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Beginner’s guide to kinks and sexual fetishes

on January 14, 2022

Nowadays, many couples try various ways to make their sex life less boring. One of the things they can do is explore multiple kinks and fetishes.

Although kinks and fetishes are taboo sex subjects and fall outside the boundaries of “traditional sex”, many people are still interested in these sex acts.

For beginners who are still hesitant to try different kinks and fetishes, here is a blog post to help you get started. Read on here to learn more about kinks and sexual fetishes.

Definition of kink and sexual fetish

Kink is defined as a set of pleasurable activities that couples or groups of people do together that are not too common for sex. It is often referred to as “weird sex”.

Contrarily, a fetish is a sexual desire for a specific body part or item that a person needs to become sexually aroused. This obsessive act is usually associated with a non-sexual object. Although other fetishes are too intense, some people don’t absolutely need it to get sexually turned on.

Are kinks and fetishes normal?

According to sex experts, having kinks and fetishes is normal. Hence, you shouldn’t be ashamed of having one.

A specific kink and fetish are acceptable as long as it doesn’t violate social territory. Aside from that, you and your partner should have consent and already talked about it beforehand.

Different kinds of kinks and fetish acts


BDSM is a popular type of kink. It involves various sexual practices that include Bondage, Discipline, Dominance, Submission, Sadism and Masochism. This sexual act also refers to a range of practices related to erotic enjoyment through psychological control, physical control and pain.


Role playing is considered one of the most common and simplest ways to explore kinks. This sex act is ideal for beginners. For couples, role playing is an exciting way to explore different erotic fantasies. You can try out a well-choreographed scene from a famous movie. You can also be more vague with your scenarios.

Latex fetish

This is an act of sexualizing materials like lace, latex, silk, leather, nylon and many more. Having a latex fetish means that various latex materials should be included in your sexual play to get turned on. This also means that you are really attached to a specific object.

Foot fetish

This type of fetish is prevalent in the sex community. Having this fetish means that you are sexually attracted to someone’s feet. It can be manicured, clean, normal feet or even dirty feet. Some people are even fascinated by other people’s footwear such as sneakers or heels.

Voyeurism and exhibitionism

Voyeurism is the practice when someone gains sexual pleasure from watching other people having sex. In this setup, the people who are doing sexual acts may not know that you are watching. In the same way, you can also watch other people having sex with their consent. This is known as consensual voyeurism.

Contrarily, exhibitionism refers to exposing one’s genital to be sexually excited. It is also described as having a strong desire to be observed or watched while having sexual activity.

Tips for those who will try various kinks and fetishes

  • Let your partner be involved

If you want to incorporate a specific kink or fetish into your sex life, it is vital to let your partner know about it. Have a solid conversation so that both of you can decide what kinks you are willing to explore, your mutual fantasies and your boundaries.

  • Always do your research

If you want to try a new kink or fetish, doing some research can be helpful. Some kinks such as bondage play and restraints can be dangerous. Thus, reading instructional guides and blogs is a good idea. You can also read customers’ reviews and watch tutorial videos about a specific sex toy. In this way, you will know what to do before trying anything.

  • Establish a safe word

If you want to explore kinks and fetishes, it is crucial to have your safe word ahead of time. Safe words are usually non-sexual words designated to say when you or your partner would like to stop or pause your erotic play.

Safe words are typically non-threatening words like apple, banana, sailboat, lamp, etc. Simple traffic light systems can also be used like green for go and red for stop.


Having kinks and fetishes can be strange for many people. But if this kind of sex act will give you pleasure and satisfaction, then it is totally acceptable. If you want to experiment with the different kinks and fetishes, this beginner’s guide will definitely help you.

Kinks and fetishes can be more fun when you add sex toys into your play. An online sex toy shop can supply a wide range of adult toys for your kinks and fetishes. They can also provide a lot of sex toy accessories for various sex activities.


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