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                Panty is a type of underwear that is specifically designed for women. They can either be loose or form-fitting. Moreover, they are usually made from different types of materials. One of the perfect options is the breathable material like cotton. Other types of materials include lace, leather, latex, mesh, PVC, nylon, satin, polyester and many more.

                There are a lot of options when it comes to panties. But the trick in picking the best one is to get those that are comfortable to wear. To properly guide you, read this quick overview about panties.

                What makes up a panty?


                • Front coverage – It covers the front part of the groin. Fabrics such as satin or cotton are commonly used to craft the front cover of the panty.
                • Back coverage – This part of the panty covers the rear. There are panties that are made to fully cover the rear while others can only cover half of it. Certain styles are similar with a thong where the rear is not fully covered. In addition, there are some trendy panties that are embroidered with lace.
                • Elastic waistband - Waistband should be elastic to properly hold and support the garment upright. Generally, they are covered with cotton or satin materials. They also vary in width. There are thin and wide waistbands. Wide waistbands are often seen in most granny panties. On the other hand, bikini panties typically have a thin waistband.
                • Crotch panel – This part covers the genital area. To keep it hygienic, it is vital to choose the best material that can absorb moisture. Among the best material for crotch panels is cotton. This is because this fabric is known for being comfortable and absorbent.
                • Pair of leg openings – Leg openings vary in designs. There are certain leg openings for panties with trimmings and embroideries. Whatever designs you choose, it’s still important to opt for panties with soft leg openings. This can definitely protect you from rashes and thigh chaffing.

                Different types of panties

                Below are just a few types of panties that are mostly available in the market today.

                1. Thongs – A thong gives the least amount of coverage. It only has a string of fabric in its rear part. That’s why you can’t see any visible panty lines when you wear them. If you love wearing tight clothes, it’s the ideal option for you. However, it’s worth noting that finding the best material and size for thong is necessary. This is to make you feel comfortable when wearing it.
                2. Hipster – This is a low-rise style of panty. It fits right on the hips, usually below the waistline. They provide wide panels of fabric and more coverage around the hips. They typically have low-cut leg holes. And they are less cheeky than other styles of panty.
                3. Boyshort – It is used by women with rectangular shape body. They have the most leg coverage compared to other types of underwear. This makes them the ideal panty when wearing loungewear and loose skirts.
                4. Briefs – Just like boyshort, it also gives more coverage. Briefs for women vary in styles. There are high-rise waist and high-cut leg opening. Though they’ll show panty lines, women still prefer this type of panty because they find it comfortable to wear.
                5. Bikini – This is the most popular type of panty. They are almost the same with briefs. They only have differences when it comes to coverage. Compared to briefs, bikini panties usually provide less coverage. It also has higher leg openings and lower rise.
                6. Novelty panties – Certain underwear are made with added features. These are novelty panties. Some novelty panties come with an extra layer of absorbency for menstrual periods. And others have built-in shape wear. You can also find panties that are made from special materials like wool.

                How to wash your panty

                • Tumble dry the panty on low heat for 30 minutes after washing.

                This can help to minimize the spread of new bacteria that have been picked up after washing. You can also use flat iron for underwear. Their low heat is sufficient enough to make your undies free from any bacteria.

                • Never mix your panty in the same load.

                If there is a sick roommate or family member, never mix your panty with their clothes especially when you use a washing machine. Probably, bacteria are already present in your washing machine. And putting your underwear in it will be unhygienic.

                • Don’t mix contaminated underwear.

                If someone has bacterial vaginosis, never mix their underwear with other pairs of undies. Just do a separate laundry load to avoid cross-contamination.

                • Wash underwear separately from clothes.

                Clothes that contain bodily fluids such as blood or urine should be loaded separately from your underwear.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden panties?

                • A lot of choices for you

                You can find the best selection of panty styles in this collection. They also come in a huge variety of fabrics and colours.

                • Comfortable to wear

                You can get here the best panties that can make you feel good. Aside from that, they all provide a comfortable fit.

                • Perfect as a gift

                Novelty panties are also available here. They come with different features and styles. It can be a perfect gift on special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and bachelorette parties.

                What’s next?

                Looking for a novelty panty? This is the right place to shop if you want to be sexy in your next erotic scene. Feel free to browse this collection of panties and get the best one that will suit you best. Hurry! Check out this collection and surprise your partner tonight!

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