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                Male masturbator or male stroker is a sex toy that consists of a soft pliable sleeve. This is usually inserted into a man’s penis. Most strokers that are available in the market today are manually operated. Good thing, Rev1000 provides innovative male strokers nowadays!

                Rev1000 is a revolutionised brand for male pleasure. They provide products that are specially-made for men. One of their popular products is the rechargeable male masturbator. It features a powerful motor that will stroke and teases you into submission.

                Are you interested in their product? Read on here to learn more about Rev1000 and male masturbators.

                Reasons why you should own a male masturbator

                1.  To avoid tight grip

                When jacking off manually, some men are complaining because they accidentally squeeze their penis too hard or too fast. As a result, their sensitivity reduces overtime. Thus, making it difficult to orgasm with a partner.

                Instead of tight grip or doing masturbation manually, using Rev1000 male masturbator is a better idea. Rev1000 is a quality male masturbator that is safe, effective and durable.

                2.  It feels more like the real thing

                If your partner is not around, you can definitely use male stroker to satisfy your erotic needs. Most strokers are designed to feel more like a real vagina. Moreover, these sex toys usually mimic the softness of a real vagina.

                3.  You can warm it up

                As long as the toy is submersible, you can warm up your toy. This is perfect for your temperature play. Aside from warming it up, you can also soak it in cold water if you prefer cooling sensation.

                How to pick a male masturbator

                The first thing to consider when picking a stroker is the material. It should imitate the genuine touch and feel of human skin. Strokers that are made from low-quality hard rubber doesn’t give realistic feel.

                Before purchasing, make sure to choose the one that is made from medical-grade silicone material. This material is usually non-porous and hypoallergenic.

                Apart from the material, the texture of the stroker also matters. It generally comes in different textures such as beaded, ribbed, zigzag and dotted. Most male masturbators are textured from the inside. This is to provide intense stimulation during erotic play.

                How to use male masturbator

                Here are some basic steps on how to use male masturbator. Read more below.

                1. Before you start, make sure to use a compatible lubricant. This is to ensure that the stoker will glide smoothly over your penis.
                2. Apply a generous amount of your favourite lube to avoid friction.
                3. Then slowly insert the head of your penis into the stroker. You can feel tight sensations while your penis is being inserted into the masturbator.
                4. Hold the base of the stroker firmly as you fully insert your penis. At this point, you might feel a bit tight. You just have to relax to let the stroker expand to the girth of your penis.
                5. Once you are comfortable with the sensation, begin stroking up and down. Make sure that you are stroking it gently. The masturbator might slip off if you stroke or caress it vigorously. Fortunately, other strokers like Rev1000 is rechargeable. This means that you will just push the button then it will stroke and vibrate on its own.
                6. For added pleasure, you can use your finger to close the other side of the male masturbator to create stronger suction. However, this is only applicable if the masturbator is open on one end.
                7. When you are done, make sure to wash the toy with warm water and toy cleaner.

                Why should you choose Rev1000 rechargeable male masturbator

                • It is an easy control unit

                Rev1000 rechargeable masturbator comes with an easy-touch button. You can easily choose the different settings from twisting, spinning or rotating mode.

                • Textured internal sleeve

                To make the most of your masturbator experience, Rev1000 is packed with textured internal sleeve. This will offer new experience during masturbation.

                • Powerful motor

                Rev 1000 male masturbator is made with the powerful Japanese motor. It provides 7 different patterns and 7 speeds. This gives you a total of 49 different combinations. This will definitely allow you to play with the toy as long as you want to!

                What to do next

                Male masturbator is surely a great addition to every man’s toy collection. It is ideal for first-timers who just discovered the wild world of pleasure products for men. Expert players can also use this toy to heighten their masturbation experience.

                Rev1000 is the perfect male masturbator brand for your erotic needs! It is a great substitute to manual masturbation since it is rechargeable!

                Get ready for more satisfying moments with Rev1000. Check out their product here!

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