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                Elbow Grease is a popular brand of lubricant. It was founded in 1979 as a revolutionary alternative to Crisco. Elbow Grease is among the oldest private lubricant companies in the world.

                They manufacture odourless and thick-cream lubricants. Through the years, they remained as the top choice when it comes to personal lubricants.

                They are known to deliver a comprehensive line of products in the market today. They are dedicated to provide satisfaction to your sexual desires.

                To know more about Elbow Grease and lubricants, below is a quick guide.

                Things to know about lubricants

                According to a study, women who used lubricants during sexual activity had experienced more pleasurable and satisfying sex. Here are some things you need to know about lubricants.

                1. When you feel pain, it means something

                Most lubricants often contain lidocaine and benzocaine. These ingredients are used to lessen discomfort. Moreover, it can also numb the skin and lowers pain perception.

                However, if you feel pain even if using lube, it means that there is something tearing or ripping in your body. Damages in your skin tissues can increase the risk of transmission of STI and other sexually-related infections.

                2. Watch out for sugars

                According to experts, there is no particular lubricant that people should avoid. However, there are just some ingredients that can affect women’s health.

                One example of this is glycerine. It is a sugar derivative that can increase the risk of yeast infection in women.

                3. Consider your sensitivity

                There are some types of lubricants that have special features. These may include warming lubes, cooling lubes with menthol-like components and many more. Unfortunately, some women consider these features extremely irritating.

                If you are unsure about your sensitivity, it is a better idea to use a little lube on one side of your labia as a skin test. If you experience irritation or burns, then stop using it immediately.

                It is also important to remember to never use lube for the first time during intercourse. Test it beforehand to make sure that there will be no issue or problem.

                4. Using lubricant is totally normal

                Some people believed that applying lubes can interrupt sex. While others are worried about what their partner will think if they cannot lubricate on their own.

                Using lubricant doesn’t mean that your vagina isn’t functioning well. The truth is, everyone needs to use lubricants. They will be going to need it at some point in their sexual relationship.

                5. Lubricant is a must for anal play

                If you want to explore anal play, then you need to use lubes. Your anus doesn’t lubricate on itself. This means that lubes are essential for your pleasure and for easier penetration.

                6. Look for a lube that works for you

                When it comes to your body and orgasm, search and a few trial and error are important to find the one that works for you. Always remember that everyone’s experience is unique. One woman may prefer a certain brand over the other. All you can do is to try and see which one will suit your preferences.

                7. Lubricants can improve life

                In addition to its various sexual health functions, lubricants can also act as an effective product for enhancing your overall sexual experience. Using lubes can increase the chance of orgasm during intercourse and masturbation.

                For men, adding a few drops of lube to the inside tip of the condom can reduce friction. This can also prevent condoms from breaking and enhance sensations.

                Women can also use it during foreplay. Just rub a generous amount of water-based lube on their breasts or genitalia to help them warm up.

                Why should you choose Elbow Grease lubricants?

                Elbow Grease lubricants are the ideal lube for you! Below are some reasons why you should choose lubricants from Elbow Grease!

                • Gentle on sensitive skin

                Elbow Grease lubricants are specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin. Their lubricants provide excellent comfort during penetration.

                • Long-lasting

                Elbow Grease products are designed for long-lasting use. That is why, their products are perfect to use during anal play. It enhances sexual experience for couples out there! Aside from that, Elbow Grease products can be used for massaging your body.

                • Ergonomic bottle design

                It has an ergonomic single-handed grip bottle with pump design. This makes it easier for the product to be dispensed.

                What’s next?

                Elbow Grease is the top choice when it comes to personal lubricants. Their products are long-lasting, easy to clean and gentle for sensitive skin. This is the ideal lubricant for couples who are still searching for a good lube! Try now and see it for yourself.

                For those who want high-quality personal lubricants, go ahead and check out Elbow Grease lubes. Below is a collection of their products.

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