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                With all the demands and rigours from work and personal life, people are now searching for ways to release tension and stress. While there are a variety of options to help them regain their sense of harmony, people still stick to the most popular technique to recover. This is the all-natural massage.

                Massaging can provide direct therapy to help minimise the tension in your body. It also improves overall health and lessens unwanted aches, pains and stress.

                Thus, The Sex Garden put together a list of high-quality massage oils. These products can be used either during massage sessions or just to set your partner in the mood.

                Read more below for some information about massage oils.

                Purpose of using massage oils

                Massage oils are known to be a crucial part of any massage session. Here are some purposes of using massage oils.


                • Massage oils help lubricate the skin during massage.
                • It helps you sleep better.
                • It makes the skin a malleable surface area so that every stroke will have a more favourable effect.
                • It serves as a replenishing supplement to the surface of the skin. When it is penetrated deep into the muscle tissues, it helps to relieve and refresh your body.
                • Massage oils possess unique aromatherapy properties. These can be used for an all-around sensation of good health and well-being.
                • It helps maintain smooth and friction-free skin during a massage. Aside from that, it also produces soothing compounds that can heal tense muscles.

                Different types of massage oils

                Not all massages are the same. One of the main factors that separate one massage from the other is the choice of massage oils.

                For first-time users, it can be difficult to understand the differences between one another. Different massage oils provide various benefits. That is why it is important to decide the perfect massage oil for your personal needs and demands.

                Generally, there are 2 categories of massage oils. These are carrier oils and essential oils.

                Carrier oils

                These are used to dilute the essential oil before it is applied to the skin. As its name suggests, it “carries” the essential oil into your skin.

                Carrier oils are usually extracted through the cold-pressing process. It can be blended easily to combine their properties of lubrication, viscosity, absorption and aroma.

                Some examples of common carrier oils are listed below.


                • Jojoba oil – moisturiser for easier and more effective massage strokes
                • Almond oil – easy to absorb oil. It is also popular for its therapeutic aromatherapy properties.
                • Avocado oil – perfect for people who are suffering from dry skin. It is also an ideal choice for elderly people with coarse or parched skin.
                • Grapeseed oil – it contains high amounts of linoleic acid that can provide a potent regenerative effect to the damaged portions of your skin.

                Essential oil

                Essential oils are sourced from leaves, flowers, stems and other parts of native grown botanical plants. It is usually extracted via steam-distillation process. Some popular choices for essential oils include:


                • Lavender – used to restore and relax the skin and muscles.
                • Peppermint – can relieve muscle spasms, fatigue and muscle tension
                • Eucalyptus – it can stop inflammation. It can also be used to protect infected areas of your skin.
                • Rosemary – provides a warming effect on the skin. It also relieves bloating and cramps.

                Tips on how to choose the best massage oils

                There are a few factors you need to consider when choosing a massage oil. These include skin type, expected impact of the massage, duration of massage and stroke size pressure. You also have to consider if your partner has allergies to be avoided.

                Aside from the factors above, individual responses to scents can also affect your choice. Scents can change your mood, stress level and metabolism. Thus, when choosing, it is important to consider which scent resonates with you.

                You can narrow down your choices by checking which scent is relaxing, refreshing or balancing based on your preferences.

                Massage oil vs Massage lotions

                When it comes to massage, you must understand that massage oils and massage lotions are two different products. Knowing the difference between the two can help you avoid any potential risks.

                If you want to avoid any toxins, then you must choose massage oil. This product usually contains all-natural ingredients.

                On the other hand, if you want something that can make your skin soft, young and more hydrated, then you have to pick massage lotions.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden's massage oils

                • Made from all-natural ingredients

                The Sex Garden’s massage oil products are all made from high-quality and all-natural ingredients. These products are also developed to provide skin care benefits.

                • Can be used on the erogenous parts of your body

                These massage oils are perfect to use for massaging the erogenous zones of your body. As a result, it can heighten your sensations during bedtime play.

                What to do next

                If you are looking for products that can enhance your massage session, then this collection is ideal for you. These products can also heighten your pleasure and keep you in the mood during bedtime play. Browse this collection to see more massage oil products.

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