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                Lubes can be used by anyone, regardless of gender, age and sexuality. They used lube to reduce friction during love making.

                Apart from that, lubes can also increase pleasure, comfort and enjoyment. This can also be used as an aid during sexual intercourse by minimizing the risk of internal tears.

                For your convenience, The Sex Garden put together the best personal lubes in the market today. Aside from personal lubes, The Sex Garden also listed some warming lotion, massage oils and other products specially designed for women. These products are gathered here to help you decide which product will suit your sexual needs!

                Generally, one of the easiest ways to know what will work for you is to try it. Another way is to be more informed.

                Uses of lubricant

                For older women who are experiencing vaginal dryness, lubricant can be an inexpensive addition to their sexual routine. One of the reasons why women experience vaginal dryness is because of the decrease in oestrogen during menopause.

                Furthermore, men use lube to prevent their delicate tissues from being damaged during sex. It can also make their sexual intercourse pleasurable than ever.

                Using lubes during foreplay can help if you are unable to have penetrative sex. By using lubes, your sexual arousal will be heightened.

                What lubricant should be used?

                Choosing the right lube can be a bit confusing. Thus, here is a quick guide for you in selecting one that will suit your preferences.

                • Water-based lube

                Among all the types of lube, water-based is the most popular one. Apart from being inexpensive and non-staining, this is also safe to use with most sex toys.

                Moreover, this type of lube has an added benefit of being incredibly easy to wash off after use. After washing, it can leave your skin clean, silky smooth and free from any residue.

                • Oil-based lube

                Oil-based lube is great to use for masturbation. But you should be aware that it is not safe to use with latex condoms.

                • Silicone-based lube

                Silicone-based lube has a silky feel that is soothing to the skin. It can even make your skin soft and smooth. Aside from that, they are also hypoallergenic. Meaning, they are safe to use by people with sensitive skin.

                Best lube for solo play

                For solo play, either water-based or silicone-based can work well. But if you will use your hands in stimulating yourself, then opt for a water-based lube. This lube can also be used with any type of sex toys.

                If you want to enjoy longer masturbation sessions, silicone-based lube might be a better choice. This is because reapplying is less often with silicone lube.

                One of the important things when choosing a lube for solo play is that you have to consider your personal preferences. You must take your time in experimenting until you find what’s perfect for you!

                Lube for use with condoms

                Most water and silicone-based lubes are latex-safe. However, you also have to check the packaging for condom compatibility. Always look for a latex-friendly lube with natural ingredients to keep you always safe.

                Lube for couples searching for a new adventure

                If oral stimulation plays a major part in your love making, then flavoured lubes can be a fun addition to your sexual activity. You can enjoy its soft and sweet taste during oral sex.

                Aside from flavoured lubes, there are also some lubes that produce gentle warming sensation when in contact with skin. This will probably help you and your partner to relax and unwind.

                Ingredients in lubricants that should be avoided

                There are a lot of lubricants available in the market today. But you should be aware that there are some ingredients in lubricants that should be avoided. Here are some examples:

                • Parabens, glycerine, glycol, petroleum oils
                • Menthol or any cooling or heating products
                • Products with scents
                • Flavoured products are made for oral play only, so never used it in your vagina.
                • High levels of sugar in this lube can produce yeast and can change vaginal pH levels.

                How to use lubricant effectively

                Using lubes can be more effective by following the suggestions below:

                • To prevent staining, lay down a towel when applying lube.
                • Before applying the lubricant, warm it up in your hands.
                • To boost your arousal, use lubricant during foreplay.
                • Apply lubes right before penetration during sex with partner or solo play.
                • Apply lubes to the sex toy or penis.
                • Check the amount of lubes you applied. Then you can put on additional lubes if needed.

                Why choose lubricant products

                • Made from high-quality materials

                The Sex Garden always make sure that their customers will enjoy their products. All the products here are made from high-quality materials to ensure the safety of the users.

                • Affordable

                If you are looking for products that will suit your budget, then browse this collection. You will find here quality yet affordable products in the market today.

                What’s next?

                Here at The Sex Garden, you can find everything you need for your sexual encounter. Choose from their collection of quality products. Then experience a toe-curling erotic play with the unique products in this collection. Try it today!

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