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7 Great Sex Toys Tips to Help you Improve Safety

on March 13, 2020

Sex toys can be a tool for improving and exploring different aspects of sexuality. It can increase the level of pleasure and excitement during any sexual activity. In addition, using sex toys can be vital particularly when someone has trouble in reaching climax in love making.

For beginners, purchasing sex toys can be a little embarrassing especially when you don’t know exactly what you’re looking for. Apart from that, it is also important to know how to be safe when using this particular toy during erotic play.

This blog post will help and give you some tips regarding sex toys safety. Read more below.
  • Buy adult toys that are made of non-porous materials

When a sex toy is made of porous materials, dirt and bacteria can be trapped on the toy. As a result, you will be prone to bacterial and yeast infection.

To avoid this, choose a sex toy that is made of non-porous materials. These include silicone, glass and metal sex toys. These sex toys are also easy to clean.

  • Wash your sex toys often

Washing your sex toys is very important. It is not only for your safety but also for the maintenance of your adult toy. Moreover, your toy can get all sorts of fluid every time you use it. Hence, the bacteria might grow in the sex toy and can transfer to your body the next time you use it.

When cleaning your sex toy, you can simply use soap and water. This means that you have no excuse for not washing sex toys often. As long as you always clean them before every use, safety is always possible.

  • Do not share your sex toys

One thing that may happen if you share your sex toy is that you will be exposed to bacteria. There will be also a potential spread of STIs (sexually transmitted infections). This will not happen if your partner is completely free from any STIs.

But if both of you are not sure if you have STI, then it is a good idea to not share your sex toy. Furthermore, if you want full safety in using sex toys, you should keep it for your personal use only.

  • Use condoms

If you really love to share sex toys, then using a condom is a temporary solution. Using condoms is also applicable if you want to use an adult toy like dildo vaginally and anally. You just have to cover your sex toy with condom before each use. By doing this, couples will be safe with every sex toy usage.

  • Use lubricants

When it comes to sex toys, the concept of being wet is highly associated with using lubes. With that, water-based lube is suggested because it is compatible with all sex toy materials. Moreover, it can be used with all types of condoms.

In addition, silicone-based lube is ideal for highly sensitive skin. This is because this type of lube is hypoallergenic.

  • Make sure that your sex toy is completely dry before recharging them

Making sure that your sex toy is completely dry is specifically applicable to rechargeable sex toys. When using this kind of sex toy, it must be completely dry before plugging it in charging cable. This can be applied to both after washing the sex toy and after using it in the shower.

Make it a habit to check your toy for any moisture. Then dry it accordingly. In that way, any damages on the toy can be avoided.

  • Keep your sex toy in a cool, dry and safe place

When your sex toy is not in use, it is necessary to store them in a cool, dry and safe place. This is important because if you leave them in a warm place, it may start to deform over time. This can cause them to provide less sexual pleasure. Even worst, sex toys can be unsafe to use because of the extreme deformed shape.


Using sex toys can bring couples a lot of excitement and pleasure in bed. Before purchasing one, it is crucial that you should not overlook how to use it safely. By doing this, you can be sure of your physical safety. Moreover, it can prolong the life of your sex toy.

Adult toys provide many ways to enjoy and intensify your sexual life. When you finally decide to own your first ever sex toy, then you will reach the initial step to experience sexual satisfaction. You just have to explore and look for the one that will suit your personal preferences.

If you are now ready to deepen your sex life through sex toys, then looking for a friendly and trusted website can help. They can offer a lot of choices for you.


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