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                Rabbit vibrators are popular for women who want to try sex toys for the first time. Rabbit vibrators have basically cute bunny-shaped stimulator with jelly-coated beaded shaft. Today, Mind of Love is one of the brands that provide high-quality rabbit vibrators in the market today.

                If you want to know more about their products, here is a guide that can help you.

                Guide to rabbit vibrator

                If you are new to the world of sex toys, the huge range of different types, materials and sizes to choose from can be overwhelming. Read below to help you make a choice.

                • Standard rabbit vibrator

                Most standard rabbit vibrators have an insertable shaft length of 5-6 inches. Aside from that, it has a girth of 1.5 inches. Standard rabbit vibrators also have two motors. One is located in the clitoral stimulator. While the other one is in the main shaft. Each motor can be controlled separately.

                This type of vibrator has a rotating function which makes your sex experience more intense.

                • Clitoral stimulator

                The rabbit or bunny ears that are attached to the shaft of the vibrator are known as the clitoral stimulator. Aside from rabbits, there are also other designs and shapes such as dolphins, butterflies or even beavers.

                Basically, the shaft of the vibrator is designed for internal stimulation. While the clitoral stimulator is intended to sit against the clitoris. This can provide a whole new level of clitoral stimulation.

                • Mini rabbit vibrators

                If you are uncomfortable with larger vibrators, then mini rabbit vibrator is an ideal sex toy for you. Its insertable length is not more than 4 inches. It is less intimidating compared to its bigger variants.

                However, because of its small size, the shaft will typically be non-rotating. Apart from that, it has limited vibration capacity because it has only one motor.

                • Triple stimulator rabbit vibrator

                This type is basically a standard model of rabbit vibrator but with an added string of tapered beads. These beads are attached on the opposite side of the shaft, to the clitoral stimulator or the rabbit ears. It is designed to stimulate your vagina, anus and clitoris simultaneously.

                • Thrusting rabbit vibrators

                This type of rabbit vibrator is also called thruster. It has a shaft that can move up and down. Aside from that, the shaft has also other features such as rotating and vibrating movements. With its thrusting ability, it can replicate the actions that are made during penetrative sex.

                Considerations when choosing rabbit vibrators

                Sizes and shapes

                Today, rabbit vibrators are available in different shapes and sizes to suit different needs and wants. If you used a sex toy before, you already have some knowledge of what size and shape that best suits you. It is a good idea to begin with an affordable standard to medium-sized vibrator.

                Material considerations

                When it comes to rabbit vibrators, the common materials used are TPR, TPE and silicone. For most manufacturers, they used a quality silicone material for their rabbit vibrators. This type of material is hypoallergenic.

                Apart from this, it is vital to ensure that the material is phthalate-free. Phthalate is a class of chemicals that are often used in making inks, plastics, paints and adhesives. Thus, it is important to stay away from vibrators that have phthalates.

                Vibration modes


                • Speed and power - There are certain types of vibrator where you can control both the vibration speed and intensity. In this way, the vibrator can deliver just the right speed and intensity that you need.
                • Vibration patterns - If you prefer to change the vibration patterns of your vibrator, then you can choose a rabbit vibrator with vibration options.

                Waterproof or water-resistant

                If you are planning to add some sex toys to your bath time play, then a waterproof vibrator is the only option. Just make sure that it is waterproof so that you can fully submerge it in water. Check its packaging before bringing it in the shower.

                On the other hand, water-resistant vibrators are not designed to be submerged in water. It only has the ability to resist water penetration to a certain degree.

                Why should you choose Minds of Love rabbit vibrators

                • Designed to reach all your sweet spots

                Minds of Love rabbit vibrators are made to satisfy the sweetest spots of your body. It has pronounced glans and clitoral stimulator so that it will be easier to reach orgasms.

                • Powerful suction cup

                To enjoy hands-free stimulation, Minds of Love vibrators has a powerful suction cup. This can provide good adhesion so that it can stick even on slippery surfaces.

                • Easy to clean

                Since most of their products are waterproof, you can also clean them easily. Just wash it with warm water and soap before and after every use.

                What’s next

                Nowadays, rabbit vibrators are hugely popular. That is why, Minds of Love brings you high quality rabbit vibrators for women’s pleasure in bed. If you are interested to try their rabbit vibrators, check out their products here!

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