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                Getting bored with your old sex toys? Maybe it’s time to upgrade your toy with a unique and kinkier one. Go for something that can open up doors of fun and exciting fetishes in your sexual life. Probably, the reason why you found this collection of sex swings is that you’re curious about this adult toy.

                If you’re interested but still don’t know where to get started, this guide is all you need. And if you still have some doubts that sex swings are safe, this quick overview of sex swings can provide helpful insights.

                What are sex swings?

                Sex swings are also called sex slings. It is actually a type of harness that is used during intimate play. It aims to suspend one partner in the swing while the other can move freely. This erotic device can make sexual intercourse more exciting, comfortable and effortless. On top of that, it can assist couples to explore various sex positions.

                Types of sex swing

                Nowadays, there are different types of sex swings available online and in adult stores. For your guide, here are the types of sex swings.



                • It contains stirrup, seat and two straps to support the swing.
                • Some options may have handles and headrest.
                • You can easily install it with a hook that can be attached to the ceiling or side of a hallway.
                • Certain models of conventional swing can hang from a sex swing stand.

                Door sex swing


                • It can be secured over a door frame.
                • It is ideal for beginners.
                • It comes at a lower price range.
                • It is easy to install.
                • Offers a limited range of motions and sex positions.

                Sex slings


                • It is almost the same with hammocks because of their large seat.
                • Various types of materials such as fabric, wood and leather are available.
                • It offers a limited range of sex positions.

                Body sex swings


                • It has an additional strap to support the legs of the wearer. This can help them facilitate standing sex positions.
                • It consists of handles that allow the other partner to control and move the harness.

                Spinning sex swing


                • It is capable of spinning 360 degrees in any direction.
                • Easy to install.

                Using a sex swing

                An exciting bedtime play awaits you once you decide to use a sex swing. To make the most out of your experience with sex swings, these few steps below should be followed.

                1.  Set up your set swings

                Obviously, the initial step to enjoy a sex swing is to set up your device. You have to check the manual to know how it will be set up. Like for instance, a body sex swing can be set up by just simply wearing it on the body of a partner. Then the other partner can finally sit on the swing part.

                2.  Getting into a sex swing

                Once you’re done with the set-up, it’s time to hop into the swing. To make sure that the swing will not move while you get into it, hold onto the straps. You may ask your partner to help you if necessary.

                After positioning yourself, lift your legs up. Then put them in the stirrups one at a time. And finally, affix any straps or cuffs that will hold your arms in place. Again, your partner’s help is needed in this task.

                3.  Having sex in a sex swing

                Before getting too adventurous, spend some time familiarising this device. Check the swing and its parts beforehand. This is to avoid falling out of the swing. This might kill your mood in sex.

                After that, get into the sex swing. You can now start trying out various sex positions. You can also explore different sexual activities like oral sex.

                Sex swing safety

                Using a sex swing is safe as long as you read and follow instructions for installing it. Moreover, make sure that your partner also understands how a sex swing works before using it. Communication is also necessary to keep you safe while using this type of harness.

                Additionally, these few tips below can ensure your safe swing experience.

                • After you installed the swing, double-check your device for any possible defects. These may include torn fabric, corrosion on the metal parts, ripped stitching, etc.
                • Have a test drive on the swing before you hop in it. You can put a little pressure first to check whether the swing can hold your weight or not.
                • Don’t adjust the swing while you’re sitting on it.
                • Always secure the mount to avoid your suspended partner from falling. Never remove your mounting points. Just fix them into the wall.
                • Always attached the spring on your sex swing.
                • Don’t exceed the weight limit of the swing. This is to avoid breaking the device. It is recommended to buy a swing that has plenty of room for extra weight.

                Why should you choose The Sex Garden’s swings?

                • Safe to use

                To ensure customer’s safety, The Sex Garden’s swings are all made from quality materials. Aside from that, they all came from trusted brands.

                • Lower-price range

                When choosing a sexual device, affordable yet quality products are one of the crucial things to consider. Good thing, The Sex Garden’s swings come at a lower price range. You can enjoy these products without breaking the bank!

                What’s next

                If you want to try sex swings, The Sex Garden can offer the best options for you! You’ll surely enjoy swings from this collection on your next love-making. Hurry! Grab this chance to own one of the best swings ever!

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