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                Deepr is a sex toy brand that specialises in producing high quality dildos. They have available dildos in all sorts of shapes and designs to meet customer’s preferences.

                Deepr dildos are specifically designed for sex toy enthusiast and professional users. Most of their products have tremendous sizes. Since these dildos are big-sized, it is perfect for hardcore and extreme sex toy players.

                Dildos are known as “do-it-yourself” sex toys with phallic appearance. Unlike vibrators, dildos do not move on its own. Get to know more about dildos below. Read on now.

                Common types of dildos

                • Realistic dildo – as the name suggests, this type of dildo has a realistic and life-like design and texture. This is the perfect type of dildo for those who want a sex toy that looks and feels like a real penis. Most realistic dildo comes with detailed veins and balls. It is often made of a skin-like material.
                • Vibrating dildo – are designed to have an added vibration function for extra stimulation. It also has detailed veins and balls on it. Some vibrating dildos have a bright and glittery design.
                • Double-ended – also known as double dong or double-ender. Compared to a regular dildo, this dildo has two penis-shaped ends. This type of dildo can be used to penetrate two different people at the same time. This can also be used by one person simultaneously for vaginal and anal penetration.
                • Giant dildos – this type of dildos are extra long and thick. These are specifically designed for experienced and hardcore dildo users.

                Reasons why you should try dildos

                To hype you up, here are some reasons why you should try dildos.

                1. Compared to vibrators, dildos have more realistic and pliable appearance. Thus, when penetrating, you will experience a satisfying skin-like feeling.
                2. Most dildos have suction cups. Hence, you will totally enjoy hand-free penetration like never before. This means that you can stand up or lie down while penetrating.
                3. Whether you go for anal or vaginal exploration, dildos are the perfect sex toys for you. You can even use it for double penetration.
                4. Dildos are perfect to use if you want to try temperature play. You can heat it or cool it down depending on your preferences.

                Things to remember when using dildos

                • Choose the right dildo wisely Nowadays, dildos come in all sorts of sizes and shapes. Choosing the right one for yourself is the key to enjoy your dildo experience. For beginners, it is a great idea to choose smaller dildo first. When you’re already confident enough, go with the bigger ones to level up your experience.
                • Do not forget to use lubricants When using dildos, it is very important to use a personal lubricant. Using lubricants make the insertion seamless and less painful. Water-based lube is the best choice for almost everyone. Just avoid using silicone-based lubes for dildos that are made of silicone. Condoms are recommended To reduce the risk of having any allergic reactions to the dildo material, it is recommended to always use condoms. Apart from that, condoms are also necessary if you are thinking of sharing your dildo to your partner. Moreover, consider using condoms if you plan to interchange your toy for anal and vaginal use.
                • Check the dildo before using If you are using the dildo for the first time, make sure to wash it well before using. Additionally, inspect the dildo carefully if there are any tears or sharp edges. If there are any flaws in the dildo, return the dildo and have it changed.
                • Start on your own first Before anything else, it is a good idea to experiment and explore your dildo first on yourself before doing it with a partner. In this way, you will become less self-conscious in using the toy. Furthermore, you will be able to fully concentrate on the sensation without being distracted by a partner.

                Why should you choose Deepr Dildos

                • Wide range of choices When it comes to classic dildos, Deepr got it all for you! They have a wide range of choices available to suit specific needs. It is also available in different sizes and shapes that are perfect for hardcore dildo users.
                • High quality dildos Deepr dildos are all made from high quality materials. They make sure that their items are safe to use. Rest assured that you and your partner will experience higher level of satisfaction with their dildos.
                • You get what you paid for Deepr also provide sex toys that are worth the price. All their products have reasonable prices without reducing its performance.

                What to do next?

                Dildo is a must-try product for all sex toy enthusiasts out there! It has a pliable and realistic appearance that is perfect for foreplay and masturbation! Add this amazing toy to your sex toy collection now. You will definitely experience a whole new level of erotic fun and excitement!

                Since you already know about dildos, why not give Deepr products a try! Check out their collection of products here! Their products will surely satisfy you from within!

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