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                When it comes to anal beads, The Sex Garden’s collection has the best and high quality products. Their collection of anal beads is an excellent option if you are looking for a beginner-friendly stimulating anal toy.

                You can find here anal beads from different manufacturers such as Vedo, Precious Metals, Loving Joy, Rapture You2toys and Smile. This complete collection will provide you with the best adult toy to excite your anal ecstasy.

                To learn more about anal beads, here is a quick guide for you.

                What are anal beads?

                In the world of sex toys, using anal beads might sound intense. But some sex therapists believe that this adult anal toy can be a tool to experience intensified excitement and pleasure in the bedroom.

                Using anal beads is a great way to accomplish anal stimulation. This is a sex toy that is made up of multiple spheres or balls. Many people enjoy using anal beads because it brings pleasurable feeling when the ball passed through the narrow sphincter of the anus.

                Uses of anal beads

                Typically, anal beads are used during sex to enhance orgasm. This particular anal toy is slowly inserted into the rectum and pulled out at varying speeds to satisfy the user.

                Anal beads provide different sensations compared to anal fingering. The string of anal beads offers smoother glide in and out of the anus. This means that the beads can elicit more pleasure from the erogenous zone in a way that a finger can’t.

                Guidelines in buying and using anal beads

                Before using any anal beads, it is vital to recognise some facts and know some safety tips. Apart from the safety tips, below are some guidelines before purchasing one. Read on here.

                • Do not purchase beads that are made of nylon string

                Anal beads that are made of nylon usually have low quality. Aside from that, it is also uncomfortable to use and difficult to clean. Thus, using these anal beads should be avoided at all times.

                For first-timers, it is less intimidating to purchase silicone anal beads. This is because silicone beads are easy to clean, body-safe and nonporous.

                • Start with smaller beads

                For beginners, it is important to know how to handle anal beads. It is also vital to start off with smaller ones to see how your body reacts to this sex toy. You can gradually move up to a larger anal bead to experience maximum pleasure!

                • Remember to clean the anal beads before and after use

                Obviously, this is for your own safety. By cleaning the anal beads, it can help you avoid infection from any faecal matter and bacteria. Even if anal beads look clean, you can only be sure that it is safe to use by actually washing them.

                On top of that, a quick method to clean this sex toy is to use alcohol-free, unscented, hypoallergenic baby wipes. Furthermore, the best way to sanitise anal beads is to boil it in water for a few minutes. Then let it cool before inserting them again.

                • Use lots of lube

                Since the anus does not create its own lubrication, too much friction can cause tearing. Therefore, the use of high quality lubes is recommended to make things easy and pleasurable as possible.

                Many people prefer to use silicone-based lube for anal play. But if your beads are made of silicone, use a slippery water-based lube.

                • Multi-tasking while using anal beads

                Anal beads can be worn hands-free. This means that while using your toy, you can also use your free hands for other erotic matters. You can either masturbate using other sex toys or play with their nipples. This may bring an extra pleasurable sensation for both partners.

                • Use it for solo play first

                When trying something new, it is always a good idea to try it for solo first. In that way you can figure out what does and doesn’t work for you.

                Why should you choose anal bead from The Sex Garden's collection

                • Safe to use

                Most of the anal beads products here are made from premium velvet silicone materials. These materials are well known for being safe to use into the body.

                • Great design

                Anal beads from this collection have an ergonomic design that can tease your partner during sexual intercourse.

                • Affordable

                Apart from the quality materials and great designs, anal beads from The Sex Garden's collection have an affordable price.

                What to do next? 

                For those people who really enjoy anal play, then then you might want to try out anal beads. Using this anal toy can be a great way to experience pleasure in their sexual routine.

                With this collection, you will have a wide range of anal beads to choose from. They are guaranteed to give you new and exciting sensations in the bedroom. Start browsing and choose from the collection of anal beads below!

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