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                When it comes to sex toys, dongs are one of the most popular types. This adult toy is used by most men and women to experience pleasure especially during masturbation. Dongs are available in a variety of sizes, textures, materials, shapes and features to meet your sexual satisfaction.

                A lot of people are confused between dongs and dildos because they look and shaped like a penis. Another thing that brings confusion is that both of them have the same purpose.

                They are used to bring pleasure and excitement during masturbation and intimate scene with your partner. Apart from that, they are both ideal for vaginal and anal stimulation. Hence, they are usually interchangeable. To clear out your confusion, here is a quick overview of dongs.

                What are dongs?

                Basically, dong is just a slang term for a man’s penis. It is described as a long, phallic-shaped pleasure toy. It can be used either for masturbation or during simultaneous stimulation of two female partners.

                Dongs vs. Dildos

                Dongs are more of a probe-like sex toy. When compared to dildo, dongs are less realistic. Some people used this toy to stimulate the anus. But before you consider this toy for anal play, you have to understand that certain types of dongs are not ideal for anal sex. These are dongs that have no protective base.

                Furthermore, dongs can be single-ended or double-ended. The double-ended type is recommended for double-penetration.

                On the other hand, dildos usually have a realistic look with a base. The base of a dildo is often flared. Thus, they are great to use for anal sex. Aside from that, dildos with flared bases are perfect for hands-free stimulation since they can be attached to a harness.

                Advantages of using dongs

                Even though there’s a slight difference between dongs and dildos, their benefits are almost the same. Listed below are just a few benefits of using dongs.

                Dongs can elevate your mood

                During masturbation, dongs can be a perfect addition to change your mood in bed. It can make you feel more relieved after masturbation. Typically, women who live alone or don’t have a partner use dongs as an alternative to a real penis. In other words, this toy can help them to experience sexual activity even without a partner.

                Help in stimulating your senses

                Using a dong in front of your partner will definitely give an excellent stimulation for you and your lover. You can also try the double-ended type of dong for simultaneous penetration with a partner. Double-stimulation can give couples an amazing experience in bed.

                It can be used by both men and women

                Whether you’re a female, male, gay or lesbian, you can easily use dongs. Most women use this adult toy for vaginal penetration. While some men and gays use it for anal masturbation or anal sex. However, it is suggested to use dongs with base for anal sex to make sure that it will not slip inside the anus. Moreover, lesbians use dongs for sexual pleasure.

                Dongs are safe to use

                If you want to enjoy sex even without a real penis, dong can be an ideal option. These adult toys are safe to use as long as the user clean it regularly. Keeping them in a hygienic place is also vital to ensure your safety.

                Certain women are shy to have sexual contact with male partners. If you’re one of them, then this toy can be a safe alternative to enjoy your solo play.

                Genital therapy

                Dongs are useful toys to strengthen the Kegel muscles. It also improves your body strength which is important to perform better sex especially if you’re with a partner.

                In addition, this toy increases the elasticity of a woman’s vagina. For first timer in sex, it is helpful to make their experience even better.

                It improves sexual relationship

                The regular use of dong during masturbation can improve your sexual relationship with your partner since it can help you to know more about your body. And once you have sex with your partner, you can easily guide them to a more pleasurable experience.

                Why should you choose dongs in The Sex Garden's collection?

                • Wide range of options

                Dongs in this collection have a wide range of options. This is for you to easily choose which will best suit your personal preferences. Just feel free to browse in this collection to get the perfect toy for you.

                • Reasonable price

                Affordable dongs are available in this collection. With the reasonable price of these products, you will enjoy your erotic play without compromising your budget.

                What’s next?

                Dong is a must-try product to enjoy masturbation. If you’re still looking for a quality yet affordable dong to be used, you’re in the right place. This collection will provide you with the best dong for your next sexual encounter.

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