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                Ohhh Bunny is a brand of sex toy that provides a wide selection of “bunnies” or rabbit vibrators. Their products will surely suit any taste and every desire. Apart from that, their collection of vibrators is gentle to the body.

                Whether you go solo play or spice things up with a partner, Ohhh Bunny vibrators are the best choice. Check out more of their products here. Also, you can read below for more details about rabbit vibrators.

                What are rabbit vibrators?

                Rabbit vibrators are like the Swiss-army knife of vibrators. It usually has a clitoral, G-spot and body vibrator all in one product. Moreover, this vibrator can rotate, spin, turn, pulse, throb and many more.

                It has a clit teaser that is often shaped like rabbit ears. Thus, gaining its name “rabbit vibrator”. A rabbit vibrator can stimulate the G-spot and clitoris at the same time. As a result, this can give you an intense blended pleasure like you’ve never experienced before!

                Steps on how to use rabbit vibrators


                1. Before anything else, you have to prepare all the things you needed. If you are using a battery-powered vibrator, make sure to have fresh/new batteries. You can keep some spare batteries in the drawer just in case you need to change one. But if you are using a rechargeable rabbit vibrator, then it should be charged for at least a few hours before you use it.
                2. Check the switch of the toy if it is working properly. Then find a setting that you may want to try first. Familiarise yourself with the controls. Make sure that you know which button to press in case you want to change it.
                3. When it comes to any sex act, using lubricant is very important. If you will not use lube, then it might be too dry and painful for penetration. It is recommended to use water-based lube. This type of lube is safe to use with any sex toy. Aside from that, it will not damage or react to silicone.
                4. Gently part your labia then insert the head of the vibrator. After that, slowly slide the rest of the shaft inside the vagina. If you notice any discomfort, it is vital to remove the toy immediately.
                5. Once you get used with the sensation, turn on the vibrator. Take your time to find a good vibration setting that will suit your personal needs. It is crucial to start with a slow vibration so that your G-spot will response well. You can build up your sensations gradually.
                6. Experiment with different vibration patterns. Over time, you will also find a good position and angle that will get you to climax.

                Taking care of your rabbit vibrator

                Here are some things to consider when taking care of your rabbit vibrator.


                • Removing the batteries – when the toy is not in use, always remove the batteries. This is recommended especially if you are unsure when you will use it again. Batteries can leak as time pass. Aside from that, it will corrode the connectors in the battery compartment which can damage your sex toy.
                • Cleaning – always take a couple of minutes to wash or wipe the toy after every use. Apart from that, you must remove any residue on the toy such as lubricant. In this way, it will be ready to use next time.
                • Storage – make sure to store your toy in a cloth bag to prevent it from being contaminated. It will also be free from any scratches by the time you use it again.

                Other tips to enjoy rabbit vibrators


                • Using a heating or cooling lubricant can surely add sensation during your erotic play.
                • If you want to try sex in the bath or shower, then choose waterproof rabbit vibrators.
                • Try different positions. You can mix up various positions like missionary or doggy depending on your mood. By doing this, it can dramatically change the way you feel.
                • Assign a “safe word” that you will use when something goes wrong. Both of you must agree on what word to be used.

                Why should you choose Ohhh Bunny rabbit vibrators

                • Innovative features

                Rabbit vibrators from Ohhh Bunny are packed with innovative features. Most of their products have an LED signal that will display its charging status.

                • Easy handling

                This rabbit vibrator has an ergonomic handle for easy usage. It can comfortably fit in your hand. It is also easy to control with just a simple push of the button.

                What to do next?

                Looking for a versatile rabbit vibrator that can make you squeal with delight? Ohhh Bunny rabbit vibrators are adorable yet powerful sex toys for single people and couples out there! Turn this sex toy into an amazing vibrating pleasure machine for your bedroom play!

                Are you curious about their products? Browse this collection now to see more items!

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