toys for different types of sexual plays.


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