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                Regardless if you are a novice or expert in sex, you will always need to have a personal lubricant before your sexual encounter. Apart from that, to have a good massage session, you should have a bottle of massage oil to soothe your body.

                Both lubricants and massage oils are needed to maximise sexual pleasure and improve your massage experience. Check out this guide and learn more about lubricants and massage oils. You can also find The Sex Garden’s collection of high-quality lubes and oils afterward.

                Benefits of personal lubricants

                For protection – most massage lubes can protect your skin from the friction that is caused by a vibrating massager.

                For healthier skin – there are good quality massage lubricants that can provide your skin with extra care and nourishment. It will give a soft and hydrating feeling on the skin.

                For easy clean-up – personal lubricants like water-based lubes are easy to clean up. They don’t leave any sticky residue compared to massage oils.

                Purpose of using massage oils

                Using massage oil is an effective way to be more satisfied in any massage session. This is because they can help lubricate the skin easily. Apart from that, it can give the masseuse a soft skin surface. In this way, they can give strokes with a more favourable effect.

                On top of that, massage oil serves as a replenishing supplement to the skin’s surface. It can penetrate into the muscle tissues to relieve and refresh your body.

                Furthermore, massage oil possesses unique aromatherapy properties. This makes them a perfect accessory during a massage session.

                Another purpose of using massage oil is to maintain the smoothness of your skin and makes them friction-free especially during a massage session. Massage oil can also provide soothing compounds that can enliven and heal your body.

                Types of Massage oil

                Massage oils can be a mixture of different oils. Some of the popular oils used for massage include almond oil, coconut oil, avocado oil, argon oil, grapeseed oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil and many more. Each of these oils contains various properties that can benefit your skin.

                • Almond oil – It is rich in vitamin E, potassium, fatty acids and zinc. Almond oil can protect your skin from sun damage.
                • Coconut oil – This oil has vitamin E and fatty acids. These properties can help cool down your body.
                • Avocado oil – This also contains vitamin E and fatty acids. It also enhances the absorption of the important nutrients in the body.
                • Grapeseed oil – This oil can be a good skin moisturiser that can be absorbed easily into the skin.
                • Argon oil – It contains vitamin A and E for firmer skin.
                • Sesame oil – This oil contains linoleic acid. This thick oil helps in warming and purifying the skin.
                • Jojoba oil – It has vitamin A and E that helps to control bacterial growth on the skin.

                Types of Personal lubricants

                A personal lube comes in various types. Learn more about these types below.

                • Water-based – This is also known as “versatile lube”. It can be used in any sexual activity since it is safe to use even with silicone toys and condoms.
                • Silicone-based – This lube is hypoallergenic and perfect for those people with sensitive skin. This lube also lasts longer than other types of lube.
                • Oil-based – This lube is ideal during your sexy massage time. Unfortunately, it is not compatible if you are using a latex condom. Aside from that, it can cause infections such as bacterial vaginosis.

                Ingredients to watch out for when buying lubricants and massage oils

                There are some ingredients in your lube and massage oil that can be harmful to your body. Below is a quick list of these ingredients to watch out for.


                This type of material is used to make plastics softer and more flexible. They are usually found in vibrators, dildos and Kegel exercisers. There are also some phthalates that may act as endocrine disruptors. Aside from that, they can cause tumours and fertility problems.


                This ingredient is often used in personal lubes. Glycerine typically contains sugar. Thus, it can cause yeast infection in women especially when it is exposed to their genitals.


                Like glycerine, parabens are also common in personal lubes. However, they contain estrogen-mimicking properties. This can cause complications in the reproductive system.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden's Lubricants and Massage?

                • Low-cost

                The Sex Garden’s products are known to be affordable and effective. They are dedicated to provide their customers with only outstanding lube and oil items.

                • High-quality items

                Are you worried about the quality of your lube and massage oil product? Then fret no more! The Sex Garden offers items that are renowned for their quality.

                What to do next?

                Do not go on your next erotic routine or massage session without a bottle of lubricant and massage oil! Hurry and grab your own product here! The Sex Garden can provide you with high-quality items that are valuable for you and your partner! This collection of lubricants and massage oils is definitely worth a try!

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